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All about Bird Electric Scooters


The face of transportation has experienced an overhaul in the last decade with the introduction of online-based transport services like Uber. Companies like Uber and Lyft are encouraging rideshare where riders can leave their cars at home and request a driver to pick them from their location. According to Uber, the aim is to simplify transportation and make the process as seamless as running water.

Over the years, many startups have introduced simpler ways of travelling with bike-share, car-pooling, and even sharing vans and buses. Now Bird, a scooter-sharing company is looking to accomplish the same feat with electric scoters. The San Francisco based Bird has been described as “the Uber for scooters”. With Uber leading the pack in ridesharing, Bird is hoping to change the face of transportation by using electric scooters.


More about Bird Electric Scooters

Bird is an electric scooter sharing company based in San Francisco. The company was founded by Travis VanderZanden, a former Uber and Lyft executive in 2017. Based in San Francisco, the company raised $100 million series B funding in April 2018 bringing the company’s valuation to $300 million.

Since its launch in 2017, the company has recorded over 250,000 rides on these scooters across Santa Monica. The electric scooters come equipped with a motor, battery and GPS.  According to the company’s CEO, the aim is to reduce car ownership and pollution in the environment.

Bird Electric Scooters


How to use Bird Electric Scooters

To use a bird scooter, you have to be:

  1. At least 18 years old
  2. Have your helmet with you
  3. Be a licensed driver


How much does it cost?

These Bird electric scooters reach a speed of 15mph and also come equipped with brakes. Riders will pay $1 to unlock the bike and begin the trip and an additional 15 cents per minute traveled.


How to Request Bird Electric Scooters

  • Download the Bird app on iPhone or Android
  • Register and log in
  • Find the nearest Bird scooter. The app will show you the battery level of the scooters shown to you on the map.
  • Locate the scooter, tap the unlock button on the app and scan the scooter’s QR code.
  • Scan your driver’s license
  • You are ready to ride your scooter



Bird issued a statement in April 2018 saying that San Francisco officials are trying to shut down the service. The presence of scooters all over the streets of San Francisco has met with mixed reactions with many claiming they are creating a nuisance. This isn’t solely the fault of Bird as other competitors like Spin and Limeback also launched electric scooters.

To clean up the streets, Bird is recruiting chargers all over the city to gather these scooters at night and charge them. The scooters will be taken out in morning for riders to use during the day.

Do you want to become a charger and earn $5 for each Bird you charge? Go here to register.



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