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All About Bridj Rideshare Service


Rideshare services are becoming the preferred way to travel. With an influx of new entrants, the rideshare industry is offering services that aim to simplify traveling and also provide drivers with diversified means of earning. Commuting in a busy city can be a drag and leave riders and drivers stressed out but with rideshare, it can be a convenient and comfortable experience.

Among the many players in rideshare is Sydney based Bridj; a company birthed to provide transport services in areas that are not adequately serviced by public transportation.


More About Bridj bridj

In 2014, Bridj originally launched in Boston Massachusetts to cater to areas that were under-serviced by public transport. The service later expanded to other cities like Kansas and Washington D.C by 2016. In 2017, the service was acquired by an Australian company called, Transit systems. Now, Bridj has recommenced services in Sydney, providing efficient bus services to registered passengers.


How does Bridj work?

Bridj is designed to serve communities by providing “pop-up” bus services. The company prides itself on using “real time” traffic data and suggestions from passengers to ensure buses take the quickest routes to destinations. The buses only stop at locations designated by passengers in the bus.


How to book a ride with Bridj

To begin, follow the quick steps below:

  • Download the Bridg app from google play or apple store and register. Make sure you have your credit card details handy to set up your payment options.
  • Enter your location and destination then confirm your booking. The app sends you a boarding pass in-app and a confirmation via email. You will be given details of your bus and an itinerary.
  • Bridj will also assign a safe pick-up location not far from your location where you can safely hop on board the bus.
  • Track your Bridj in real time. Now you can see your bus as it approaches in real time in-app. This will help you know when to leave your location and begin the walk to your pick-up spot.
  • To board the bus, all you need to do is show your Bridj travel pass to the driver and you can begin your trip.



It’s hard to miss the bright orange buses as they traverse the streets transporting passengers to their destinations. The goal is to provide affordable and convenient transport solutions to riders all over the world. We hope to see Bridj extend its services outside of Australia in the nearest future.


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