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Top 25 Information Portals for Uber Drivers



Whether you are an Uber driver, an Entrepreneur, or just someone that needs to research information on Uber -There is nothing more helpful than reading about stories, experiences, problems, etc. of other people. That is why we have compiled a list of the 25 best forums, groups and informative sites on the internet for Uber drivers (in no particular order).



  1. Uberpeople.net

This is one of the better sites online to read the experiences of a community of rideshare drivers. It’s free to sign up, which is a major plus.

  1. Uberforum.com

This is a forum where you can write your own tips and read the tips that other post. If you want little nuggets of useful information, this forum is great.

  1. Uberdrivers.com

This is a forum that provides you with news, blogs, and advice and allows you to communicate with other drivers.

  1. Peers.org

This is a website that is great for asking questions and getting/giving advice about any job, including Uber driving—it is not specific to Uber driving but is great nonetheless.

  1. Reddit.com/r/uberdrivers/

This subreddit is full of some surprisingly useful questions and discussions about Uber.

  1. Uberdrivers.eu

This is a forum that is specifically for those that are in the United Kingdom or any other country in Europe.



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Facebook Groups/Pages:

  1. Uber Drivers

This is a Facebook group where you can connect with other drivers and share/receive advice, information and stories all for free!

  1. Uber Man Driver Network

This is another Facebook group to communicate with other Uber drivers. Friendly debates and arguments are encouraged in this group, which can be fun and educational.

  1. Uber Drivers.com

This is a Facebook group which is similar to the website but has a more personal feel. If you want a slightly more closed community to share and seek tips and knowledge, this one is great.

  1. Uber Drivers Austin

This is a specific page for, of course, Uber drivers in Austin to share advice.

  1. Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar drivers

As the name suggest, this is a page for drivers of Uber, Lyft and Sidecar to communicate.

  1. Uber India

This is a group that is specific for Uber driver in this area (India) to trade their knowledge.

  1. Happy Uber Drivers

This is a small yet useful page to ensure that you are…well, a happy Uber driver!  If you are a sour puss – you probably shouldn’t join this group.

  1. Uber Woman Driver Network

This is a group that is specifically for female Uber drivers to share their knowledge!

  1. Uberx Drivers Jersey Shore/South Jersey

This is another location specific group that can help people in South Jersey with their Uber-related questions.

  1. Orange County Uber Drivers

This is a very small but useful group for Uber drivers in Orange County, California, US

  1. Uber

This is Uber’s very own facebook page.



Uber Centric Websites:

  1. Uberkit.net/blog/

Our blog obviously provides information on uber drivers, or else you would not be here.

  1. Ridesharedashboard.com

This is a site with some up-to-date news and information for Uber drivers.

  1. Idrivewithuber.com

This is a site where one Uber driver shares his experiences and advice.

  1. Ubermanilatips.com

This is a website with tips specifically for Uber drivers in Manila.

  1. Uberestimator.com

This is a site that will help you calculate your Uber fares.

  1. Uber.com

The original Uber website, Uber.com, also has some pretty useful information for both Uber drivers and passengers.

  1. Therideshareguy.com

Founded by “Harry”: This is an informative website for Uber drivers, with a lot of good tips. It has a great Q and A forum, too.

  1. Uberdriverdiaries.com

This is an Uber blog with a friendly, casual feel to it—Reading it feels like getting advice from a friend!

  1. lyftubernewsletter.com

This is a blog by Rich (an Uber and Lyft driver) that covers helpful tips beneficial to Uber and Lyft drivers!




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Message to our readers: Do you have any other cool websites, or online resources related to Uber you would like us to add to this website? Let us know. Or is there a link there that you think we should remove, let us know also. Happy Uber information hunting.



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