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Are you an Uber Partner? Are you Getting Too Many Uber Emails, Notifications, or Text Messages?


Learn How To Quickly Streamline and Control Your Uber Communication Traffic


Become an Uber Driver

Welcome back! If you’re like us, you want to spend most of your time making money, not sorting through endless emails, or wasting time deleting tons of text messages from Uber. We understand, we don’t like it either.

The fortunate part of this is that it’s easy to fix forever! Understanding each part of the Uber partner app will help you improve the efficiency of your business, and our whole purpose is to make sure you earn as much money as possible, and save on time and costs wherever you responsibly can!

When it comes to operating a business in this era of technology, that can sometimes mean an abundance of messages from clients and vendors, taking up text message space on your phone, and clogging your email.

We know from experience that running an efficient business in the area of communication is important. Focusing on revenue creation is quickly improved when time spent on reviewing repeat communications like some notices from Uber, is decreased. While it is true that some Uber notices are required and important, you certainly shouldn’t be spending more than a quarter of an hour each day dealing with them for you (and your whole team, if you manage multiple drivers).

Note -Drivers do report finding the regular receipt of some Uber documents helpful, and use them as a reminder for performing other managerial aspects of the business, such as updating their cost and revenue analysis for their next pay period.


To disable Email Notifications:

  1. Look for an email you recently received from Uber
  2. Click on Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email Uber Partner Email Unsubscribe Image
  3. Complete the Unsubscribe workflow

You should now be unsubscribed from receiving email messages from UBER.


To disable SMS (Text Message) Notifications:

  1. Look for a text you recently received from Uber
  2. Reply with “STOP” Uber Partner SMS Unsubscribe Image

You should now be unsubscribed from receiving text messages from UBER.

  1. Note – to re-subscribe to receiving these text messages, just send “START

Uber Partner SMS Subscribe Image


Change each setting to reflect which notification you would like to receive. For some drivers and car owners that may mean that they prefer to receive no notifications at all and only want to log in to learn updated statistics (besides those that Uber is legally required to send for as long as you are actively using their services as a contracted rideshare provider). It’s as simple as that, and any time you need to update those settings just revisit this article and let us remind you of the important details surrounding Uber’s notifications!

Check back here often for new tips posted every week! We also cover trending topics relevant to the success of your business as an UberX entrepreneur, as well as cutting edge improvements on how to improve managing your business, like how to better control costs, and increase your revenue. Thanks again for visiting! We look forward to hearing from you about your experience and being a part of your new growing UberX business!




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15 thoughts on “Are you an Uber Partner? Are you Getting Too Many Uber Emails, Notifications, or Text Messages?”

  1. How can i stop uber notification from sms when i didnt complete the signup for uber partner. I was just going to check the requirements and i have no plans to be a partner yet. But i kept getting text messages from uber. I tried replying STOP but it says invalid number. I dont want to receive texts pls help. Thank you

    1. I get several emails a day inviting me to be an Uber driver. I do not have an Uber account. There seems to be no way to stop these as the unsubscribe directions aren’t’t working. I have attempted many times.

      Do they really want a 74 year old woman with eye sight problems as a driver? This is a serious nuisance!!! I certainly do not plan to ever use Uber as a rider. Imagine the harassment via spam that might promote!

      There seems little way to contact them. Any ideas?

      1. Hello Sasha,

        We are sorry for the frequent emails. What you should do is contact uber directly for assistance.

        Uber Customer Service

        Uber generally does not give out phone numbers; we have a blog post below. Look within the table (in the blog post), and search for your city, to find the contact information for your particular city.


        If you don’t find your city information, use the Uber support link (help.uber.com) to send an email directly to uber.


        For other helpful information on Uber, go here and visit our blog


        Best Regards,

        Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  2. How to restart receiving texts if you don’t have any texts from Uber still in your inbox to type start on? I have a new phone.

  3. im uber parent .i m in china .i can not sign up to my uber account . my old phone is 6789565555. my name is haomingxu my email i just lost ..please help me and mail my new email 996144880@qq.com i think someone juat used my uber accnuot to working now

  4. Apparently I can’t reply back to the messages(SMS) I receive from UBER. The messages never get delivered and therefore I’m still receiving those promotional messages

  5. I will file a legal complaint against uber as they have been flooding my sms inbox with spam messages for reference of friends … I am for sure going to put a bad review on play store but also make sure that all my family n friends who have take a partnership with uber goes and cancels their partnership.

  6. The unsubscribe link doesn’t work. It just says address not found. I’m tired of all the emails and want to unsubscribe but I can’t because uber sends a link to an address that can’t be found. Real nice uber.

    1. Hello Megan,

      Try to visit your local uber office for assistance if the link is not working.


      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

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