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Arianna Huffington at Uber. Why?


It came as a surprise to many when it was announced that Arianna Huffington would be joining the Uber board of directors. Many failed to understand why she was needed or how that would affect anything.Arianna Huffington Joins Uber Board It seemed more like a personal decision by Uber CEO Kalanick than a business move or anything that is aimed at improving the service of Uber as a firm. Well, all those are first look assertions that are based on a superficial view. On a second and thorough look, one may begin to realize that the decision to add her to the board is a pivot towards more sensitivity to  riders and Uber Partners in particular. 


What Are The Advantages Of Her Involvement at Uber?

The typical nature of a “techy” could be said to methodical and analytical with very little regard for the softer skills such as people skills. Uber claims to be a technology company and not a transportation company.

What this means is that Arianna Huffington’s  addition to the board might be a move to add a more personable person to the group of decision makers. In her post about why she joined the Uber board of directors, Arianna Huffington went on and on about improving people’s lives and how that has always been her major priority. She said: “I’m passionate about cities. I’ve been working with mayors around the world through The Huffington Post’s What’s Working initiative and through Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities program, which is all about helping cities use data to improve citizens’ lives. So I’m very much looking forward to the opportunity to work within Uber to keep making our cities better places to live, move and work.” That post did nothing more than further confirm my suspicions.


What are my Suspicions?

I think that from now on, Uber’s decisions are not going to land as hard as they used to. I believe strongly that Arianna’s inclusion is to further strengthen Uber’s relationship with its partners. With concerns and allegations about Uber’s lack of care for its partners rampant across the internet, Arianna Huffington  would be able to speak for the regular/non-tech masses and users. She potentially represents a bunch of regular people out there, and although this might seem so little, sooner or later this should reflect on how things will be done in the near future.


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