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How to Become an Uber Driver


 Are you wondering what the requirements are to become an uber driver?


Thanks for reading! In response to a lot of emails we get, I wrote this blog post, and created the more detailed infographic to go with it.

If you are reading this blog post, you want a little more information on how to become an Uber Driver: Something more than just an application form without any guide information.

Note-this guide is applicable to most countries, and is NOT JUST for the U.S (United States). If you would rather go straight to the sign up form and immediately become an uber driver, use this link to get extra cash credit once you sign up http://www.uberkit.net/signup.

If you need a little more details on the requirements to become an Uber Driver, please look at the infographic below.


How to become an Uber Driver



Become an Uber Driver

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45 thoughts on “How to Become an Uber Driver”

  1. Im sahil khan kesari from New Delhi.I would like to join Uber as a Driver
    So plz give all the detail on my mail (sahil.kesari.sk@gmail.cim)or my mob no.9555592718

  2. Good day, i would like to to train with uber to become uber driver, i have PDP and i passed and complete a course in advance defensive driving chauffeur ( certificate available on request ) can you send me the details where i can fill?



  3. My criminal backround check is taking to long it has been 3 weeks waiting for de results and its boring

    1. I would probably go with the “Datsun Redi-GO” for UberGO, because it seems comparable to the Kwid Renault, but at a better price and more spacious. Ultimately the cost of your car is a big factor in reducing costs long term of your business, and increasing profits. I like the write up that was done here, if you want to look at the comparisons more in depth.

  4. hi malik my name i michael ramela i have an accuont with you and i would like to reactivate my account and iwould like to know why my account was rejected so that could reactivate my account please

    1. hi malik its michael ramela i have just uploaded m y drivers license with pdp and also uploaded my evaluation certificate
      i am having problems in adding vehicle can u please help

  5. Isn’t the background check done in the beginning of the process with Uber? Why does it state the its at the end according in your process becoming an uber driver?

  6. hi mr malik, my name is mr steven from nig,please I want to become an uber driver seeking to know when u will normally hold ur seminner.all my document is intact,can u please up date me the date and time including venue.thanks very much my contact is 070******** or my e-mail stevendi*****@yahoo.com. mail me on this address

    1. Send an email to “partners.lagos@uber.com” and they should be able to give you info on seminar dates and times.

  7. hai iam an indian, i want join in uber driver in califorina. please guide and help me for the procedures to join uber. joining process in caloforinia is possible or not…

  8. I am unable to upload my drivers license to the link provided and I have already booked for all the driving and criminal check..

  9. I wish to operate Uber X car taxi service in my city INDORE, state M.P. in India. I wish to put into service my own car with an employed driver.Kindly send detailed guidelines and other requirements to operate such service in my city.

    1. We are uberkit.net (not Uber), a service for people trying to grow their uber business.
      Per your question, you should consider contacting Uber customer support, and see if they can help you get in contact with the right people you need to get Uber in your city.
      We have included some helpful links for you below that can help in your quest, hopefully.
      a) How To Get Uber in Your City

      Kunle for Uberkit.net support

  10. i have signed up to uber as a driver but i’m also wanting to sign up for uber black, is there something i’m doing wrong as i can’t seem to find anything different? i sign into my account but there’s no mention of uber black? could someone please advise thank you!

  11. My name is ajbade adelani moses am in need of a job of driver i have 23years of experience in driving in Lagos State and its environ without any accidents record with valid driving license sir my phone is 08057787307

  12. Hi!
    I hope that you will be good. My name is Mani and I am from Pakistan. Now I am in Malaysia on the study visa. I wanna be part of uber which product is suitable for me. I will do full you all requirements.

    Have a good day?

    1. Hi Mani
      a) How to become an Uber driver (Signup Link and more information)
      • Go here to immediately become an Uber driver:
      • For more information on how to become an uber driver and what to expect, go here:

      b) The different Uber Services explained
      do visit here to find out more information on the various Uber services available

      For other helpful information on Uber, go here and visit our blog-(www.uberkit.net/blog) Let us know if you need any more information from us.

      Joseph for uberkit.net support


  14. So now and thanks to the information we received, we can confirm Kia has already has two SUVs under development, the first, with the size of the Soul-Seltos (this is the one spied recently) and the other that will have a size compared to a Telluride/Palisade. Both models will be built under E-GMP Platform.

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