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Different types of UberX Services


UberXUberX is the most used and well known Uber service worldwide, and for good reason. It is not only the most affordable service, it is required by Uber to have a definite quality level, making it better than the average taxi. This, in addition to its very affordable price, is why it is preferred by many passengers over the higher-end services such as UberBLACK and UberPlus.

For someone that wishes to become an Uber driver in the UberX category, things can be a little bit complicated. UberX is not just one simple category–it has several sub-categories which you need to be educated about before you delve into the world of becoming a driver or an Uber Partner. Once you are thoroughly informed about all the different segments of UberX services, you will be able to pick the one that is best for you, and which you will truly enjoy.



UberPOP is one of those sub-categories. This version of the UberX service is available only in certain European countries, and it makes use of small, private vehicles. This service is very low cost and widely used in Germany, France, etc. It is quite similar to the regular UberX services available in American and Asian countries but has been given a different name due to legal reasons (There are countries where rideshare is legal as long as the primary objective is sharing costs and not making profit: UberPop variant targets the former). The same types of vehicles are generally used, and the driver’s requirements are the same as the usual UberX drivers.


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Next is UberXL. While some people consider this to be in a completely different category, the truth is that it is still a part of the UberX service. The requirements for this sub-category are all the same as the regular UberX service, except for the fact that the vehicle needs to be larger. The driver’s requirements, however, are not particularly different. One plus of this sub-category is that the ride fare is higher, which means you will earn more per  client you drive.

Another thing that you need to know about UberXL is that you can get clients from the regular UberX customers, as well as from the customers specifically searching for UberXL cars. This is a huge advantage over the vanilla UberX, because you have a larger passenger pool, and, therefore, a better chance at a higher revenues (as compared to the vanilla/popular UberX).

For help selecting an Uber XL Car for your Uber Business, see our blog post here: Uber Car Requirements: 115 Uber XL cars analyzed).


UberX (The Popular One)

UberX is the primary Uber service and the most popular version of “UberX” (I hope that didn’t confuse you :) ).

UberX drivers typically have cars like the Toyota Camry, Ford Escape, Ford Escort, etc. The main requirements on how to become an Uber X driver are listed in this blog post here. As for the requirements for the UberX car, (in most cities) it must be a model from the year 2006 or newer, and it must have passed an independent inspection (see our blog post here for more information that will help in selecting the perfect UberX car: Uber Car Requirements: 580 Uber X cars analyzed). To sign up to drive for UberX go here: http://www.uberkit.net/signup

This form of UberX is the most popular Uber service, and as such receives the most customer patronage but generally has the lowest passanger fares. That means you will need to drive more people to earn an equal amount as the UberXL service; however, if you cannot afford an UberXL sized car, this may be a better option for you.


UberX Livery

UberX livery is the ‘original’ form of UberX with a small twist: For this flavor of Uber, you need to have a commercial transportation license; virtually everything else, as compared to the primary UberX service remains the same.

For this service, you are required to have a medium sized vehicle that is not too old (2006 or newer) which can easily fit 4 people. Note- UberX Livery is not available in every city.

That sums up the four major sub-categories of the UberX services. Now that you are fully equipped with this knowledge, go ahead and pick what works for you.




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