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List of Uber Approved Cars in Singapore (186 Vehicles)



Are you at the point where you want to buy a car for Uber, but can’t seem to get the list of approved Uber vehicles? In response to numerous requests for the List of Uber cars (UberX, UberXL and UberEXEC) in Singapore, we put together an unofficial master list  containing 186 Uber approved vehicles in Singapore.

The list below contains the following – Uber Approved Service, Make, and Model of the Vehicle. For some of the data we marked it as N/A – meaning we could not find it, or it does not exist! Assume all cars listed in the table below, as at the time of this posting to be at most 9 years old (in order to be approved for Uber use)- I.e. For any car on this list to be approved, they need to be a 2007 model or newer for UberX, and 2010 or newer for UberExec.

Note – if a car is approved for UberExec, it is generally automatically approved to make UberX pickups (if the driver desires).




Use the search (in the blog post & right above the table) to search for a car make or model. DO NOT use the search bar at the top right


Uber ServiceVehicle MakeVehicle Model
uberX AudiA3
uberX AudiA4
uberEXEC AudiA6
uberEXEC AudiA8
uberX BMW3 Series
uberEXEC BMW5 Series
uberEXEC BMW7 Series
uberX BMWX1
uberX BYDE6
uberEXEC BentleyContinental
uberX ChevroletAveo
uberX ChevroletCaptiva
uberX ChevroletCruze
uberX ChevroletEpica
uberX ChevroletMalibu
uberX ChevroletOptra
uberXL ChevroletOrlando
uberX ChevroletSonic
uberX ChevroletSpark
uberX Chrysler300
uberX ChryslerSebring
uberXL ChryslerVoyager
uberXL CitroenC4
uberXL CitroenC5
uberXL DaihatsuTerios
uberX FiatBravo
uberX FiatIdea
uberX FiatPunto
uberX FordFocus
uberXL FordGalaxy
uberX FordLaser
uberXL FordMondeo
uberX GeelyGeely CK
uberX HondaAccord
uberXL HondaAirwave
uberX HondaCR-V
uberX HondaCity
uberX HondaCivic
uberX HondaCrossroad
uberX HondaCrosstour
uberX HondaEdix
uberX HondaFit
uberXL HondaFreed
uberX HondaJazz
uberXL HondaMobilio
uberXL HondaOdyssey
uberXL HondaPilot
uberXL HondaStepwgn
uberXL HondaStream
uberX HyundaiAccent
uberX HyundaiAvante
uberX HyundaiAzera
uberX HyundaiElantra
uberX HyundaiGetz
uberX HyundaiMatrix
uberX HyundaiSonata
uberXL HyundaiStarex
uberX HyundaiTrajet
uberX HyundaiTucson
uberX HyundaiVerna
uberX Hyundaii30
uberX Hyundaii40
uberX Hyundaii45
uberEXEC JaguarX-Type
uberEXEC JaguarXF
uberXL KiaCarens
uberXL KiaCarnival
uberX KiaCerato
uberX KiaForte
uberX KiaMagnetis
uberX KiaOptima
uberX KiaRio
uberX KiaSportage
uberX LexusES
uberEXEC LexusGS
uberX LexusIS 250
uberEXEC LexusRX
uberX MazdaAtenza
uberX MazdaAxela
uberXL MazdaBiante
uberXL MazdaCX-7
uberX MazdaMAZDA2
uberX MazdaMAZDA3
uberXL MazdaMAZDA5
uberX MazdaMAZDA6
uberXL MazdaPremacy
uberX Mercedes-BenzA-Class
uberX Mercedes-BenzB-Cclass
uberX Mercedes-BenzC-Class
uberEXEC Mercedes-BenzE-Class
uberEXEC Mercedes-BenzR-Class
uberEXEC Mercedes-BenzS-Class
uberXL Mercedes-BenzV-Class
uberXL Mercedes-BenzViano
uberXL Mercedes-BenzVito
uberXL MitsubishiAirtrek
uberX MitsubishiColt
uberX MitsubishiGalant
uberXL MitsubishiGrandis
uberX MitsubishiLancer
uberX MitsubishiMirage
uberXL MitsubishiOutlander
uberX MitsuokaGalue
uberX NissanAlmera
uberX NissanCefiro
uberXL NissanElgrand
uberX NissanLatio
uberX NissanMarch
uberX NissanMurano
uberXL NissanPresage
uberX NissanPrimera
uberX NissanQashqai
uberXL NissanQuest
uberX NissanSunny
uberX NissanSylphy
uberX NissanTeana
uberX OpelAstra
uberX OpelMeriva
uberXL OpelZafira
uberX Peugeot206
uberX Peugeot3008
uberX Peugeot308
uberX Peugeot408
uberEXEC PorschePanamera
uberXL ProtonExora
uberX ProtonGen-2
uberX ProtonPersona
uberX ProtonWaja
uberX ProtonWira
uberXL RenaultGrand Scenic
uberX RenaultLatitude
uberXL RenaultMegane
uberX Saab9-5
uberX SkodaOctavia
uberX SkodaYeti
uberXL SsangyongMTV
uberXL SsangyongStavic
uberXL SubaruExiga
uberXL SubaruForester
uberX SubaruImpreza
uberX SubaruLegacy
uberX SubaruWRX
uberXL SuzukiAPV
uberX SuzukiKizashi
uberX SuzukiLiana
uberX SuzukiSX4
uberX SuzukiSwift
uberX SuzukiVitara
uberX ToyotaAllion
uberX ToyotaAxio
uberX ToyotaBelta
uberX ToyotaCaldina
uberX ToyotaCamry
uberXL ToyotaEsquire
uberXL ToyotaEstima
uberXL ToyotaFortuner
uberXL ToyotaHarrier
uberXL ToyotaIsis
uberX ToyotaMark X
uberXL ToyotaPicnic
uberX ToyotaPremio
uberX ToyotaPrius
uberX ToyotaPrius C
uberX ToyotaPrevia
uberX ToyotaRAV4
uberXL ToyotaRush
uberXL ToyotaSienna
uberXL ToyotaVellfire
uberX ToyotaVios
uberXL ToyotaVoxy
uberXL ToyotaWish
uberX ToyotaYaris
uberX ToyotaBB
uberX VolkswagenGolf
uberX VolkswagenJetta
uberX VolkswagenPassat
uberX VolkswagenPolo
uberXL VolkswagenTiguan
uberXL VolkswagenTouaran
uberX VolvoS40
uberX VolvoS60
uberBlack VolvoS80
uberXL VolvoXC60
uberXL VolvoXC90


Let us know if any of the information is not correct, or needs to be updated, and we shall update it if you are found to be correct!


Become an Uber Driver

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Note -For Uber Drivers and Entrepreneurs who have not downloaded our kit(s), we provide a vast amount of professionally vetted information and business analysis that will help you run a successful uber business.


Disclaimer-Before purchasing any vehicle, it is paramount that you verify it is approved for the Uber program in your city. We have put a lot of research into this; however you as the business owner are ultimately responsible for the decision you make for your Uber Business.


How to Become an Uber Driver in Singapore



Singapore Marina Bay

With the upsurge in popularity of Uber services, there are now a number of information sources which tell you exactly how you can become an Uber driver or Uber Owner/Entrepreneur. Unfortunately, most of these resources are geared towards the U.S alone, which is troublesome for those that wish to become Uber drivers in Singapore.

If you are considering Uber in Singapore, then this blog post is for you. Fortunately, it isn’t as complicated a process as you would think. Let’s go over the steps you will need to take to successfully become an Uber driver in Singapore. Other than the fact that you need to be at least 25 years old to become an Uber driver in Singapore, once you can follow the steps below you should be ok!


Stack of Documents

STEP 1 – Get your Documents Ready

First of all, you will need to prepare a few documents that are essential for you to have before you become an Uber driver. These documents include:

  • A National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)
    • You must either be a Singaporean citizen, or Permanent Resident
  • Singaporean Driver’s License
    • If you plan on driving under the UberX brand, you need to have had your license for at least 1 year.
    • If you plan on driving under the UberEXEC brand, you need to have had your license for at least 2 years.
    • It needs to be at least a Class 3 Singaporean Drivers License (for UberX)
  • Commercial Vehicle insurance document (if you already have a car you intend to use)
    • You (driver) must be the holder, or at least a listed driver
    • Ensure the vehicle registration number is listed
    • Must clearly show a valid expiration date
  • Vehicle Log Z10/Z11 (if you already have a car you intend to use)
    • This is required by the LTA (Land Transport Authority, Singapore). Z10 vehicle log refers to private hire motor car.
  • Business Registration Documents (SGP Partner Business Registration & SGP Statutory Declaration Documents)
    • This business needs to be registered as a sole proprietorship
    • The business code that the business needs to be registered under is (49219- Private car for hire with operator)
    • Apply at the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority)
    • You can register a business with the ACRA at

Note – it takes 15 minutes or less to register a business online. If you already have a business, just add a business line 49219.


STEP 2 – Signup Online

Once you have all of these documents, the next step is to sign up through the Uber website – using our link: (You get a signup bonus if you use our link, which has our signup referral code already pre-populated). Note – the links redirect to the correct Uber URL.


STEP 3 – Wait for Uber Background Checks

Uber will typically take between 2 to 4 weeks to perform their background checks. Specifically they will take the documents provided in Step 1, and do the following.

  • A Comprehensive Criminal Background Check



STEP 4 – Get an Uber Approved Car

As for the vehicle to use, you need to make sure it fits the car requirements specifically for Uber drivers in Singapore. Note – Uber has various services, so you should know which service you are interested in before buying a car (if you do not have one). See the section below on “Selecting an Uber Service” for more information on that. Some of these requirements include the fact that the car should be no older than 9 years (A model 2007 or later if you are registering with UberX, and a model 2010 or later if you are looking to register with UberEXEC). The car should also have no major cosmetic damage.

Salvaged or rebuilt vehicles cannot be used, and full-size vans or marked vehicles such as taxis are a no-no, too (unless you are registering for UberTAXI in Singapore).


Uber Cell Phone

STEP 5 –Uber Cell Phone

Once you have completed the preceding steps, you will have an option to receive an Uber-issued cell phone which will have the Uber application installed on it to allow you to get clients. However, if you wish to use your own smartphone, it is perfectly fine to return the cell phone.


What to do if your vehicle does not fit Uber requirements

Keep in mind, there is no need to give up, if your personal vehicle does not fit the requirements that are necessary for an Uber vehicle—in fact, many people tend to invest in a new car before becoming professional Uber drivers (Note – See the “Nice to Know” section for due diligence you should probably do, if you intend to buy a car specifically for Uber.) You also have the option of renting an Uber Car, through recommended Uber Rental Partners. You can find out more once you start the online registration process here: SIGNUP ONLINE.


Selecting an Uber Service

Another thing to keep in mind when you are selecting a car is which category of Uber you wish to work under.

UberX is the mid-tier cost Uber service, and it also gets the most patronage from Uber passengers across the globe for this reason. This is the category I would recommend starting out with.

However, if you want to go for one of the other categories which typically have higher fares but fewer customers, then you can also go for UberXL, UberEXEC or ExecLARGE. Just keep in mind that this service require more expensive cars/vehicles and are not as frequently used by the public.

  • UberX in Singapore: The requirements for UberX in Singapore are that you should have a car that is a model from 2007 or newer, can seat at least 4 people, and is an Uber approved UberX car (for example the Toyota Corolla/Quest, Hyundai Accent/Elantra, etc.)
  • Uber EXEC in Singapore: The requirements for Uber EXEC in Singapore are that you should have a car that is a model from 2010 or newer, can seat at least 4 people, and is an Uber approved Uber EXEC car (for example  one of the higher end Audi, Mercedes Sedan or BMWs)

If your car happens to qualify for more than one type of Uber service, then it is possible that you get requests from several categories, but you can choose to restrict yourself to one category if that is what you want. Personally, I believe that it would be best to accept all the requests, in this case, as it will earn you a higher income.


Know the Rules

Nice to Know

If you want to become an Uber partner in Singapore, it is necessary to be aware of the fact that you will be forking over a certain amount of money to pay for fuel.

In addition to the afore-mentioned you have other costs like car maintenance, insurance costs, car depreciation, and uber royalties. If you are looking to do proper due diligence before acquiring a car and want to assess the profitability of Uber as a business whether as a one man business (a sole Uber driver), or as an Entrepreneur with multiple Uber cars in his/her fleet, then either of our Uber Kits at the top right of the linked page:

That sums up everything you need to know to start your uber business in Singapore. While there are a few steps you will need to take before you get started, it isn’t as difficult of a process as you might think.



Become an Uber Driver

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