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List of uber approved cars in Bangalore, India (93 Vehicles)



Are you at the point where you want to buy a car for Uber, but can’t seem to get the list of approved Uber vehicles? In response to numerous requests for the List of Uber cars (UberX and UberBlack)  in Bangalore, India, we put together an unofficial master list containing 93 Uber approved vehicles in Bangalore,India.

The list below contains the following – Uber Approved Service, Make, and Model of the Vehicle. For some of the data we marked it as N/A – meaning we could not find it, or it does not exist! Assume all cars listed in the table below, as at the time of this posting to be at most 5 years old (in order to be approved for Uber use)- I.e. For any car on this list to be approved, they need to be a 2010 model or newer.

Use the search (in the blog post & right above the table) to search for a car make or model. DO NOT use the search bar at the top right


Uber ServiceVehicle MakeVehicle Model
UberX Ashok LeylandStile
UberX AudiQ3
UberBlack AudiQ5
UberBlack AudiQ7
UberX BMW3 Series
UberBlack BMWX5
UberX ChevroletAveo
UberX ChevroletBeat
UberX ChevroletEnjoy
UberX ChevroletSail
UberX ChevroletSpark
UberX ChevroletTavera
UberX DatsunGo
UberX FiatLinea
UberX FiatPalio
UberX FiatPunto
UberX FordClassic
UberX FordEndeavoour
UberX FordFiesta
UberX FordFigo
UberX FordIkon
UberX HondaAccord
UberX HondaAmaze
UberX HondaBrio
UberX HondaCR-V
UberX HondaCity
UberX HondaCivic
UberX HondaJazz
UberX HondaMobilio
UberX HyundaiAccent
UberX HyundaiEon
UberX HyundaiGetz
UberX HyundaiGrand i10
UberX HyundaiSonata
UberX HyundaiVerna
UberX HyundaiXCENT
UberX Hyundaii10
UberX Hyundaii20
UberBlack JaguarXF
UberX Land RoverFreelander
UberX LincolnTown Car
UberX MahindraLogan
UberX MahindraScorpio
UberX MahindraVerito
UberX MahindraXylo
UberX Maruti SuzukiAlto
UberX Maruti SuzukiAlto 800
UberX Maruti SuzukiCelerio
UberX Maruti SuzukiCiaz
UberX Maruti SuzukiEeco
UberX Maruti SuzukiErtiga
UberX Maruti SuzukiSX4
UberX Maruti SuzukiSwift
UberX Maruti SuzukiSwift Dzire
UberX Maruti SuzukiWagon R
UberX Maruti SuzukiZen
UberBlack Mercedes-BenzS-Class
UberX MiniConvertible
UberX MiniCooper
UberX MitsubishiLancer
UberX NissanEvalia
UberX NissanMicra
UberX NissanSunny
UberX NissanTeena
UberX NissanTerrano
UberX RenaultDuster
UberX RenaultFluence
UberX RenaultLogan
UberX RenaultScala
UberX RenaultPulse
UberX SkodaLaura
UberX SkodaOctavia
UberX SkodaRapid
UberX SkodaSuperb
UberX SuzukiErtiga
UberX TataAria
UberX TataBolt
UberX TataIndica
UberX TataIndigo CS
UberX TataManza
UberX TataNano
UberX TataVista
UberX ToyotaCorolla
UberX ToyotaCamry
UberX ToyotaEtios
UberX ToyotaInnova
UberX ToyotaPrius
UberX VolkswagenJetta
UberX VolkswagenPassat
UberX VolkswagenPolo
UberX VolkswagenVento
UberX VolvoS60

Let us know if any of the information is not correct, or needs to be updated, and we shall update it if you are found to be correct!


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Disclaimer-Before purchasing any vehicle, it is paramount that you verify it is approved for the Uber program in your city. We have put a lot of research into this; however you as the business owner are ultimately responsible for the decision you make for your Uber Business.


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