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All About Uber’s Family Profile Feature


When you run a business as big as Uber, you have to ensure that whatever you do is always targeted at making your users satisfied. As any business grows, its development begins to depend on what the users think should be added. A company can never anticipate every possible user need, so at some point the users have to be part of the improvement – this is why feedback is a very vital part of any business. One of such features that Uber has credited users for inspiring is the new Uber Family profile feature. With this feature, users can now group their family under one profile – making it easier for Uber users in a family to pay for a ride using the same payment account.

As stated on Uber’s newsroom: “One feature passengers have frequently requested is an easy way to pay for family and friends. That’s why we are excited to announce Family Profiles, a new feature we’re launching in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix that lets up to 10 riders safely and easily share one payment

Uber Family profile featuremethod.” This is a feature that Uber is introducing to make the app more fitting and useful for Uber users and their needs.


How it Works?

To use the feature, there has to be one organizer who will set it up. After that, they must follow the steps below:

  1.   Make sure you have the latest version of the Uber app.
  2.   Go to Menu and choose Settings.
  3.   Scroll down to “Add a Family Profile” and select the contacts you would like to add.
  4.   As soon as the Family Profile rider accepts the invitation, they can begin requesting rides from their own phone using the Family Profile as their payment method.
  5.   The cost of the trip will automatically be billed to the Family Profile and the organizer will receive a receipt for every ride.


What This Means

This new feature would give room for a central financial management for families in the Uber world. What I mean is that this makes it easier for you to add ride charges to the family budget. You no longer have to hand out cash or be compelled to order via your phone when your kid needs to take a ride that’s on you. It could also help family members understand each other’s movement. Parents who set up the account are now aware of family member’s commute and safety where necessary. Uber has also made this feature more useful by letting users decide who is family. This means that you can add coworkers, friends and so on. It is a really good feature that will surely make Uber-ing easier and safer for users.

For people (Uber Drivers and Uber Passengers) that wish to utilize this new feature(Uber family Profile Feature).   Start by downloading the Uber app  on your personal phones . If you have no idea where or how to get the application, don’t worry—it isn’t all that complicated. All you need to know is that you can only use an Android ,IOS or  Windows phone.

If you have never used Uber, and want to become an Uber Passenger today, signup using this link: www.uberkit.net/ridersignup



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