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How To Become A Successful Uber Driver


The advent of Uber has precipitated an avalanche of mixed reactions in various industries. The transport industry for instance has witnessed an influx of varying models of rideshare. People have become empowered by signing up as rideshare drivers. In Egypt, it is recorded that the number of driver-partners added to the platform had increased to about 2,000 weekly. Successful Uber drivers are emerging and growing.

If you have a car registered on the Uber platform as a driver, you get to drive on your own schedule and be your own boss. It is safe to say that Uber has empowered people who are interested in partnering with the rideshare giant in various markets. On the other hand, residents can now ride in comfort at affordable rates induced by fair competition between rideshare companies. To become a successful Uber driver is not a given. It takes self-will and working smart.

In this post, we will review some tips to help you become a successful Uber driver.


  1. Drive efficiently Successful Uber Driver

This is very important especially in busy markets. It is expected that as an Uber driver, you should have great knowledge of the routes in your city without relying a great deal on maps. Maps are not always accurate and you can spend valuable time trying to navigate out of a way one way street. Don’t be afraid to ask for directions (not from your passenger so you don’t appear inefficient). Also learn to do a quick research of your destination by looking at Google maps or your Waze app. This way you can anticipate what streets to avoid. Learn to use U-Turns rather than driving various blocks to find the right street. Remember time is money and any successful Uber driver should maximize it.


  1. Drive carefully but smartly

Speeding through traffic can make you vulnerable to road accidents. Speeding can also make your passenger annoyed and give you low ratings. It’s also important to drive within the speed limit to prevent attracting speeding tickets. To be a successful Uber driver, you have to limit your expenses and paying fines and car repairs will only cut into your earnings.


  1. Take advantage of weekdays

I know most Uber drivers believe they make more money during the weekend but this shouldn’t always be the case. Weekdays can be an avenue for earning good money if you know what you are doing. Mornings of weekdays means driving people to work and the evenings for driving passengers from work. Position yourself in locations where people don’t mind riding an Uber to work. In between the morning and evenings, you can also position yourself in busy areas and business districts so you can drive those attending meetings. Just don’t overlook any day.


  1. Offer great customer service

When you are polite to your customers, you not only get tips but you just might snag 5 star ratings which are always a good thing.


  1. Know when to take a rest

I understand the need to put in long hours so as to earn a lot of money. However, it is important to get adequate rest and also know when to take a break. There is no point tasking yourself till you breakdown. When you are ill, this means you can’t drive or earn money.


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