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Top Smart Companions To Your Uber App


Uber is a comfortable way to ride for cheap. Request a ride using the Uber app downloaded on your phone, select a service and then wait for your driver to arrive. The Uber service is convenient and you can relax while the driver worries about getting you to your destination in record time. However, Uber doesn’t have all answers to your travel questions. This is why it is important to have backup apps that can act as companions to the Uber app. These backup apps are must-have apps that will help you travel smartly. See them below:


Kommen  uber app

The Kommen mobile app is the best option for people who want to book Uber ahead as they travel to different cities. Uber doesn’t allow you schedule a ride ahead in every Uber market and this is where the Kommen app comes in. Kommen is an android based app that lets you schedule Uber 15 minutes ahead to 30 days away. Download the kommen app by visiting Once this is done, log into the app with your Uber app sign on details. Follow the easy prompts and schedule your Uber ride as needed.


Passenger For Uber

This app is great for workaholics who do not have their phone handy. This app is simply Uber for your Mac. Download passenger which saves a shortcut on your Mac’s menu bar. This way, you don’t have to leave your computer while working. Request an Uber mid work and even work till the last minute. Since Passenger is integrated with the official Uber API, you will receive a notification once your ride arrives.



I remember using an Uber and the driver told me that the GPS function on his phone wasn’t working. We ended up stuck in traffic. It’s important to have apps that can show you the best routes to take and get you to your destination in the shortest time. With Waze, get real time updates about traffic, accidents, roadwork and ways to skirt delays on the road due to tips given by other Waze app users. For an optimal road experience, Waze uses your location to help you navigate the road.



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Hacker Reveals loophole in Uber App and Gets Rewarded With Free Rides For Life


Evidently it pays to be good. Anand Prakash, a product security engineer in India discovered a loophole within the Uber app
which allows riders complete rides without making payments.

But how did this loophole in the Uber app work?

Detailing how ride payments could be hacked on the Uber app, Anand who also runs an IT blog said, “When a ride is completed a user can either pay cash or charge it to their credit/debit card…but by specifying an invalid payment method for example: abc, xyz etc, I could ride Uber for free.”

According to Telegraph, Anand stated that, “Attackers could have misused this by taking unlimited free rides from their Uber account.”



Before you rush to try this out, Uber has since fixed this gap and yes, you have to keep paying for rides.

To show if and how it works, Anand requested permission from Uber to complete several rides around the U.S and India. He completed these trips and didn’t pay a dime.

Prakash stated he makes a living out of finding security bugs and by being a part of the Uber security program has until now been awarded $13,500 (£11,000) from Uber in bounty rewards

How to Find the Highest UberX Fares

Discover Tested Secrets and Proven Industry Methods to Boost Your UberX Income!

One of the many great things about being an UberX driver is that your business, the rideshare transportation industry, has recognizable patterns. No matter where you are operating in the world, your understanding of these patterns can help you maximize opportunities for revenue!

How to Find the Highest UberX Fares

Below, you will learn some of the known patterns identified by drivers that can be used for UberX and other rideshare businesses, and we’ll be highlighting the experience for UberX drivers.

Many methods are available on how to find the highest UberX fares and also increase your revenue. Each one has a different focus, though they are all intertwined. Sticking to these suggestions consistently will be your key to success. These techniques are related to your level of service, awareness of your local market and seasonal changes, and most importantly the ability to connect with the customer.

Let us begin by reiterating what you learned from the Uber training, longevity of sales through outstanding service. Offering 5-star service by opening doors, giving a courtesy call as you arrive, having water and mints in the car for passengers, and similar amenities will help keep your driver rating high, and thus allow you to earn money from the Uber app. If your rating dips, you’ll get fewer rides and may be removed from the uber system, so understand that your riders seek a pleasant, safe, efficient and professional travel experience.

Next, you need to know your local market hot spots. Is there an airport in your town? A college? A local bar, train station, or bowling alley? Be sure to frequent high traffic areas where someone might need transportation. Also be sure to check laws in these high traffic areas as your town may have restrictions like official taxi lines or other regulations you must be aware of to take advantage of that niche of the rideshare market. Typically, airports offer the longer and more profitable rides. Hand out your UberX driver discount cards at these locations to every passenger who rides in your car.

If you’re in a big city, or even a small town that just has several public or private schools the next recognizable pattern for increased success is traffic. Have you ever noticed that during the summer months, the morning and afternoon commute traffic is a little bit lighter? During summer months families have different obligations, and kids of all ages from grade school through to university aren’t in class or are on a greatly reduced schedule.

Become an Uber Driver

Noticing that seasonal change, as well as similar reoccurring schedules, like sports seasons and the traffic patterns that surround big stadiums will help you know where the hot spots are, and when road closures could delay your picking up a passenger.

Lastly, a suggestion for those outgoing drivers who can safely chat with customers and use their networking skills to sell beyond the length of the ride. Finding out if the rider needs regular transportation and if you could meet them at their point of origin at a certain time and date, is a great way to network future driving opportunities!

When you combine these many methods, as well as those from our other posts, and keep an eye out within the Uber driver community for developments in the industry, you are sure to increase your revenue and accept the best rides!

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