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Five Must-do’s for an Uber Driver as the Year Ends



Year 2016

Irrespective of how good the year was, we must give thanks to the Almighty; however, it is even more satisfying to say that you have lived WELL through another year. For the ordinary working person, the end of a year is mostly a time for holidays and vacations – a time to relax with loved ones. For an Uber driver, it is a time to work even more as Uber riders do more ‘moving-around’ during this time. Yet, it is an agreeable fact that, regardless of the way you choose to look at the end of a year, it is (just like the end of everyday) a time to reflect on the long months of labor.  This is why we have decided to provide you with a couple of tips to use to reflect on this past year. These tips will help ensure that you wrap up your year the right way, and start of the New Year with a bang!


Different Kinds of Money

1) Count Your Blessings – Do a Financial Check-up

Conducting a financial checkup is very paramount. You need to run your ‘purse’ through a series of test to ensure that it’s in good shape. As an Uber driver or Entrepreneur, this is even a more serious situation; placing your total revenue versus your car expenses, and other Uber related maintenance costs can help you quantify the profitability of your business for the whole year (Ask yourself the question, what was my true salary this past year?). It is advisable that going forward you inculcate the habit of keeping weekly financial records (if you haven’t already been doing this).


2) Ask Yourself the 3 ‘What’ Questions

Now, after going through the first step, you need to start asking important questions. Whether or not your financial test result was fine, you still need to ask yourself the three ‘what’ questions.


What worked for me this past year?

This question is basically as direct as it sounds. You just need to find out the working hours, the customer service approach, and the many other things that worked this past year. If you are lucky enough to have had a swell year, then this will help you focus and make even profit in the New Year.


What went wrong?

This is a question that allows you retrace your steps until you find the wrong one you took. Great year or not, you need to know your errors so that you can avoid them and make things better.


What Do I need for an Upgrade?

Now this is the big question. Asking yourself this question will help you find new ways to make your service as an Uber driver or Entrepreneur better or even reveal to you a more profitable way to invest your earnings.


3) Plan Ahead

Whatever you do, don’t stop planning. Many might deem it unnecessary and say: “all I have to do is just drive again next year” or “all I have to do is hire a new driver next year”. Well, you have to understand that you cannot do the same thing over again and expect a different result. So, get on and plan a better structure for the future – this is where you put the results from your previous steps into consideration.


Car Maintenance

4) Check Your Car(s)

As an Uber driver or Entrepreneur, your car is your biggest business asset, and can make the difference between a profit or a loss. The end of the year is a good time to do a full diagnosis (maintenance check) to ensure that your car is good to go for the coming year. As far as driving for Uber is concerned, the health of your car is of high priority.


5) Enjoy Your Holiday

After working for a whole year, you would agree with me that having a dinner at your place, with a few friends coming over to listen to some cool jazz music over a nicely cooked meal is not too much. You deserve to smile and to put a smile on a loved one’s face. Relax, and have some fun.

These are the few things you need to do before the year closes. It is, indeed, a good way to ensure that you open you start the New Year the right way. Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ALL OF US HERE AT UBERKIT.NET

-This blog post was written by Ola  John.





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