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About Uber Eats




Uber is a well-known service that provides affordable and high-end transportation options to the general public. It’s a service that can be accessed by just about anyone with the help of a smartphone, and its convenience is what has caused it to become so well-known in many countries all over the world.

As of now, Uber does not just provide transport for people. Uber Eats (UberEats) is a relatively new service that has been started up in several areas, including San Francisco, Washington, L.A, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Toronto and more.


What is Uber Eats?

This service allows customers to order hot meals from local restaurants and have them delivered right to wherever they are.

Using Uber Eats (UberEats) is an extremely simple process, especially if you already use the Uber application for your transport. All you need to do is open the Uber app and select the meal icon at the top. Enter your location, and then tap ‘view menu’ to place an order. Your meal will then be on the curbside within a matter of mere minutes.



As far as pricing is concerned, there are a fair number of meal options that all have varying prices. The average lunch meal, however, ranges between 8-12 USD. In addition to this price, there is a set delivery fee that will remain the same whether you order one meal or ten at a time.


From a Driver’s Perspective

We estimate that Uber Eats drivers, earn hourly wages similar to UberX drivers, excluding tips and before expenses. As an Uber Eats Partner, it is best not to expect frequent tips, as Uber generally discourages customers from tipping.

One disadvantage for the drivers is that, it is a curbside service, sometimes the customers forget to come outside to collect their meal. In addition to this, it can be troublesome to find a place to legally park your car when doing your deliveries.

If you are already an UberX driver, you are lucky, because you automatically qualify to be an Uber Eats driver. The vehicle requirements and driver requirements are identical to UberX, which makes it a hassle free process for those that are already in the UberX service.


Become an Uber Driver

Other Things You Should Know

  • For people who are not already Uber drivers but wish to work for Uber Eats, you need not worry about any special requirements – just aim at becoming an UberX driver, and you can request to switch to Uber Eats.
  • In most areas, the car model must be from the year 2006 or newer.
  • As for restaurants that wish to partner up with Uber on this service, you simply need to contact Uber  via email and let them know the details about you and your restaurant.

That is all you need to know about Uber Eats. Enjoy!


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34 thoughts on “About Uber Eats”

  1. You are not going to make any % driving for Ubereats. After Taxes, Gas Expenses, wear & Tear on you’re Car & Time, you will essetially be making 1/2 the Minimum wage, if that. It is a VERY easy job, just driving around (Except having to pick up orders in very dense Areas and Parking your Car in a safe Location + having to deliver on foot, which is not difficult, but bothersome. Especally when you are in the Downtown Areas of wherever you live, double parking, checking in with the Doorman, signing in, going up to the 38th floor….then NOT receiving a Tip, can be annoying, especially when these people can clearly afford it. But Uber doesnt encourage Tipping, as they take part of what you should get, by taking 30%. That is extremely unreasonable, and is at the expense of Drivers, who like I say, think they are making Money, but are really not. From a Business Perspective, only Uber itself, with its very low overhead & the Customers who receive such said services for Practically nothing are the real Winners here.

    1. By the, way, we are working on some features for our Kommen app that i think might help 1 or 2 of the problems you mentioned. Would you be interested in being in our pilot?


  3. When I drive uber eats sometimes I do not bring my phone into the business when I pickup the order. I just memorize the name and order number to tell to the worker. I have had one person that thinks she needs to take my phone and look at the order number and then wants to click the confirm order button. As far as I know confirm order is only for the driver, and NOT for the business to interact with. Second I don’t disconnect my phone from the charger, dash mount, and headphone every time and believe if I provide the order name, and unique order id to the business that is all that is required.

  4. Vehicle year and inspection no longer required for UberEats-only cars, as of 2017. Background and driver safety however we remains identical.

  5. My fiance and I are considering applying for UberEATS. My vehicle is a 1995 in good condition, his is a 2000 in good condition. We are both covered by insurance for both vehicles. With the 1997 or newer rule, does this mean that I only have the option of driving my fiance’s 2000 vehicle? And would he still be able to apply and use the same vehicle?

  6. I live in Yakima wa. I’ve been excepted by uber but I want to deliver food or flowers not people do we have this in Yakima we. 98908 please let me no so I can get started and what to do to get going.Thank you Kathleen

  7. I have three moving violations currently pending seatbelt, disobey traffic device and speeding 86 in a 50 can I still be accepted for UBER eats

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