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21 Things an Uber Driver Needs


In this post, I compiled a list of 21 things an Uber driver needs to optimize his/her ride sharing business. This will in turn improve every passenger’s ride sharing experience. This list will ensure you provide a wonderful ride experience to riders and also prepare you for those emergency situations that may occur while on a trip.



  • A Cell phone mount

A cell phone is probably the most essential equipment an Uber driver needs. Without a proper mount, it will be difficult to look at your phone while driving as your hands should be free to navigate your vehicle at all times.

Uber Driver NeedsHolding a phone while driving is dangerous and inappropriate especially while you have a passenger in your car. Wondering where to get a portable phone mount? Simply click this link to get an inexpensive phone mount.




  • Mileage log for taxes (For US drivers)

Instead of actual car expenses, the government sets a standard mileage reimbursement rate that you can deduct from your taxes. The current rate is $0.565 per mile. You can record your miles with apps that automatically track your miles for you, such as MileIQ or TripLog.



  • Phone Chargers

An Uber driver needs car phone chargers. Make sure you get popular chargers that can change different types of phone in case a passenger wants to charge his/her phone. You can simply click this link to get an inexpensive phone charger


  • Auxiliary Cord

Sometimes passengers (or you) may want to play their own music. Having an auxiliary cord that is long enough for passengers in the backseat to plug in is a thoughtful gadget to have. Please click this link to get an inexpensive Aux Cord.



  • Micro Fiber Cloths

Micro Fiber cloths are an essential must-have for drivers because they completely dry the water marks left on a car after a wash. It can also be used for quick cleaning after rainfall. Purchase inexpensive micro fiber cloths on Amazon.


  • SunshadeDriver needs

Purchase sunshades for those unbearably hot days of work. These sunshades protect your vehicle’s interior from harsh sun rays. It takes a car less minutes to cool if sunshades are used within it.


  • Baby wipes

A must have for all Uber drivers. You can use it to make your car look neater by wiping down seats and surfaces after each passenger alights. Also, you can offer them to some passengers that might need. Purchase them on Amazon here



  • Dash cam

Dash cams make drivers feel much more secure and proUber Driver Needstected. They can be reliable eyewitnesses should an accident occur on the road. I believe this is an important equipment for every Uber driver. Since many dash cams offer 360 degrees of visibility, it can also provide a level of protection from unruly passengers. You can check for inexpensive HD dash cams on Amazon here.


  • Electronic toll transponder/ E Z pass

Depending on what city you’re operating from, tolls may be something you often encounter on your routes. Instead of wasting time getting correct change or worrying about running out of cash, a toll transponder is usually the way to go as no cash is exchanged.  It also makes sending in the receipts to the TNC you work for much easier.

I highly recommend every driver get one. To purchase, check with your state’s DMV.



  • Emesis bag/ vomit bag

The likelihood that a passenger will vomit in your car is pretty slim but it is best to be prepared if it ever happens. Purchase a Medline Emesis bag here and save yourself the stress of cleaning up after a passenger gets sick.



  • Tire inflator and pressure gauge

These items are necessary for a driver. They can are handy in emergency situations. You can check for some affordable tire inflators and pressure gauges


  • Floor Mats

These will keep your carpet cleaner and make it much easier to clean. They keep your car looking tidy as well. You can check this link for inexpensive floor mats


  • Air freshener

Body odor, sweat, and perfume can make for a weird mixture of smells in your vehicle. Keep your car smelling fresh by placingUber Driver Needs a few air fresheners in the front and back seats.
Purchase them on Amazon by
clicking this link



  • Sunglasses

Not having protection from the sun during certain times of day can decrease visibility and make driving dangerous. Sunglasses help protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and harsh lighting. Keep an extra pair in the glove box just in case you happen to leave home without them. Purchase on Amazon Here



  • Paper Towels/ Tissues

You never know what your passenger might need or what kind of spills you may get from passengers. Either way it is good to have paper towels in your car.



  • Spare tire or flat kit and car tool kit

Nowadays, most vehicles come with a fix-a-flat kit and a tire compressor (standard for BMWs). If you do not have one, you should get one.

A car tool kit is handy in case you need to remove a hub-cap or pry something open. Purchase an affordable car tool kit by clicking this link. Make sure you know how to use one of these.



  • Jumper cables and/or a portable battery jump packUber driver Needs

Random battery issues can happen especially during winter season. It is great to have either a battery pack (make sure to charge it often) or have jumper cables to help keep those batteries running or help others in need. You can get affordable cables here




  • A flashlight

As an Uber Driver, you should have a smartphone with a flash on the back. Make sure to get an app that can turn on the flash. It is usually called a Flashlight app. It is very handy in case a passenger drops something in your car and you need to help find it. Every Uber driver needs to download a flashlight app. You can also buy a portable flashlight to keep handy in case of emergencies. 



  • Universal Lug wrench

It is a huge time saver for loosening the nuts on your tires. (For those stubborn nuts, it is best to use a L shaped tire iron, and then stand on it to loosen the nut). Click here for an Inexpensive Lug wrench



  • First Aid Kit


Some cars come with a kit but you can get one at any pharmacy. A Uber Driver needs First aid kit could come quite handy in case of an accident or if you want to help in an accident.



  • Seat Belt Cutter + Safety Hammer  

Finally, this is in case of a very bad car accident and you either need to break a car window or cut through your seat belt to get out. Hopefully you never have to use this, but better safe than sorry. Click this link to get an Affordable one on Amazon


In conclusion, all the items mentioned above are basic essentials every Uber driver should have.  It’s a good way to ensure that the passengers have a pleasant experience, and you the driver continually receives a  good stream of 5 star ratings.

Do you have any thoughts? We would appreciate them. Do Use the comment section.



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