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List of uber approved cars in New Delhi, India (102 Vehicles)



Are you at the point where you want to buy a car for Uber, but can’t seem to get the list of approved Uber vehicles? In response to numerous requests for the List of Uber cars (UberX and UberXL)  in New Delhi, India, we put together an unofficial master list containing 102 Uber approved vehicles in New Delhi,India.

The list below contains the following – Uber Approved Service, Make, and Model of the Vehicle. For some of the data we marked it as N/A – meaning we could not find it, or it does not exist! Assume all cars listed in the table below, as at the time of this posting to be at most 5 years old (in order to be approved for Uber use)- I.e. For any car on this list to be approved, they need to be a 2010 model or newer.

Use the search (in the blog post & right above the table) to search for a car make or model. DO NOT use the search bar at the top right


Uber ServiceVehicle MakeVehicle Model
UberX Ashok LeylandStile
UberX AudiA4
UberX AudiA6
UberX AudiA8
UberX AudiQ3
UberX AudiQ5
UberXL AudiQ7
UberX BMW3 Series
UberX BMW5 Series
UberX BMW7 Series
UberX ChevroletAveo
UberX ChevroletBeat
UberX ChevroletEnjoy
UberX ChevroletOptra
UberX ChevroletSail
UberX ChevroletSpark
UberXL ChevroletTavera
UberXL DatsunGo
UberX FiatLinea
UberX FiatPalio
UberX FiatPunto
UberX FordClassic
UberX FordEndeavour
UberX FordFiesta
UberX FordFigo
UberX FordIkon
UberX HondaAccord
UberX HondaAmaze
UberX HondaBrio
UberX HondaCR-V
UberX HondaCity
UberX HondaCivic
UberX HondaJazz
UberXL HondaMobilio
UberX HyundaiAccent
UberX HyundaiEon
UberX HyundaiGetz
UberX HyundaiGrand i10
UberX HyundaiSonata
UberX HyundaiVerna
UberX HyundaiXCENT
UberX Hyundaii10
UberX Hyundaii20
UberX JaguarXF
UberX Land RoverFreelander
UberX LincolnTown Car
UberX MahindraLogan
UberXL MahindraScorpio
UberX MahindraVerito
UberXL MahindraXylo
UberX MarutiAlto
UberX MarutiCelerio
UberX MarutiCiaz
UberXL MarutiEeco
UberX MarutiRitz
UberX MarutiSX4
UberX MarutiSwift
UberX MarutiSwift Dzire
UberX MarutiZen
UberX Mercedes-BenzC Class
UberX Mercedes-BenzE Class
UberX Mercedes-BenzML Class
UberX Mercedes-BenzS-Class
UberX MiniConvertible
UberX MiniCooper Countryman
UberX MitsubishiLancer
UberX NissanEvalia
UberX NissanMicra
UberX NissanSunny
UberX NissanTeena
UberX NissanTerrano
UberXL RenaultDuster
UberX RenaultFluencePulse
UberX RenaultScala
UberX RenaultPulse
UberX SkodaLaura
UberX SkodaOctavia
UberX SkodaRapid
UberX SkodaSuperb
UberXL SuzukiErtiga
UberXL TataAria
UberX TataBolt
UberX TataIndica
UberX TataIndigo CS
UberX TataManza
UberX TataNano
UberX Toyota4Runner
UberX ToyotaAltis
UberX ToyotaCamry
UberX ToyotaEtios
UberXL ToyotaFortuner
UberXL ToyotaInnova
UberXL ToyotaLand Cruiser Prado
UberXL ToyotaPrado
UberX ToyotaPrius
UberX VolkswagenJetta
UberX VolkswagenPassat
UberX VolkswagenPolo
UberX VolkswagenVento
UberX VolvoS60

Let us know if any of the information is not correct, or needs to be updated, and we shall update it if you are found to be correct!


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Disclaimer-Before purchasing any vehicle, it is paramount that you verify it is approved for the Uber program in your city. We have put a lot of research into this; however you as the business owner are ultimately responsible for the decision you make for your Uber Business.


Uber Partners and Drivers: An Introduction to Different Uber Services


Are you a potential Uber Partner or Driver, but can’t decide what Uber Service you want to sign up for?

We came up with this post, because we get questions from potential Uber Partners and Drivers via email relating to the different Uber Services and what they are. Since there are multiple Uber services available, it can be tricky to pick the right one for you. Read on to solve exactly this problem!



UberX is the least expensive of all of the Uber services available, making this a great choice for passengers that are trying to save money: This means two things for a potential Uber Driver or Entrepreneur:

  1. You will get lower fare rates compared to some of the other services like UberXL, Uber Black and UberSUV
  2. You will get more rider pickups since this is the most popular service for Uber

Uber Partners and Drivers

For those new to Uber, UberX is known as the entry level ‘ride sharing’ service for Uber. Riders are matched with independent drivers that drive their own vehicle. Keep in mind to be an UberX driver, you do not need to be a professionally licensed driver, and do not need to have a commercial license. (Note- UberX Livery is different from UberX: Uber X Livery is essentially UberX, but with the caveat that you need to be a professionally licensed commercial driver)

UberX drivers typically have cars like the Toyota Camry, Ford Escape, Ford Escort, etc. The main requirements on how to become an UberX driver are listed in this blog post here. As for the requirements for the UberX car, (in most cities) it must be a model from the year 2006 or newer, and it must have passed an independent inspection (see our blog post here for more information that will help in selecting the perfect UberX car: Uber Car Requirements: 580 UberX cars analyzed). To sign up to drive for UberX go here:


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Uber Black

Uber black is often described as being a more luxurious version of UberX. Just like UberX, this Uber service takes a passenger from one place to the other.  Uber Black is perhaps the most expensive service that Uber has in most cities; it is the luxury version of UberX. This means two things for a potential Uber Driver or Entrepreneur:

  1. You will get higher fare rates compared to some of the other services like UberX, and Uber XL
  2. You will get less rider pickups compared to UberX (since there is less demand for this, compared to UberX)
  3. You will also get longer fares (because for a lot of cities, Uber Black unlike UberX is allowed to pickup or drop off at the airport)

This particular Uber service is generally dominated by sleek, high-end sedans. In the Uber Black Car, there can be up to four passengers at a time, just like with UberX.

One of the major differences between the Uber Black and UberX is the general requirement (for most cities) that drivers on the Uber Black platform have commercial or livery licenses.

Uber Black cars are, of course, black. They absolutely need to be new models (2012 or newer) and they need to have a black exterior. For the interior, a black, grey or beige leather interior should do. Think of cars like a Mercedes, or a Cadillac.

For help selecting an Uber Black Car for your Uber Business, see our blog post here: Uber Car Requirements: 420 Uber Black cars analyzed).


Uber XL

Uber XL is yet another variety of Uber that you can sign up for. This particular Uber service is pretty similar to the UberX, except for the fact that the cars are usually larger and can seat up to six people rather than the standard four.

With UberXL, the vehicles approved for these services are generally a minivan or crossover in most cases. You should keep in mind that the fare you receive for this service will be higher than the regular UberX. This is a good option for passengers going somewhere with a few friends or family members.

All the requirements for the drivers are the same as they are for the UberX, except the larger vehicle ofcourse!

For help selecting an Uber XL Car for your Uber Business, see our blog post here: Uber Car Requirements: 115 Uber XL cars analyzed).



UberPlus is an Uber service that falls between Uber Black and Uber X. The quality of the car is usually higher than that of UberX, so you can expect to have a pretty good luxury car—however; it isn’t quite on the same level as the Uber Black.

Up to four people can be seated in these cars, and the fare you can expect to receive is usually less than that of Uber Black, but higher than that of Uber X.

That means that this is a good option for Uber Partners and drivers that have or want to acquire a slightly nicer car, but don’t want to have to pay Uber Black money for a car.



UberPool is a particularly interesting Uber service because it allows Uber passengers carpool with a stranger that is headed in a similar direction. From a driver or entrepreneur’s perspective, you are using the same car you would use for UberX.

Some passengers might not love the idea of traveling with a stranger, but the advantage is that it allows them to save some money, seeing as how they split the fare with the other passenger.

Those are all of the major types of Uber services that Uber Partners and drivers need to know about. Now, you can make your choice based on your requirements regarding the type of car, the potential revenue and driver requirements. Choose wisely, and happy Uber-ing! To become an Uber driver or partner today, use our custom signup links here, and get additional credit added to your Uber account upon signup.




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Uber Car Requirements: 115 Uber XL Cars Analyzed


Uber Car Requirements - UberXLThanks for reading! In response to a lot of emails we get, we wrote this blog post, and created the table below this post listing our analysis of 115 cars that we examined for the Uber XL service. If you would prefer just to look at the list of Uber XL cars we analyzed: go here

As a potential Uber XL Driver or Entrepreneur, you probably know that you can make money on the platform, but you also know that keeping your costs low can make all the difference between making a good profit and making very little money after costs. The largest cost you are in direct control of that impacts profits/ROI (return on investment) is the car you use: Whether you are an Uber Driver or an Entrepreneur managing a fleet of drivers, the car you select is of paramount importance.


Uber Car Requirements: What Uber XL Car Should I Buy?

Below we list the cars we believe are the best for Uber XL. We also explain the reasons for our decisions.

The two cars our team liked, in decreasing order of preference are:

Toyota Sienna, 2014 Model

  • MSRP – $22,222
  • Estimated depreciation per year – 15%
  • MPG – 21 MPG
  • Estimated cost of Gas per year – $5,333 (at $2.8 per Gallon)
  • Typical Mileage – 28,426 Miles
  • KBB (Kelly Blue Book) rating –7.9/10

Honda Odyssey, 2014 Model

  • MSRP – $24,135
  • Estimated depreciation per year – 10%
  • MPG – 22 Miles per gallon
  • Estimated cost of Gas per year – $5,091 (at $2.8 per Gallon)
  • Typical Mileage – 28,426 Miles
  • KBB (Kelly Blue Book) rating – 9.1/10

Note -The Loaded Cost  =[Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) + Estimated Gas Cost for a year  + Estimated depreciation after 1 year]


Become an Uber Driver

We gave the Toyota Sienna 2014 high marks because we believe it is one of the cheaper large vehicles to own over a one year period (assuming you sell the car after one year). We also believe your maintenance costs should be very low for the Toyota Sienna 2014, if you buy it and drive it full time for a period of one year. After one year, you should look into selling your car, because the average full time driver (working 40 hours a week) puts in about 40,000 miles or more per year. And your maintenance costs will start to increase after 65k miles.

The Honda Odyssey, 2014 was also a good pick for Uber XL because of similar reasons as the Toyota Sienna, 2014; however its MSRP was about $2,000 more than the Toyota Sienna. This was a close one to call, but we prefer Toyotas as a rule of thumb. The Honda Odyssey has a 9.1/10 KBB (Kelly Blue Book) rating, so if you choose this over the Toyota Sienna 2014, you are making a great decision as well! 

See the full table below to examine the 115 cars that were used in our analysis.


Uber ServiceVehicle MakeVehicle ModelModel YearEst. MSRPEst. DepreciationMPGCost of Gas per YrEst. Maintenance CostsLOADED Car CostTypical Mileage
uberXLChryslerTown and Country2007$3,544 8%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $12,738 108,815 Miles
uberXLChryslerTown and Country2006$3,452 8%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $12,930 117,310 Miles
uberXLKiaSedona2007$4,638 7%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $14,238 108,815 Miles
uberXLDodgeGrand Caravan (Passenger)2006$4,757 14%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $14,416 117,310 Miles
uberXLKiaSedona2006$4,899 7%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $14,450 117,310 Miles
uberXLNissanQuest2006$5,200 9%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $14,575 117,310 Miles
uberXLMitsubishiOutlander2006$5,452 10%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $14,988 112,220 Miles
uberXLNissanQuest2007$5,695 9%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $15,500 108,815 Miles
uberXLDodgeGrand Caravan (Passenger)2007$5,784 14%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $15,611 108,815 Miles
uberXLMitsubishiOutlander2007$6,077 10%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $15,725 104,001 Miles
uberXLHondaOdyssey2006$6,342 10%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $16,304 121,469 Miles
uberXLFordExplorer2006$5,349 21%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $16,921 121,469 Miles
uberXLToyotaSienna2006$6,884 15%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $16,971 121,469 Miles
uberXLHondaOdyssey2007$7,281 10%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $17,389 112,589 Miles
uberXLHyundaiSanta_Fe2006$6,404 19%18.00 MPG$6,222 $3,080 $17,347 112,220 Miles
uberXLToyotaSienna2007$7,476 15%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $17,717 112,589 Miles
uberXLToyotaHighlander2006$8,982 7%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $19,047 111,672 Miles
uberXLHondaPilot2006$8,227 11%17.00 MPG$6,588 $3,080 $19,272 121,469 Miles
uberXLNissanPathfinder2006$8,104 12%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $19,585 112,220 Miles
uberXLMercuryMountaineer2006$7,781 11%15.00 MPG$7,467 $3,080 $19,675 117,310 Miles
uberXLHyundaiSanta_Fe2007$8,634 19%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $19,793 104,001 Miles
uberXLToyotaHighlander2007$9,927 7%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $20,134 103,468 Miles
uberXLJeepCommander2006$8,507 14%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $20,320 112,220 Miles
uberXLMazdaCX-92007$8,738 N/A18.00 MPG$6,222 $3,080 $20,359 104,001 Miles
uberXLFordExplorer2007$7,860 21%15.00 MPG$7,467 $3,080 $20,692 112,589 Miles
uberXLDodgeDurango2006$7,203 25%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $20,736 117,310 Miles
uberXLMercuryMountaineer2007$8,775 11%15.00 MPG$7,467 $3,080 $20,854 108,815 Miles
uberXLNissanPathfinder2007$9,714 12%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $21,480 104,001 Miles
uberXLHondaPilot2007$10,159 11%17.00 MPG$6,588 $3,080 $21,405 112,589 Miles
uberXLGMCAcadia2007$11,616 6%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $21,868 104,001 Miles
uberXLDodgeDurango2007$8,598 25%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $22,458 108,815 Miles
uberXLJeepCommander2007$9,893 14%15.00 MPG$7,467 $3,080 $22,497 104,001 Miles
uberXLMitsubishiOutlander2014$15,943 10%27.00 MPG$4,148 $862$23,087 26,096 Miles
uberXLDodgeJourney2014$15,987 10%21.00 MPG$5,333 $862$24,402 26,096 Miles
uberXLDodgeGrand Caravan (Passenger)2014$15,736 14%20.00 MPG$5,600 $988$25,485 28,296 Miles
uberXLMitsubishiOutlander2015$17,741 10%27.00 MPG$4,148 $800$25,486 12,056 Miles
uberXLDodgeJourney2015$17,711 10%21.00 MPG$5,333 $800$26,768 12,056 Miles
uberXLKiaSedona2014$18,172 7%20.00 MPG$5,600 $988$27,099 28,296 Miles
uberXLDodgeGrand Caravan (Passenger)2015$17,690 14%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$27,674 13,786 Miles
uberXLNissanQuest2014$21,326 9%21.00 MPG$5,333 $988$30,659 28,296 Miles
uberXLChryslerTown and Country2014$21,559 8%20.00 MPG$5,600 $988$30,935 28,296 Miles
uberXLKiaSedona2015$22,398 7%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$31,680 13,786 Miles
uberXLVolkswagenRoutan2014$20,139 N/A20.00 MPG$5,600 $821$31,957 25,370 Miles
uberXLChevroletTraverse2014$23,691 4%19.00 MPG$5,895 $800$32,803 23,558 Miles
uberXLToyotaSienna2014$22,222 15%21.00 MPG$5,333 $995$33,092 28,426 Miles
uberXLDodgeJourney2016$21,890 19%21.00 MPG$5,333 $800$33,608 0 Miles
uberXLHondaOdyssey2014$24,135 10%22.00 MPG$5,091 $995$33,967 28,426 Miles
uberXLChevroletTraverse2015$24,755 4%19.00 MPG$5,895 $800$34,024 11,779 Miles
uberXLMitsubishiOutlander2016$22,805 22%27.00 MPG$4,148 $800$34,255 0 Miles
uberXLMazdaCX-92014$21,406 N/A18.00 MPG$6,222 $862$34,324 26,096 Miles
uberXLChryslerTown and Country2015$25,109 8%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$34,823 13,786 Miles
uberXLFordFlex2014$22,970 N/A20.00 MPG$5,600 $864$35,369 26,116 Miles
uberXLNissanPathfinder2014$25,082 12%21.00 MPG$5,333 $862$35,861 26,096 Miles
uberXLHondaOdyssey2015$25,898 10%22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$35,939 13,259 Miles
uberXLGMCAcadia2014$26,638 6%19.00 MPG$5,895 $862$36,566 26,096 Miles
uberXLHondaPilot2014$26,281 11%20.00 MPG$5,600 $995$37,320 28,426 Miles
uberXLHyundaiSanta_Fe2014$25,152 19%20.00 MPG$5,600 $862$38,063 26,096 Miles
uberXLNissanPathfinder2015$27,340 12%22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$38,146 12,056 Miles
uberXLHondaPilot2015$27,209 11%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$38,302 13,259 Miles
uberXLGMCAcadia2015$28,276 6%19.00 MPG$5,895 $800$38,436 12,056 Miles
uberXLFordExplorer2014$24,800 21%18.00 MPG$6,222 $995$38,857 28,426 Miles
uberXLHyundaiSanta_Fe2016$29,723 4%21.00 MPG$5,333 $800$38,981 0 Miles
uberXLKiaSedona2016$26,667 16%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$39,070 0 Miles
uberXLHondaPilot2016$29,908 9%22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$40,438 0 Miles
uberXLToyotaSienna2015$28,675 15%21.00 MPG$5,333 $800$40,970 13,259 Miles
uberXLToyotaHighlander2014$30,713 7%20.00 MPG$5,600 $840$41,191 25,703 Miles
uberXLFordExplorer2016$30,185 9%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$41,267 N/A
uberXLFordExplorer2015$27,432 21%19.00 MPG$5,895 $800$41,765 13,259 Miles
uberXLDodgeDurango2014$26,821 25%19.00 MPG$5,895 $988$42,224 28,296 Miles
uberXLHyundaiSanta_Fe2015$28,500 19%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$42,058 12,056 Miles
uberXLHondaOdyssey2016$30,115 14%22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$42,183 0 Miles
uberXLToyotaHighlander2015$32,181 7%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$42,816 11,689 Miles
uberXLGMCAcadia2016$31,900 11%19.00 MPG$5,895 $800$44,181 0 Miles
uberXLSubaruTribeca2014$30,111 N/A18.00 MPG$6,222 $988$45,278 28,296 Miles
uberXLChryslerTown and Country2016$30,990 19%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$45,296 0 Miles
uberXLChevroletTraverse2016$30,912 20%19.00 MPG$5,895 $800$45,802 0 Miles
uberXLDodgeDurango2015$40,814 25%16.00 MPG$7,000 $800$60,702 13,786 Miles
uberXLChevroletTraverse2007N/A4%N/A$5,600 $1,389 N/A35,337 Miles
uberXLChevroletTraverse2006N/A4%N/A$5,600 $2,061 N/A47,116 Miles
uberXLDodgeDurango2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLDodgeGrand Caravan (Passenger)2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLDodgeJourney2007N/A10%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLDodgeJourney2006N/A10%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLFordFlex2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLFordFlex2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLFordFlex2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLFordFlex2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLGMCAcadia2006N/A6%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLJeepCommander2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLJeepCommander2015N/A14%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLJeepCommander2014N/A14%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLMazdaCX-92016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLMazdaCX-92015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLMazdaCX-92006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLMercuryMountaineer2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLMercuryMountaineer2015N/A11%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLMercuryMountaineer2014N/A11%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLNissanPathfinder2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLNissanQuest2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLNissanQuest2015N/A9%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLSubaruTribeca2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLSubaruTribeca2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLSubaruTribeca2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLSubaruTribeca2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLToyotaHighlander2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLToyotaHighlander_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLToyotaHighlander_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLToyotaHighlander_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLToyotaHighlander_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLToyotaHighlander_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLToyotaSienna2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLVolkswagenRoutan2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLVolkswagenRoutan2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLVolkswagenRoutan2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLVolkswagenRoutan2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A


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Disclaimer-The vehicles listed above should be good for most cities; however, before purchasing any vehicle, it is paramount that you verify it is approved for the Uber program in your city. We have put a lot of research into this; however you as the business owner are ultimately responsible for the decision you make for your Uber Business.