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Reasons You Should Book An Uber With The Kommen App


In case you have not been introduced, our Kommen app lets you schedule your Uber rides ahead of time for up to 30 days. This app was fully launched in 2016 and has since been used by thousands of Uber users who have expressed their satisfaction with what it offers and how it operates. As you read this, you might be wondering why you should prebook Uber ahead when you can just wait till when you need it. This post contains 4 important reasons why you should prebook your Uber rides with Kommen.


Be Proactive

Booking beforehand means thinking ahead of time. It allows you to plan and make ample use of your time. kommen appWaiting till the last minute is never as fulfilling as being way ahead by making plans. In truth, scheduling is a part of business and even our everyday life. It is fast becoming the right way to commute as well.


It’s Convenient

For some of us who love to plan weeks ahead or even up to a month, the kommen app is the way to go. As a busy professional various apps have been designed to help us carry out tasks as at when due  – alarms, reminders, memos, task managers and ride schedulers. Now you can add Kommen to the list to help you get to where you want to be conveniently.


It Saves Time

When you book a ride yourself, you mostly have to wait several minutes before your ride gets to you. When you set your pre-booked ride for a particular time, the Kommen app is designed to deliver your ride to you at that time. Which means that you rides are ordered minutes to the set time. kommen appThis allows you to get your ride just when you need it – saving you a lot of time. Also, you are reminded when your ride is on its way, freeing you to deal with other important issues and not worrying if your ride will be on time or not.


It is Reliable

The Kommen app has been applauded by many of its current users. You can just create a schedule and have no doubts about getting your ride on time. Kommen is a trusted companion designed to get you places in a timely fashion.


How to Get Kommen

Kommen is currently available for download on Google Play Store. At the moment, the app is only available on Android, but plans are afoot to launch our iOS App in not time. You can choose to get notified once our iPhone app is released by clicking the ‘notify me’ button on our page. To learn how to use the Kommen app after download, please visit here

To download Kommen go here: www.trykommen.com


Download Kommen here



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