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Why You May Get Deactivated As An Uber Passenger


In this post, we will be looking at a few yet interesting things that could get an Uber passenger’s account deactivated. Truth be told, it is very unlikely that Uber would be in a rush to kick a rider off the platform – riders bring the money.  So, unless the situation presented demands that the Uber passenger be deactivated, Uber will have no choice but to do so.

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Before we proceed, please bear in mind that some of the events listed below are unofficial and are based on our findings. Therefore, they should not be considered an echo of Uber’s policies.



6 Possible Reasons that Can Get an Uber Passenger Deactivated


Damaging drivers’ or other passengers’ property

If you intentionally destroy a property (phones, laptops or whatever item) that belongs to the Uber driver or another passenger in the car, Uber will deactivate your account after conducting investigations and finding you culpable.


Assaulting an Uber driver or another Uber passenger

This is obviously a clear and warranted reason to get an Uber passenger deactivated. You can view here a typical situation captured on a driver’s dash cam.  Uber community guidelines make it clear that Uber passengers shouldn’t touch or flirt with other people in the car.  Hitting or otherwise hurting a driver or fellow passenger is grounds for immediate deactivation.


You owe on your Uber account for too Long

It is possible that your account may be suspended if you do not pay your fares on time; you may not be able to request rides if you let a debt lie there for longer than necessary.


Report a false incident/try to frame Uber or driver for undue compensation

Jenny, an Uber passenger we had the opportunity of speaking with told us she once had strong reasons to think she was overcharged for a ride. Angry at what she believed was an attempt to cheat her at that time; she sent repeated emails to Uber and continuously made her displeasure known. On a closer look, she realized she was wrong and stopped the spite emails. 

By disputing fares without proper evidence, this could be termed as fraudulent or illegitimate behavior which undermines the trust on which Uber is built. She tried to open the app after then and was unable to do so. However, the situation was later resolved. It is always safe to ensure that whatever complaint or report you are submitting is correct.


Use of inappropriate and abusive language or gestures

Using verbal threats, and making comments or gestures that are aggressive, sexual, discriminatory, or disrespectful to an Uber driver or passenger is grounds for deactivation. Texting, calling, or visiting someone in person after a ride has been completed without contacting Uber first and providing genuine reasons for the need to pay such visits can be termed an inappropriate gesture thereby giving room for deactivation.


Have a ridiculously low rating

Just like the rating feature is put in place to keep drivers in line, it also serves as a means of curbing customer excessive behaviour. Although it is not as sensitive as the 4.8 requirement for drivers, a passenger’s ratings can’t get too low or it becomes preposterous. Uber assumes that the ratings indicate how good/displeased the driver felt after driving you, and getting constant bad ratings would be a bad sign. This can prompt Uber to  ban you from using their services.


Please visit here to learn more about securing your account with Uber  and Uber’s community guidelines

So if you enjoy using Uber and want to keep Ubering, ensure you are on your best behaviour else, you may get your Uber passenger account deactivated.


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How to Reactivate Your Uber Driver Account



One of the most bothersome and worrying things for many Uber drivers is receiving an email that tells them that their Uber account has been deactivated.However, in most cases you really need not worry. The problem can be solved in just a few simple steps. 

There are many reasons why your account may have been deactivated, whether it is because you forgot to update your documents or because you received low ratings from passengers.Either way, you will probably be able to reactivate your account without too much of a hassle.

Begin by finding out why your account was deactivated in the first place. You will need to email Uber and ask why, exactly, your account is disabled. Keep in mind that you will need to be patient–the reply might take a little while to arrive.The response, when it arrives, will probably explain the entire situation. If you are not satisfied with the response, don’t be afraid to press for more details without coming off as rude or complaining.

Stay calm and make sure that all of your messages to Uber are polite!


In most situations, you can reactivate your uber driver account by following the instructions Uber provides:


  1. If you have been deactivated due to a document that was not updated, simply update it as per Uber’s instructions and you should be good to go.
  2. If the reason for your deactivation was because you received low ratings, you can take Uber’s driver training class (It costs $50 in some US cities ) and your account will be reactivated. (Ask your specific city’s Uber customer representative about this).
  3. If your account was deactivated due to your lack of activity, send an email to Uber asking them that you would like to be active as an Uber driver again. To prevent the deactivation from occurring again, you will need to drive at least once a month.


There are only a few situations in which you cannot get your account reactivated. First of all, if you violated an Uber policy, it is highly unlikely that they will accept you again. Uber generally does not take people that they believe will not follow their rules.

Secondly, if you received a very serious complaint from a passenger, you will probably not be reactivated.

Now that you are fully aware of how to reactivate your Uber driver account as well as prevent it from occurring in the future, #UberON. Stay active as a driver, follow the rules and treat passengers well to ensure that you are never permanently removed from the Uber services!


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