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Car Maintenance Tips For Uber Drivers


When operating an Uber business as an Uber driver, your car is the most important asset you own. Hence, there’s an important need to ensure that your vehicle is in excellent condition. Riders have opined that they patronize the different Uber services because they are fascinated by the idea of riding in a classy car at an affordable price. Car maintenanceThough many drivers will have sufficient knowledge of car maintenance tips, this post will serve as a reminder and perhaps point out those checks that should be carried out on your vehicle daily. To keep your vehicle in tiptop condition, these are things you should do:


  1.   Check Oil and Fluids Often

The primary car maintenance tip is to check and change the engine oil regularly. Carrying out regular oil and filter change will ensure your engine keeps running smoothly. Failing to carry out this maintenance check regularly will result in engine failure. Other fluids also need attention but may not need to be as frequent as engine oil. Examples are the transmission and differential oils. While they may not require frequent service, these fluids must be changed according to service intervals. Drivers are advised to use recommended transmission fluid/gear oil as prescribed according to the level of viscosity needed for your vehicle. Brake fluid is hygroscopic (quick to attract moisture). This isn’t exactly good as the presence of moisture in the brake fluid will cause corrosion. You should at least try to replace fluids and bleed the car system once a year. Brake fluid is very cheap compared to what brake failure would cost you.


  1.   Take Care of Your Cooling System

Another useful car maintenance tip is to flush the cooling system and change the coolant once a year. A 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water will keep the cooling system in good shape. It is a good way to prevent corrosion and deposits from building up inside the cooling system thus, maintaining a healthy vehicle.


  1.   Wash it Frequently

There’s a need to maintain a very clean car in this business. You have to wash both the exterior and the interior of the vehicle thoroughly.Car maintenance You should also wash your engine from time to time.


  1.   Use a Lot of Grease

Cars need grease to survive. Another car maintenance tip is to ensure that every iron that is being rubbed against another gets constant flow of grease to make the journey easy. Greasing frequently will ensure that there is no wear and tear happening.


  1.   Wax it

You want to keep your vehicle’s paint job looking good and protected from harsh weather conditions. To achieve this feat, you should try using a coat of quality wax and do this at least once every six months. It is a good way to ensure that your car looks great and attractive.


  1.   Take Care of Wheel Bearings

As advised by KBB, you should: “Inspect, clean, and repack wheel bearings with wheel bearing grease according to service intervals. Wheel bearings and grease are inexpensive compared to spindle and hub replacement, or liberated wheels rolling down the road ahead of you.”

Hope you found these car maintenance tips above very useful? We would be glad to read your own car maintenance routine. Do interact with us in the comment box below.



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21 thoughts on “Car Maintenance Tips For Uber Drivers”

  1. Nicely written article and I like your suggestion to inspect different types of fluids used in the vehicle including the coolant. Coolant plays very important role by providing optimum temperature to the vehicle and needs replacement after certain time interval for effective results. Apart from this, other types of fluids used in the vehicle for various purpose also needs inspection after certain time interval. We could ask professionals to get more practical information(You may visit: http://www.beachhouseimports.com/services.html ).

  2. Without regular maintenance, the life expectancy of the vehicle could get affected to a greater extents. So, vehicles should be provided with proper maintenance on a daily basis. The condition of different components of the vehicle should be evaluated. Such evaluation should be conducted by professionals( For more information contact: http://www.bimermbenz.com/contact/ ) to get better results. Detailing is one of important aspect of regular maintenance and could be very useful in preventing different contaminants from damaging the vehicle components.

  3. Coolant plays vital role in the overall operation of the vehicle and in the absence of adequate amount of coolant could affects the performance of the vehicle. Coolant absorbs the extreme heat generated by the engine of the vehicle and provides optimum temperature to the engine for the smoother performance. However, it doesn’t degrades with the time like other types of fluids used in the vehicle. However, the leakage of such fluid could cause the engine failure. So, the quantity of such types of fluids needs to be inspected at a regular interval and pinhole which causes the leakage of coolant should be identified and repaired in time.

  4. Car detailing is really essential. By washing the vehicle properly, we could protect it from hazardous effects of different microscopic components. However, acid based chemicals should be prevented to wash the vehicle. Because such chemical could damage the paint job of the vehicle. So, it would be great to ask professionals before selecting chemicals to wash the vehicle. Apart from this, vehicle should also provided with a wax cover for extra protection.

  5. I agree that lubricants used in the vehicle for the purpose of lubrication of different components of the vehicle should be inspected on a daily basis. Because such lubricants degrade with the flow of time. Degraded fluids could not provide proper lubrication to different components of the vehicle. So, the condition of different types of fluids should be inspected at a regular interval and replacement of degraded fluids is really essential to ensure smoother performance.

  6. Brake is one of important component of the vehicle and plays crucial role in the performance of the vehicle. So, components of the braking system needs maintenance like other components of the vehicle. A quick inspection of different components of the braking system at a regular interval could be very helpful to identify abnormal components and repair or replace such parts in time to prevent any kind of unfortunate situation.

    1. Hello Romeo,

      We are glad to be of service, visit our blog often for more information about uber.


      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  7. Thank you for sharing such a useful article. Different components of the vehicle needs continuous maintenance for prolonged lifespan. Tires are important components of the vehicle and tire replacement is very expensive. So, tire needs regular maintenance to run for longer periods. Some people underestimates the importance of tire maintenance which could cost them a lot. Properly inflated tire could last for comparatively longer period. Apart from this, properly inflated tires with better tread depth could generate better traction on the road surface. So, tire pressure should be inspected at a regular interval to keep the tire pressure at an optimum level.

  8. The popularity of ‘UBER Service’ is increasing day by day. This popularity will go on increasing as long as the clients are getting the amount of satisfaction and safety they want in a ride. But if the vehicle used for UBER service is not a gilt-edged shape, then the user will never experience a smooth ride. Thus, car maintenance should be the utmost priority of an UBER partner. As an UBER driver, you must stick to the routine maintenance schedule, regularly change the oil, let the vehicle warm up, check the tire pressure periodically, and go easy on the brakes so that you can keep your vehicle’s serviceability in the A1 order. Following DIY techniques is a great idea to save money on auto repair. But the commotion seems daunting to accomplish, then you should call a “ versed car professional- https://www.topendoc.com/about/ ”.

  9. I am glad to know that coolant flush could enhance the effectiveness of the cooling system which plays a crucial role to optimize the temperature of the engine. Lack of such fluid could jeopardize the performance of the cooling system which leads to the engine breakdown. So, the coolant level needs to be inspected at a regular interval and if necessary should be replaced after a certain time interval as recommended by professional technicians. Underestimating the importance of regular inspection of the cooling system could cause irreparable damage to the engine. Have a look at https://www.petesinc.com/services/

  10. Having a regular car checkup is very important for the long life, I do use couple of gadgets like GPS tracker, trip computer devices paired with my smart phone to now any things to change.

  11. Thanks for informing regular maintenance tips of a vehicle to keep it in good order. The cooling system plays a critical role in the performance of the vehicle by keeping the temperature of the engine at an optimum level. Deposition of debris in the coolant affects its effectiveness in a very adverse way. So, the quality of the coolant used in the vehicle should be inspected at a regular interval and damaged components should be replaced with suitable substitutes. Mechanical errors in the cooling system should not be underestimated and the vehicle should be taken to professional technicians. You may prefer to visit https://germanmotorspecialist.com/services/

  12. This is the right site for everyone who would like to find out about this topic. You realize so much it’s almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa). You definitely put a fresh spin on a topic which has been discussed for ages. Wonderful stuff, just great! Must read for uber drivers for their car maintenance if they want to earn and learn more.

  13. Prior to leaving for a long road trip, a quick inspection of different components of the vehicle is really necessary to identify and replace abnormal components to ensure smoother performance of the vehicle. The condition of different types of fluids used for various purpose needs to be inspected properly at a regular interval and if necessary should be replaced with suitable substitutes. Measurement of tire pressure and tread depth is also necessary. towing companies near me

  14. Important and expensive components of the vehicle like the engine and transmission need routine maintenance to work smoothly without any major mechanical issues. The appearance of warning signs related to such components shouldn’t be ignored and the reason behind the appearance of such sign should be spotted and fixed in time to keep the vehicle in working order. Lack of routine maintenance could bring the vehicle to a halt. Besides, routine tune-up is also essential to prolong the lifespan of the vehicle.

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