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UberBLACK Drivers and UberX Requests


Uber has a wide range of services created to suit the different lifestyles of its customers. These services include but are not limited to the UberBLACK and UberX. While the UberBLACK service is Uber’s high class service that provides riders with very sleek rides driven by professional chauffeurs, UberX is the low-cost Uber service where riders are picked up in nice vehicles but not as nice as the black cars.

Another significant difference between these two services is the fares charged for using either of them. UberX drivers make a handsome sum of money at the end of the day since the service is Uber’s most widely used service and gets a bulk of Uber rides. However, UberBLACK drivers do not get as much ride requests like the UberX but the fares charged are high enough that they earn as much as UberX drivers and sometimes more.  uberBLACK

It is reasonable that UberX drivers (the low cost Uber) receive more ride requests than UberBLACK drivers. Hence, UberX drivers generally have busier days than most UberBLACK drivers. For this reason, Uber gives UberBLACK drivers a chance to accept UberX rides. An initial reaction would be to reject the idea but we can’t ignore the merits of this initiative.

The question now is – When should you accept an UberX ride as an UberBLACK driver?

Here are a few logical answers below:


  1.   On Slow Days

Sometimes, you have days when things are not exactly smooth – every job has that kind of day. It is advisable that UberBLACK drivers who get a beep for X rides on such days accept the ride. It is a good way to ensure that you still keep your income healthy for the day.


  1.   After All Said and Done

Even after having a rewarding day, it never hurts to earn more provided you still have time to kill. If you receive UberX pings, why not accept it? You can add that as a tip for you – something to help end the day on a high note.


  1.   A Ride Back From the Airport

Now this may be rare but imagine you drop off a passenger at an airport (which is usually a long trip from the city) and you get an UberX ride alert. Not all drivers who take a ride to the airport are lucky enough to get another ride request when heading back. So if you get any at all, UberX or not, you should really consider accepting it. 

Generally, the question about whether UberBLACK drivers should accept UberX rides or not is really just about timing. Depending on the situation you are in, UberX request might be a plus or minus. I would definitely advise that UberBLACK drivers do not consider taking X rides during the peak periods for receiving UberBLACK requests. Accepting an UberX request is only necessary when you are sure that there is really nothing to lose. It could be a big loss if you spend time chasing less profitable rides during UberBLACK peak periods. Take advantage of this initiative by Uber and maximize the potentials attached to signing up for other Uber services.


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Uber Vs Easy Taxi In Nigeria


Uber is one of the largest global businesses in the world. All over the world, several organizations are fighting to carve a space in the rideshare industry as Uber has carved for itself. One of Uber’s major competitors is Easy Taxi. This post is an evaluation of Easy Taxi as it compares to Uber in Nigeria. To understand this, we will look at various aspects of the business structure of both companies and their services.


Brief History

Easy Taxi is a mobile E-hailing application available in 30 countries. The app allows users to book a taxi via the iPhone, Android, or Windows phone.   Easy Taxi was founded in 2011 in Brazil and has since expanded globally, covering a network of 30 countries and more than 420 cities. As of December 2014, the company reported that it had a total of 17 million users and more than 400,000 taxi drivers on its Taxi network.

Uber is an American International Transportation Network Company headquartered in San Francisco, California. With the Uber mobile app, consumers’ Android and iPhones can submit a trip request which Uber forwards to Uber drivers who use their own cars. As of May 28, 2015, the service was available in 58 countries and 300 cities worldwide. Since Uber’s launch in 2010, several other companies have copied its business model, a trend that has come to be referred to as “Uberification”.


Mode of Operation

As we know, Uber has refused to take the title of a transportation company; instead it prefers to be called a tech company that simply mediates the driver-rider relation to ensure effective mobility. In Nigeria and as it is in all other Uber countries, Uber registers independent contractors/car owners (as drivers) and regular passengers on their app. The app allows users to make on-demand ride requests. These requests are sent to available drivers. Uber would then collect all fares, takes a 20% commission and pays the rest to the driver. This has worked perfectly fine in many countries across the world, creating job opportunities and reducing the hassle of getting regular cabs.

Easy Taxi is an online E-hailing company. Like Uber, they also have an app that allows you to order rides, but in this case only taxis. It saves the hassle of trying to hail a cab. Looking at the mode of operation of this business side by side with that of Uber, one would see that while Uber provides unemployed people the chance to earn a good deal and, also solves a big transportation problem, Easy Taxi seems to be solving only one. One of the edges that you might say Uber has over Easy Taxi.



In most of the countries where Uber operates, it is usually cheaper to get an Uber ride than other services. With a price slash sometime in May 2015, Uber dropped its price below all other available services. The problem with Easy Taxi’s pricing is majorly that they deal with taxi owners, who in Nigeria, are used to the very high charges. Therefore, no matter how much they try to regulate, they cannot go as low as Uber, who mostly has employed people who just need extra cash as their drivers. With a base fare of about N1000, Uber has made going around in Lagos cost around N90/km. The fact that Uber is able to offer an unbranded and classy vehicle at a more affordable price is simply amazing.



In Lagos there are basically two Uber services available. They are UberX and UberBLACK. The UberX service is a low-cost service that Uber offers riders: with this service you can get around in a comfortable vehicle and still get to pay an affordable fare. When ordering an UberX, riders can expect cars like a Toyota (Corolla, Camry), Nissan (Almera, Altima), Honda (Accord) or Kia (Cerato).

easy taxi

UberBLACK is a bit higher on the grid because as we know, it involves the use of pricey luxury vehicles and top notch chauffeuring services to go with it. When ordering a BLACK vehicle, expect cars like an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota Prado and so on.

In the case of Easy Taxi, you can only expect to get a Taxi that will take you wherever you want to go. The diversity that Uber brings to the table in the only city where they operate currently is a threat to Easy Taxi’s modus operandi generally.



With the growing popularity of Uber in Nigeria, the company is looking to expand its reach to other cities in Nigeria. The taxi hailing company currently has its name pinned on two cities (Lagos and Abuja). However, there are speculation that they are exiting the Nigeria market already (see the ‘state of things’ section below).


State of Things

While Uber seems to be planning to extend to more cities in Nigeria, Easy Taxi seems to have been structuring a silent exit as hints have been dropping here and there. Some users have complained that they now have difficulty using the app. As reported on Dantewest, the widespread rumor is that the former MD/Founder of Easy Taxi Nigeria, Bankole Cardoso has been spotted in Uber countless times. Same source reported that key staff of Easy Taxi Nigeria have also left the company for various reasons and that report reaching Nigerians on LinkedIn is that the Social Media Manager recently announced his resignation of his appointment with the company. These sudden moves are questions begging for answers and have kept Easy Taxi fans and customers wondering if all is well in the company. The only statement the said source was able to get from this social media manager was: “I needed to move to a better environment, and I’m still a fan of the company”. There are already pointers in Abuja as a disappointed writer reported incidents of app malfunction and the ‘request’ button refusing to click. These are all indications that Easy Taxi might be bowing out in the face of strong competition – leaving Uber to claim the position of kingpin in the Nigerian market. The incident won’t be very shocking when it becomes official as we already saw what happened in Ghana and Singapore. Yet it is not my place to make the official pronouncement and as such, this is not a pronouncement of any sort on behalf of Easy Taxi.



Let me be the judge of this. Looking at the Uber app and official website, I personally believe that it beats all that I have seen of Easy Taxi. The Uber app generally has better features and a better interface: allowing you to split fares, share your trip progress and many more. This is surely one of the major reasons why the Nigerian market, like every other Uber market, has opened up pretty easily to the innovation that Uber brings.

These are very necessary details that I have found when comparing the Uber and Easy Taxi business structure in the Nigerian market.


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Different types of UberX Services


UberXUberX is the most used and well known Uber service worldwide, and for good reason. It is not only the most affordable service, it is required by Uber to have a definite quality level, making it better than the average taxi. This, in addition to its very affordable price, is why it is preferred by many passengers over the higher-end services such as UberBLACK and UberPlus.

For someone that wishes to become an Uber driver in the UberX category, things can be a little bit complicated. UberX is not just one simple category–it has several sub-categories which you need to be educated about before you delve into the world of becoming a driver or an Uber Partner. Once you are thoroughly informed about all the different segments of UberX services, you will be able to pick the one that is best for you, and which you will truly enjoy.



UberPOP is one of those sub-categories. This version of the UberX service is available only in certain European countries, and it makes use of small, private vehicles. This service is very low cost and widely used in Germany, France, etc. It is quite similar to the regular UberX services available in American and Asian countries but has been given a different name due to legal reasons (There are countries where rideshare is legal as long as the primary objective is sharing costs and not making profit: UberPop variant targets the former). The same types of vehicles are generally used, and the driver’s requirements are the same as the usual UberX drivers.


Become an Uber Driver


Next is UberXL. While some people consider this to be in a completely different category, the truth is that it is still a part of the UberX service. The requirements for this sub-category are all the same as the regular UberX service, except for the fact that the vehicle needs to be larger. The driver’s requirements, however, are not particularly different. One plus of this sub-category is that the ride fare is higher, which means you will earn more per  client you drive.

Another thing that you need to know about UberXL is that you can get clients from the regular UberX customers, as well as from the customers specifically searching for UberXL cars. This is a huge advantage over the vanilla UberX, because you have a larger passenger pool, and, therefore, a better chance at a higher revenues (as compared to the vanilla/popular UberX).

For help selecting an Uber XL Car for your Uber Business, see our blog post here: Uber Car Requirements: 115 Uber XL cars analyzed).


UberX (The Popular One)

UberX is the primary Uber service and the most popular version of “UberX” (I hope that didn’t confuse you :) ).

UberX drivers typically have cars like the Toyota Camry, Ford Escape, Ford Escort, etc. The main requirements on how to become an Uber X driver are listed in this blog post here. As for the requirements for the UberX car, (in most cities) it must be a model from the year 2006 or newer, and it must have passed an independent inspection (see our blog post here for more information that will help in selecting the perfect UberX car: Uber Car Requirements: 580 Uber X cars analyzed). To sign up to drive for UberX go here:

This form of UberX is the most popular Uber service, and as such receives the most customer patronage but generally has the lowest passanger fares. That means you will need to drive more people to earn an equal amount as the UberXL service; however, if you cannot afford an UberXL sized car, this may be a better option for you.


UberX Livery

UberX livery is the ‘original’ form of UberX with a small twist: For this flavor of Uber, you need to have a commercial transportation license; virtually everything else, as compared to the primary UberX service remains the same.

For this service, you are required to have a medium sized vehicle that is not too old (2006 or newer) which can easily fit 4 people. Note- UberX Livery is not available in every city.

That sums up the four major sub-categories of the UberX services. Now that you are fully equipped with this knowledge, go ahead and pick what works for you.




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Uber Partners and Drivers: An Introduction to Different Uber Services


Are you a potential Uber Partner or Driver, but can’t decide what Uber Service you want to sign up for?

We came up with this post, because we get questions from potential Uber Partners and Drivers via email relating to the different Uber Services and what they are. Since there are multiple Uber services available, it can be tricky to pick the right one for you. Read on to solve exactly this problem!



UberX is the least expensive of all of the Uber services available, making this a great choice for passengers that are trying to save money: This means two things for a potential Uber Driver or Entrepreneur:

  1. You will get lower fare rates compared to some of the other services like UberXL, Uber Black and UberSUV
  2. You will get more rider pickups since this is the most popular service for Uber

Uber Partners and Drivers

For those new to Uber, UberX is known as the entry level ‘ride sharing’ service for Uber. Riders are matched with independent drivers that drive their own vehicle. Keep in mind to be an UberX driver, you do not need to be a professionally licensed driver, and do not need to have a commercial license. (Note- UberX Livery is different from UberX: Uber X Livery is essentially UberX, but with the caveat that you need to be a professionally licensed commercial driver)

UberX drivers typically have cars like the Toyota Camry, Ford Escape, Ford Escort, etc. The main requirements on how to become an UberX driver are listed in this blog post here. As for the requirements for the UberX car, (in most cities) it must be a model from the year 2006 or newer, and it must have passed an independent inspection (see our blog post here for more information that will help in selecting the perfect UberX car: Uber Car Requirements: 580 UberX cars analyzed). To sign up to drive for UberX go here:


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Uber Black

Uber black is often described as being a more luxurious version of UberX. Just like UberX, this Uber service takes a passenger from one place to the other.  Uber Black is perhaps the most expensive service that Uber has in most cities; it is the luxury version of UberX. This means two things for a potential Uber Driver or Entrepreneur:

  1. You will get higher fare rates compared to some of the other services like UberX, and Uber XL
  2. You will get less rider pickups compared to UberX (since there is less demand for this, compared to UberX)
  3. You will also get longer fares (because for a lot of cities, Uber Black unlike UberX is allowed to pickup or drop off at the airport)

This particular Uber service is generally dominated by sleek, high-end sedans. In the Uber Black Car, there can be up to four passengers at a time, just like with UberX.

One of the major differences between the Uber Black and UberX is the general requirement (for most cities) that drivers on the Uber Black platform have commercial or livery licenses.

Uber Black cars are, of course, black. They absolutely need to be new models (2012 or newer) and they need to have a black exterior. For the interior, a black, grey or beige leather interior should do. Think of cars like a Mercedes, or a Cadillac.

For help selecting an Uber Black Car for your Uber Business, see our blog post here: Uber Car Requirements: 420 Uber Black cars analyzed).


Uber XL

Uber XL is yet another variety of Uber that you can sign up for. This particular Uber service is pretty similar to the UberX, except for the fact that the cars are usually larger and can seat up to six people rather than the standard four.

With UberXL, the vehicles approved for these services are generally a minivan or crossover in most cases. You should keep in mind that the fare you receive for this service will be higher than the regular UberX. This is a good option for passengers going somewhere with a few friends or family members.

All the requirements for the drivers are the same as they are for the UberX, except the larger vehicle ofcourse!

For help selecting an Uber XL Car for your Uber Business, see our blog post here: Uber Car Requirements: 115 Uber XL cars analyzed).



UberPlus is an Uber service that falls between Uber Black and Uber X. The quality of the car is usually higher than that of UberX, so you can expect to have a pretty good luxury car—however; it isn’t quite on the same level as the Uber Black.

Up to four people can be seated in these cars, and the fare you can expect to receive is usually less than that of Uber Black, but higher than that of Uber X.

That means that this is a good option for Uber Partners and drivers that have or want to acquire a slightly nicer car, but don’t want to have to pay Uber Black money for a car.



UberPool is a particularly interesting Uber service because it allows Uber passengers carpool with a stranger that is headed in a similar direction. From a driver or entrepreneur’s perspective, you are using the same car you would use for UberX.

Some passengers might not love the idea of traveling with a stranger, but the advantage is that it allows them to save some money, seeing as how they split the fare with the other passenger.

Those are all of the major types of Uber services that Uber Partners and drivers need to know about. Now, you can make your choice based on your requirements regarding the type of car, the potential revenue and driver requirements. Choose wisely, and happy Uber-ing! To become an Uber driver or partner today, use our custom signup links here, and get additional credit added to your Uber account upon signup.




Become an Uber Driver

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Uber Car Requirements: 580 UberX Cars Analyzed


Uber Car Requirements - UberX

Thanks for reading! In response to a lot of emails we get, we wrote this blog post, and created the table below this post listing our analysis of 580 cars that we examined for the UberX service. If you would prefer just to look at the list of UberX cars we analyzed:  go here

As a potential UberX Driver or Entrepreneur, you probably know that you can make money on the platform, but you also know that keeping your costs low can make all the difference between making a good profit and making very little money after costs. The largest cost you are in direct control of, which impacts profits/ROI (return on investment), is the car you use for your Uber business. Whether you are an Uber Driver or an Entrepreneur managing a fleet of drivers, the car you select is of paramount importance.


Uber Car Requirements: What UberX Car Should I Buy?

Below we list the cars we believe are the best for UberX. We also explain the reasons for our decisions.

The two cars our team liked, in decreasing order of preference are:

Toyota Prius, 2014 Model

  • MSRP – $16,593
  • Estimated depreciation per year – 9%
  • MPG – 50 Miles per gallon
  • Estimated cost of Gas per year – $2,240 (at $2.8 per Gallon)
  • Typical Mileage – 26,096 Miles
  • KBB (Kelly Blue Book) rating – N/A


Volkswagen Passat, 2014 Model

  • MSRP – $14,708
  • Estimated depreciation per year – 6%
  • MPG – 25 Miles per gallon
  • Estimated cost of Gas per year – $4,480 (at $2.8 per Gallon)
  • Typical Mileage – 25,370 Miles
  • KBB (Kelly Blue Book) rating – 8/10

Note -The Loaded Cost  =[Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) + Estimated Gas Cost for a year  + Estimated depreciation after 1 year]


Become an Uber Driver

We gave the Toyota Prius 2014 high marks because it is a fuel efficient UberX approved car. Also, the typical mileage for a used Toyota Prius, 2014 model is 26,096 miles. Since the average full time (working 40hrs a week) UberX driver puts about 40,000 miles or more on a car within a calendar year, that will put you just above 65,000 miles after one year of driving. Your maintenance costs shouldn’t be high  during this period. After one year, you should look to selling your car, because your maintenance costs will start to increase after the car hits 65k miles.

The Volkswagen Passat, 2014 is also a good pick for UberX because of similar reasons to the Prius; however its fully-loaded cost was a little lower than the Toyota Prius. The MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of the Volkswagen Passat, 2014 was more than $2,000 lower than the Prius.

Overall we picked the Toyota Prius (2014) because of its lower running cost, when compared to the Volkswagen Passat. We also liked the fact that numerous Uber Drivers had recommended this particular car as the preferred UberX vehicle.

See the full table below to examine the 580 cars that were used in our analysis.


Uber ServiceVehicle MakeVehicle ModelModel YearEst. MSRPEst. Depreciation MPGCost of Gas per YrEst. Maintenance CostsLOADED Car CostTypical Mileage
uberXMitsubishiGalant2006$3,663 20%23.00 MPG$4,870 $3,080 $12,597 104,232 Miles
uberXVolkswagenPassat2006$4,632 6%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $12,975 104,232 Miles
uberXKiaOptima2006$3,888 19%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $13,065 104,232 Miles
uberXVolkswagenPassat2007$4,582 6%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $13,277 96,706 Miles
uberXChevroletHHR2006$4,718 13%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $13,323 112,220 Miles
uberXFordTaurus2006$4,241 9%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $13,360 98,934 Miles
uberXToyotaPrius2006$7,031 9%47.00 MPG$2,383 $3,080 $13,387 112,220 Miles
uberXFordEscape2007$4,659 7%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $13,462 108,815 Miles
uberXFordEscape2006$4,480 7%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $13,517 117,310 Miles
uberXMercuryMilan2006$4,942 12%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $13,561 117,310 Miles
uberXPontiacVibe2006$5,535 10%27.00 MPG$4,148 $3,080 $13,787 112,220 Miles
uberXHyundaiSonata2006$4,874 15%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $13,672 104,232 Miles
uberXPontiacG62006$5,129 9%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $13,645 104,232 Miles
uberXMazdaMazda62006$5,156 10%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $13,758 104,232 Miles
uberXMitsubishiGalant2007$4,558 20%23.00 MPG$4,870 $3,080 $13,751 96,706 Miles
uberXNissanAltima2006$4,772 17%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $13,656 112,220 Miles
uberXFordFusion2006$5,193 11%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $13,864 104,232 Miles
uberXFordTaurus2007$4,702 9%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $13,854 92,028 Miles
uberXHyundaiTucson2006$4,300 20%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $13,878 112,220 Miles
uberXChevroletMalibu2006$5,439 9%23.00 MPG$4,870 $3,080 $14,206 104,232 Miles
uberXToyotaPrius2007$7,755 9%47.00 MPG$2,383 $3,080 $14,227 104,001 Miles
uberXFordCrown_Victoria2006$4,112 12%18.00 MPG$6,222 $3,080 $14,237 98,934 Miles
uberXMazdaTribute2006$4,568 N/A21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $14,178 117,310 Miles
uberXPontiacG62007$5,649 9%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $14,432 96,706 Miles
uberXKiaOptima2007$5,364 19%25.00 MPG$4,480 $3,080 $14,223 96,706 Miles
uberXPontiacVibe2007$6,150 10%27.00 MPG$4,148 $3,080 $14,295 104,001 Miles
uberXHondaAccord2006$5,926 9%25.00 MPG$4,480 $3,080 $14,322 115,469 Miles
uberXMazdaMazda62007$5,824 10%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $14,518 96,706 Miles
uberXVolkswagenJetta2006$5,216 15%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $14,528 112,220 Miles
uberXChevroletHHR2007$5,429 13%23.00 MPG$4,870 $3,080 $14,476 104,001 Miles
uberXMercuryMilan2007$5,603 12%23.00 MPG$4,870 $3,080 $14,603 108,815 Miles
uberXSubaruLegacy2006$5,857 9%23.00 MPG$4,870 $3,080 $14,717 117,310 Miles
uberXFordFusion2007$5,797 11%23.00 MPG$4,870 $3,080 $14,754 96,706 Miles
uberXChevroletMalibu2007$5,946 9%23.00 MPG$4,870 $3,080 $14,812 96,706 Miles
uberXSuzukiGrand_Vitara2006$4,765 16%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $14,873 115,469 Miles
uberXFordCrown_Victoria2007$4,663 12%18.00 MPG$6,222 $3,080 $14,926 92,028 Miles
uberXSubaruLegacy2007$6,278 9%23.00 MPG$4,870 $3,080 $15,179 108,815 Miles
uberXHyundaiSonata2007$6,042 15%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $15,019 96,706 Miles
uberXMazdaMazda52006$5,465 16%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $15,066 117,310 Miles
uberXToyotaCamry2006$6,329 15%25.00 MPG$4,480 $3,080 $15,147 115,469 Miles
uberXHondaAccord2007$6,710 9%25.00 MPG$4,480 $3,080 $15,269 106,942 Miles
uberXDodgeCaliber2007$5,138 N/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 $15,217 96,706 Miles
uberXVolkswagenJetta2007$5,852 15%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $15,319 104,001 Miles
uberXNissanAltima2007$6,650 17%26.00 MPG$4,308 $3,080 $15,612 104,001 Miles
uberXHyundaiAzera2006$5,787 12%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $15,623 104,232 Miles
uberXChevroletImpala2006$6,487 6%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $15,643 104,232 Miles
uberXChevroletEquinox2006$5,926 6%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $15,659 104,232 Miles
uberXSubaruOutback2006$6,964 4%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $15,844 121,469 Miles
uberXMercuryGrand_Marquis2006$5,431 12%18.00 MPG$6,222 $3,080 $15,806 87,296 Miles
uberXJeepCompass2007$6,869 6%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $15,844 104,001 Miles
uberXSubaruOutback2007$7,080 4%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $15,979 112,589 Miles
uberXSuzukiGrand_Vitara2007$5,676 16%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $15,914 106,942 Miles
uberXKiaSportage2006$5,921 11%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $15,911 112,220 Miles
uberXChevroletEquinox2007$6,490 6%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $16,041 96,706 Miles
uberXChevroletImpala2007$6,831 6%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $16,040 96,706 Miles
uberXSubaruForester2006$6,919 9%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $16,086 117,310 Miles
uberXChrysler3002006$6,543 11%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $16,072 112,220 Miles
uberXAudiA42006$7,223 10%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $16,138 104,232 Miles
uberXKiaSorento2007$5,956 3%17.00 MPG$6,588 $3,080 $16,274 96,706 Miles
uberXToyotaAvalon2006$7,238 9%23.00 MPG$4,870 $3,080 $16,297 115,469 Miles
uberXBuickLucerne2006$6,665 8%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $16,328 104,232 Miles
uberXMazdaMazda52007$6,535 16%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $16,381 108,815 Miles
uberXHyundaiAzera2007$6,745 12%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $16,460 96,706 Miles
uberXLincolnTown Car2006$6,053 13%18.00 MPG$6,222 $3,080 $16,640 104,232 Miles
uberXNissanMaxima2006$6,652 16%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $16,561 121,469 Miles
uberXHyundaiTucson2007$6,281 20%N/A$5,600 $3,080 $16,663 104,001 Miles
uberXMercuryGrand_Marquis2007$6,173 12%18.00 MPG$6,222 $3,080 $16,652 81,064 Miles
uberXMercuryMariner2006$6,736 10%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $16,782 117,310 Miles
uberXChrysler3002007$7,188 11%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $16,807 104,001 Miles
uberXToyotaAvalon2007$7,780 9%23.00 MPG$4,870 $3,080 $16,833 106,942 Miles
uberXJeepPatriot2007$7,422 11%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $16,855 104,001 Miles
uberXDodgeCharger2006$7,263 11%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $16,926 112,220 Miles
uberXToyotaCamry2007$7,602 15%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $16,998 106,942 Miles
uberXHondaElement2006$7,433 9%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $17,036 112,220 Miles
uberXBuickLucerne2007$7,258 8%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $17,013 96,706 Miles
uberXSubaruForester2007$7,715 9%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $17,074 108,815 Miles
uberXAudiA42007$8,048 10%24.00 MPG$4,667 $3,080 $17,105 96,706 Miles
uberXMitsubishiEndeavor2006$6,018 15%17.00 MPG$6,588 $3,080 $17,086 112,220 Miles
uberXMazdaCX-72007$6,461 N/A19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $17,238 104,001 Miles
uberXKiaSportage2007$6,989 11%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $17,265 104,001 Miles
uberXKiaSorento2006$6,077 3%15.00 MPG$7,467 $3,080 $17,360 104,232 Miles
uberXNissanXterra2006$8,449 7%16.00 MPG$7,000 $800$17,383 12,220 Miles
uberXHyundaiSanta_Fe2006$6,404 19%18.00 MPG$6,222 $3,080 $17,355 112,220 Miles
uberXDodgeCharger2007$7,786 11%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $17,458 104,001 Miles
uberXMercuryMariner2007$7,470 10%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $17,740 108,815 Miles
uberXHondaElement2007$8,207 9%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $17,540 104,001 Miles
uberXLincolnTown Car2007$6,973 13%18.00 MPG$6,222 $3,080 $17,711 96,706 Miles
uberXToyotaRAV42006$8,536 6%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $17,741 111,672 Miles
uberXNissanMaxima2007$7,893 16%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $18,094 112,589 Miles
uberXJeepLiberty2006$7,296 10%17.00 MPG$6,588 $3,080 $18,258 104,232 Miles
uberXHondaCR-V2006$8,313 14%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $18,109 115,469 Miles
uberXNissanMurano2006$7,685 13%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $18,230 112,220 Miles
uberXMitsubishiEndeavor2007$7,064 15%17.00 MPG$6,588 $3,080 $18,274 104,001 Miles
uberXToyotaRAV42007$9,057 6%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $18,322 103,468 Miles
uberXLincolnMKZ2007$8,032 17%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $18,576 108,815 Miles
uberXVolkswagenTouareg2006$6,876 18%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $18,702 115,469 Miles
uberXJeepLiberty2007$8,081 10%17.00 MPG$6,588 $3,080 $19,174 96,706 Miles
uberXNissanMurano2007$8,472 13%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $19,079 104,001 Miles
uberXBMW3_Series2006$8,522 19%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $19,092 112,220 Miles
uberXAcuraTL2006$9,342 11%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $19,228 121,469 Miles
uberXVolkswagenJetta2014$12,219 15%28.00 MPG$4,000 $862$19,448 26,096 Miles
uberXJeepGrand_Cherokee2006$8,428 13%17.00 MPG$6,588 $3,080 $19,749 117,310 Miles
uberXHyundaiSanta_Fe2007$8,634 19%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $19,867 104,001 Miles
uberXHyundaiVeracruz2007$8,784 N/A19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $20,324 104,001 Miles
uberXNissanXterra2007$8,820 7%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $20,075 104,001 Miles
uberXVolkswagenTouareg2007$8,359 18%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $20,508 106,942 Miles
uberXAcuraTL2007$10,516 11%21.00 MPG$5,333 $3,080 $20,648 112,589 Miles
uberXDodgeNitro2007$8,720 N/A17.00 MPG$6,588 $3,080 $20,716 104,001 Miles
uberXHondaCR-V2007$10,583 14%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $20,782 106,942 Miles
uberXBMW3_Series2007$10,162 19%22.00 MPG$5,091 $3,080 $20,959 104,001 Miles
uberXJeepGrand_Cherokee2007$9,739 13%17.00 MPG$6,588 $3,080 $21,239 108,815 Miles
uberXFordEdge2007$9,817 N/A19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $21,455 104,001 Miles
uberXVolkswagenPassat2014$14,708 6%25.00 MPG$4,480 $821$21,510 25,370 Miles
uberXMitsubishiOutlander_Sport2014$14,510 11%27.00 MPG$4,148 $862$21,732 26,096 Miles
uberXToyotaPrius2014$16,593 9%50.00 MPG$2,240 $862$22,111 26,096 Miles
uberXChevroletImpala_Limited2014$14,564 9%22.00 MPG$5,091 $821$22,708 25,370 Miles
uberXChevroletMalibu2014$15,746 9%29.00 MPG$3,862 $821$22,900 25,370 Miles
uberXChrysler2002014$14,328 13%22.00 MPG$5,091 $889$23,076 26,570 Miles
uberXAcuraRDX2007$12,299 8%19.00 MPG$5,895 $3,080 $23,249 96,706 Miles
uberXDodgeAvenger2014$14,024 N/A24.00 MPG$4,667 $862$23,256 26,096 Miles
uberXFordFusion2014$15,527 11%26.00 MPG$4,308 $821$23,145 25,370 Miles
uberXHyundaiSonata2014$15,486 15%28.00 MPG$4,000 $821$23,521 25,370 Miles
uberXVolkswagenPassat2015$16,833 6%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$23,633 12,515 Miles
uberXVolkswagenJetta2015$15,296 15%26.00 MPG$4,308 $800$23,792 12,056 Miles
uberXMitsubishiOutlander_Sport2015$16,289 11%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$23,875 12,056 Miles
uberXToyotaPrius2015$18,222 9%50.00 MPG$2,240 $800$23,961 12,056 Miles
uberXNissanAltima2014$15,904 17%31.00 MPG$3,613 $862$24,104 26,096 Miles
uberXJeepPatriot2014$15,864 11%24.00 MPG$4,667 $862$24,280 26,096 Miles
uberXToyotaCamry2014$15,987 15%28.00 MPG$4,000 $864$24,245 26,116 Miles
uberXChrysler2002015$16,395 13%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$24,264 14,773 Miles
uberXHUMMERH32006$11,910 11%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $24,352 115,469 Miles
uberXChevroletImpala_Limited2015$16,024 9%22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$24,118 12,515 Miles
uberXMazdaMazda52014$15,334 16%24.00 MPG$4,667 $988$24,158 28,296 Miles
uberXJeepCompass2014$16,944 6%24.00 MPG$4,667 $862$24,494 26,096 Miles
uberXChevroletMalibu2015$17,520 9%29.00 MPG$3,862 $800$24,842 12,515 Miles
uberXDodgeJourney2014$15,987 10%21.00 MPG$5,333 $862$24,844 26,096 Miles
uberXJeepPatriot2016$18,290 2%26.00 MPG$4,308 $800$24,954 0 Miles
uberXKiaOptima2014$15,914 19%27.00 MPG$4,148 $821$24,922 25,370 Miles
uberXFordEscape2014$17,283 7%25.00 MPG$4,480 $988$25,060 28,296 Miles
uberXAudiS42006$12,142 11%15.00 MPG$7,467 $3,080 $25,124 104,232 Miles
uberXMazdaMazda62014$17,844 10%30.00 MPG$3,733 $821$25,281 25,370 Miles
uberXNissanRogue_Select2014$17,017 10%24.00 MPG$4,667 $862$25,009 26,096 Miles
uberXNissanAltima2015$17,052 17%31.00 MPG$3,613 $800$25,470 12,056 Miles
uberXHyundaiSonata2015$17,188 15%29.00 MPG$3,862 $800$25,518 12,515 Miles
uberXFordTaurus2014$17,173 9%23.00 MPG$4,870 $889$25,537 26,570 Miles
uberXFordFusion2015$17,444 11%26.00 MPG$4,308 $800$25,568 12,515 Miles
uberXJeepCompass2015$17,973 6%24.00 MPG$4,667 $800$25,652 12,056 Miles
uberXChevroletEquinox2014$18,387 6%26.00 MPG$4,308 $821$25,727 25,370 Miles
uberXSubaruLegacy2014$17,927 9%26.00 MPG$4,308 $988$25,917 28,296 Miles
uberXHUMMERH32007$13,363 11%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $26,088 106,942 Miles
uberXMazdaCX-52014$18,188 11%29.00 MPG$3,862 $988$26,116 28,296 Miles
uberXHondaAccord2014$19,008 9%30.00 MPG$3,733 $864$26,153 26,116 Miles
uberXChevroletEquinox2015$19,054 6%26.00 MPG$4,308 $800$26,520 12,515 Miles
uberXJeepPatriot2015$17,871 11%24.00 MPG$4,667 $800$26,542 12,056 Miles
uberXFordEscape2015$19,118 7%25.00 MPG$4,480 $800$26,826 13,786 Miles
uberXDodgeJourney2015$17,711 10%21.00 MPG$5,333 $800$26,858 12,056 Miles
uberXChevroletCaptiva_Sport2014$18,175 10%23.00 MPG$4,870 $821$26,898 25,370 Miles
uberXMazdaMazda62015$19,378 10%30.00 MPG$3,733 $800$27,011 12,515 Miles
uberXChevroletImpala2014$19,422 6%25.00 MPG$4,480 $821$27,043 25,370 Miles
uberXFordTaurus2015$18,670 9%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$27,159 14,773 Miles
uberXKiaOptima2015$17,654 19%27.00 MPG$4,148 $800$27,150 12,515 Miles
uberXBuickEncore2014$19,351 9%28.00 MPG$4,000 $988$27,203 28,296 Miles
uberXJeepCherokee2014$18,444 11%24.00 MPG$4,667 $995$27,193 28,426 Miles
uberXNissanRogue_Select2015$18,839 10%24.00 MPG$4,667 $800$27,388 12,056 Miles
uberXToyotaCamry2015$18,573 15%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$27,405 11,550 Miles
uberXNissanRogue2014$19,892 8%28.00 MPG$4,000 $864$27,527 26,116 Miles
uberXVolkswagenTiguan2014$17,933 15%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$27,545 21,991 Miles
uberXHondaAccord2015$20,154 9%31.00 MPG$3,613 $800$27,567 11,550 Miles
uberXSubaruLegacy2015$20,431 9%30.00 MPG$3,733 $800$28,032 13,786 Miles
uberXAudiS42007$14,394 11%15.00 MPG$7,467 $3,080 $27,744 96,706 Miles
uberXBuickRegal2014$19,357 9%24.00 MPG$4,667 $889$27,925 26,570 Miles
uberXKiaSportage2014$19,252 11%22.00 MPG$5,091 $862$28,225 26,096 Miles
uberXSubaruForester2014$20,100 9%27.00 MPG$4,148 $988$28,209 28,296 Miles
uberXToyotaRAV42014$20,911 6%25.00 MPG$4,480 $840$28,701 25,703 Miles
uberXChevroletImpala2015$20,957 6%25.00 MPG$4,480 $800$28,831 12,515 Miles
uberXMazdaCX-52016$21,897 6%35.00 MPG$3,200 $800$28,637 0 Miles
uberXFordC-Max_Hybrid2014$17,080 22%Gas - City 42/Hwy 37/Comb 40$5,600 $821$28,590 25,370 Miles
uberXMazdaCX-52015$20,521 11%29.00 MPG$3,862 $800$28,482 13,786 Miles
uberXGMCTerrain2014$21,809 2%26.00 MPG$4,308 $862$28,486 26,096 Miles
uberXSubaruLegacy2016$21,699 6%30.00 MPG$3,733 $800$28,947 0 Miles
uberXDodgeCharger2014$19,333 11%21.00 MPG$5,333 $862$29,022 26,096 Miles
uberXGMCTerrain2015$22,244 2%26.00 MPG$4,308 $800$29,053 12,056 Miles
uberXChevroletCaptiva_Sport2015$20,139 10%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$29,244 12,515 Miles
uberXMazdaMazda62016$21,297 9%29.00 MPG$3,862 $800$29,263 0 Miles
uberXBuickEncore2015$21,252 9%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$29,263 13,786 Miles
uberXNissanRogue2015$21,582 8%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$29,515 11,550 Miles
uberXHyundaiTucson2014$18,834 20%23.00 MPG$4,870 $862$29,665 26,096 Miles
uberXJeepCherokee2015$20,773 11%24.00 MPG$4,667 $800$29,696 13,259 Miles
uberXHondaAccord_Hybrid2014$24,400 3%47.00 MPG$2,383 $800$29,758 14,117 Miles
uberXToyotaPrius_v2014$20,851 N/A42.00 MPG$2,667 $864$29,853 26,116 Miles
uberXBuickRegal2015$21,308 9%24.00 MPG$4,667 $800$29,916 14,773 Miles
uberXHyundaiAzera2014$20,468 12%23.00 MPG$4,870 $821$29,939 25,370 Miles
uberXSubaruForester2015$21,861 9%27.00 MPG$4,148 $800$30,024 13,786 Miles
uberXKiaSportage2016$22,077 6%24.00 MPG$4,667 $800$30,306 0 Miles
uberXSubaruOutback2014$22,867 4%26.00 MPG$4,308 $995$30,396 28,426 Miles
uberXKiaSportage2015$20,780 11%22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$30,443 12,056 Miles
uberXKiaSorento2014$22,135 3%20.00 MPG$5,600 $821$30,673 25,370 Miles
uberXHondaAccord_Hybrid2015$25,035 3%47.00 MPG$2,383 $800$30,681 6,752 Miles
uberXChrysler3002014$21,128 11%23.00 MPG$4,870 $862$30,572 26,096 Miles
uberXHondaCR-V2014$21,018 14%25.00 MPG$4,480 $864$30,873 26,116 Miles
uberXNissanMaxima2014$20,037 16%22.00 MPG$5,091 $995$30,596 28,426 Miles
uberXHyundaiSanta_Fe Sport2014$21,238 8%21.00 MPG$5,333 $862$30,450 26,096 Miles
uberXToyotaRAV42015$22,532 6%25.00 MPG$4,480 $800$30,562 11,689 Miles
uberXSubaruForester2016$23,245 6%25.00 MPG$4,480 $800$31,433 0 Miles
uberXVolkswagenTiguan2015$21,064 15%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$31,442 11,346 Miles
uberXSubaruOutback2015$24,410 4%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$31,496 13,259 Miles
uberXVolkswagenCC2014$22,887 9%25.00 MPG$4,480 $821$31,586 25,370 Miles
uberXKiaSorento2016$24,484 1%24.00 MPG$4,667 $800$31,790 0 Miles
uberXHondaCR-V2015$22,410 14%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$31,967 11,550 Miles
uberXSubaruOutback2016$24,974 2%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$31,900 0 Miles
uberXHyundaiTucson2015$20,798 20%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$32,250 12,056 Miles
uberXNissanXterra2014$21,598 7%17.00 MPG$6,588 $862$32,126 26,096 Miles
uberXFordFusion_Energi2014$21,238 12%Gas - 38 Combined | Electric - 88 e Combined$5,600 $800$31,765 14,715 Miles
uberXKiaCadenza2014$23,691 4%22.00 MPG$5,091 $821$31,923 25,370 Miles
uberXHyundaiAzera2015$22,665 12%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$32,569 12,515 Miles
uberXHyundaiSanta_Fe Sport2015$23,013 8%21.00 MPG$5,333 $800$32,460 12,056 Miles
uberXDodgeCharger2015$22,897 11%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$32,581 12,056 Miles
uberXFordC-Max Energi2014$20,368 20%Gas - 38 Combined | Electric - 88 e Combined$5,600 $800$32,589 14,715 Miles
uberXNissanMurano2014$21,973 13%20.00 MPG$5,600 $862$32,727 26,096 Miles
uberXKiaSorento2015$24,239 3%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$32,771 12,515 Miles
uberXToyotaVenza2014$21,402 N/A23.00 MPG$4,870 $840$32,779 25,703 Miles
uberXHyundaiTucson2016$23,595 12%26.00 MPG$4,308 $800$33,071 0 Miles
uberXFordFusion2016$21,972 21%26.00 MPG$4,308 $800$33,125 0 Miles
uberXKiaCadenza2015$24,768 4%22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$33,054 12,515 Miles
uberXBMW3_Series2014$22,546 19%28.00 MPG$4,000 $862$33,069 26,096 Miles
uberXFordEdge2014$21,428 N/A22.00 MPG$5,091 $862$33,219 26,096 Miles
uberXHyundaiSanta_Fe Sport2016$24,544 6%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$33,284 0 Miles
uberXToyotaAvalon2014$24,600 9%25.00 MPG$4,480 $864$33,500 26,116 Miles
uberXDodgeJourney2016$21,890 19%21.00 MPG$5,333 $800$33,608 0 Miles
uberXFordEscape2016$23,125 17%25.00 MPG$4,480 $800$33,842 0 Miles
uberXSubaruWRX2016$26,225 1%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$33,864 0 Miles
uberXHondaCrosstour2014$22,401 N/A23.00 MPG$4,870 $864$34,063 26,116 Miles
uberXNissanXterra2015$23,690 7%17.00 MPG$6,588 $800$34,192 12,056 Miles
uberXVolkswagenCC2015$25,263 9%25.00 MPG$4,480 $800$34,331 12,515 Miles
uberXJeepCherokee2016$24,290 14%25.00 MPG$4,480 $800$34,552 0 Miles
uberXChrysler3002015$24,563 11%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$34,513 12,056 Miles
uberXFordC-Max_Hybrid2015$21,932 22%Gas - City 42/Hwy 37/Comb 40$5,600 $800$34,727 12,515 Miles
uberXChrysler2002016$22,564 27%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$34,926 0 Miles
uberXToyotaPrius_Plug-in2014$22,376 N/AGas - 50 Combined | Electric - 95 e Combined$5,600 $800$34,767 20,570 Miles
uberXFordFusion_Energi2015$24,205 12%Gas - 38 Combined | Electric - 88 e Combined$5,600 $800$35,241 6,727 Miles
uberXLincolnMKZ2014$24,523 17%26.00 MPG$4,308 $988$35,333 28,296 Miles
uberXToyotaCamry2016$23,905 22%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$35,521 0 Miles
uberXFordC-Max_Hybrid2016$25,045 12%Gas - City 42/Hwy 37/Comb 40$5,600 $800$36,081 0 Miles
uberXHyundaiSonata_Hybrid2016$26,280 N/A42.00 MPG$2,667 $800$36,714 0 Miles
uberXAudiA42014$27,086 10%24.00 MPG$4,667 $821$36,873 25,370 Miles
uberXToyotaAvalon2015$27,488 9%25.00 MPG$4,480 $800$37,034 11,550 Miles
uberXNissanMurano2015$26,563 13%24.00 MPG$4,667 $800$37,269 12,056 Miles
uberXJeepGrand_Cherokee2014$25,602 13%19.00 MPG$5,895 $988$37,465 28,296 Miles
uberXAcuraTL2014$27,056 11%23.00 MPG$4,870 $995$37,490 28,426 Miles
uberXVolkswagenTiguan2016$25,755 18%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$37,738 0 Miles
uberXHyundaiSanta_Fe2014$25,152 19%20.00 MPG$5,600 $862$38,089 26,096 Miles
uberXLincolnMKS2014$25,519 N/A22.00 MPG$5,091 $889$38,203 26,570 Miles
uberXVolvoXC602014$28,445 7%21.00 MPG$5,333 $862$38,208 26,096 Miles
uberXSubaruWRX2015$26,075 N/A24.00 MPG$4,667 $800$38,575 12,515 Miles
uberXHyundaiSanta_Fe2016$29,723 4%21.00 MPG$5,333 $800$38,981 0 Miles
uberXFordC-Max Energi2015$25,574 20%Gas - 38 Combined | Electric - 88 e Combined$5,600 $800$39,389 6,727 Miles
uberXLincolnMKZ2015$29,451 17%40.00 MPG$2,800 $800$39,617 13,786 Miles
uberXAudiA42015$29,939 10%25.00 MPG$4,480 $800$40,095 12,515 Miles
uberXVolvoXC602015$30,610 7%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$41,098 12,056 Miles
uberXBMW3_Series2015$28,903 19%28.00 MPG$4,000 $800$41,184 12,056 Miles
uberXAcuraRDX2014$30,960 8%22.00 MPG$5,091 $821$41,293 25,370 Miles
uberXJeepGrand_Cherokee2015$29,543 13%19.00 MPG$5,895 $800$41,966 13,786 Miles
uberXChevroletImpala2016$27,920 25%25.00 MPG$4,480 $800$41,998 0 Miles
uberXHyundaiSanta_Fe2015$28,500 19%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$42,129 12,056 Miles
uberXBuickRegal2016$27,990 24%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$42,200 0 Miles
uberXInfinitiQ502014$29,638 18%23.00 MPG$4,870 $862$42,491 26,096 Miles
uberXNissanMaxima2016$30,448 N/A30.00 MPG$3,733 $800$43,054 0 Miles
uberXAcuraRDX2016$34,626 3%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$43,589 0 Miles
uberXAcuraRDX2015$33,706 8%22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$44,507 12,515 Miles
uberXLincolnMKZ2016$34,136 14%40.00 MPG$2,800 $800$44,738 0 Miles
uberXVolkswagenTouareg2014$31,435 18%19.00 MPG$5,895 $864$45,964 26,116 Miles
uberXAudiA42016$34,648 14%27.00 MPG$4,148 $800$46,703 0 Miles
uberXLincolnMKC2016$32,775 N/A23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$47,134 0 Miles
uberXLincolnMKC2015$33,569 N/A22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$48,172 13,786 Miles
uberXFordC-Max Energi2016$32,645 22%Gas - Comb 38 | Electric - 88 e Combined$5,600 $800$48,353 0 Miles
uberXFordFusion_Energi2016$32,311 25%Gas - 38 Combined | Electric - 88 e Combined$5,600 $800$48,893 0 Miles
uberXInfinitiQ502015$36,038 18%23.00 MPG$4,870 $800$50,294 12,056 Miles
uberXVolvoXC602016$37,395 18%26.00 MPG$4,308 $800$51,669 0 Miles
uberXChevroletSS2014$36,111 19%17.00 MPG$6,588 $821$52,671 25,370 Miles
uberXAudiS42014$40,919 11%21.00 MPG$5,333 $821$53,950 25,370 Miles
uberXAudiS42015$43,402 11%21.00 MPG$5,333 $800$56,925 12,515 Miles
uberXChevroletSS2015$44,603 19%17.00 MPG$6,588 $800$63,240 12,515 Miles
uberXAudiS42016$49,613 13%20.00 MPG$5,600 $800$65,693 0 Miles
uberXAcuraRDX2006N/A8%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXAcuraTL2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXAcuraTL2015N/A11%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXBMW3_Series2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXBuickAnthem2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXBuickAnthem2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXBuickAnthem2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXBuickAnthem2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXBuickAnthem2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXBuickEncore2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXBuickEncore2007N/A9%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXBuickEncore2006N/A9%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXBuickLucerne2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXBuickLucerne2015N/A8%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXBuickLucerne2014N/A8%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXBuickRegal2007N/A9%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXBuickRegal2006N/A9%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXChevroletCaptiva_Sport2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXChevroletCaptiva_Sport2007N/A10%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXChevroletCaptiva_Sport2006N/A10%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXChevroletEquinox2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXChevroletHHR2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXChevroletHHR2015N/A13%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXChevroletHHR2014N/A13%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXChevroletImpala_Limited2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXChevroletImpala_Limited2007N/A9%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXChevroletImpala_Limited2006N/A9%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXChevroletMalibu2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXChevroletMalibu_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXChevroletMalibu_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXChevroletMalibu_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXChevroletMalibu_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXChevroletMalibu_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXChevroletSS2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXChevroletSS2007N/A19%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXChevroletSS2006N/A19%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXChrysler2002007N/A13%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXChrysler2002006N/A13%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXChrysler3002016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXDodgeAvenger2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXDodgeAvenger2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXDodgeAvenger2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXDodgeAvenger2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXDodgeCaliber2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXDodgeCaliber2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXDodgeCaliber2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXDodgeCaliber2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXDodgeCharger2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXDodgeJourney2007N/A10%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXDodgeJourney2006N/A10%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXDodgeNitro2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXDodgeNitro2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXDodgeNitro2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXDodgeNitro2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordC-Max Energi2007N/A20%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordC-Max Energi2006N/A20%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordC-Max_Hybrid2007N/A22%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordC-Max_Hybrid2006N/A22%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordCrown_Victoria2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXFordCrown_Victoria2015N/A12%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXFordCrown_Victoria2014N/A12%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXFordEdge2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXFordEdge2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXFordEdge2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordEscape_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXFordEscape_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXFordEscape_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXFordEscape_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordEscape_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordFusion_Energi2007N/A12%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordFusion_Energi2006N/A12%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordFusion_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXFordFusion_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXFordFusion_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXFordFusion_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordFusion_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXFordTaurus2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXGMCTerrain2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXGMCTerrain2007N/A2%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXGMCTerrain2006N/A2%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Crosstour2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Crosstour2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Crosstour2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Crosstour2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Crosstour2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Hybrid2007N/A3%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Hybrid2006N/A3%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Plug-In_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Plug-In_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Plug-In_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Plug-In_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHondaAccord_Plug-In_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHondaCrosstour2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaCrosstour2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaCrosstour2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHondaCrosstour2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHondaCR-V2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaElement2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaElement2015N/A9%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHondaElement2014N/A9%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHUMMERH32016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHUMMERH32015N/A11%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHUMMERH32014N/A11%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiAzera2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiElantra_Touring2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiElantra_Touring2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiElantra_Touring2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiElantra_Touring2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiElantra_Touring2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiSanta_Fe Sport2007N/A8%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiSanta_Fe Sport2006N/A8%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiSonata2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiSonata_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiSonata_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiSonata_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiSonata_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiVeracruz2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiVeracruz2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiVeracruz2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXHyundaiVeracruz2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXInfinitiQ502016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXInfinitiQ502007N/A18%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXInfinitiQ502006N/A18%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXJeepCherokee2007N/A11%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXJeepCherokee2006N/A11%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXJeepCompass2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXJeepCompass2006N/A6%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXJeepGrand_Cherokee2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXJeepGrand_Cherokee SRT2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXJeepGrand_Cherokee SRT2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXJeepGrand_Cherokee SRT2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXJeepGrand_Cherokee SRT2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXJeepGrand_Cherokee SRT2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXJeepLiberty2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXJeepLiberty2015N/A10%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXJeepLiberty2014N/A10%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXJeepPatriot2006N/A11%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXKiaCadenza2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXKiaCadenza2007N/A4%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXKiaCadenza2006N/A4%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXKiaOptima2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLand_RoverDiscovery Sport2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLand_RoverDiscovery Sport2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLand_RoverDiscovery Sport2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLand_RoverDiscovery Sport2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLand_RoverDiscovery Sport2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKC2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKC2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKC2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKS2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKS2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKS2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKS2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKZ2006N/A17%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKZ_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKZ_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKZ_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKZ_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLincolnMKZ_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXLincolnTown Car2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLincolnTown Car2015N/A13%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXLincolnTown Car2014N/A13%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMazdaCX-52007N/A11%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXMazdaCX-52006N/A11%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXMazdaCX-72016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMazdaCX-72015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMazdaCX-72014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMazdaCX-72006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXMazdaMazda52016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMazdaMazda52015N/A16%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMazdaTribute2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMazdaTribute2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMazdaTribute2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMazdaTribute2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXMercuryGrand_Marquis2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryGrand_Marquis2015N/A12%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryGrand_Marquis2014N/A12%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMariner2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMariner2015N/A10%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMariner2014N/A10%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMariner_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMariner_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMariner_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMariner_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMariner_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMilan2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMilan2015N/A12%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMilan2014N/A12%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMilan_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMilan_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMilan_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMilan_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXMercuryMilan_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXMitsubishiEndeavor2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMitsubishiEndeavor2015N/A15%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMitsubishiEndeavor2014N/A15%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMitsubishiGalant2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMitsubishiGalant2015N/A20%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMitsubishiGalant2014N/A20%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMitsubishiOutlander_Sport2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXMitsubishiOutlander_Sport2007N/A11%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXMitsubishiOutlander_Sport2006N/A11%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXNissanAltima2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXNissanAltima_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXNissanAltima_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXNissanAltima_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXNissanAltima_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXNissanAltima_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXNissanMaxima2015N/A16%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXNissanMurano2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXNissanRogue2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXNissanRogue2007N/A8%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXNissanRogue2006N/A8%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXNissanRogue_Select2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXNissanRogue_Select2007N/A10%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXNissanRogue_Select2006N/A10%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXNissanXterra2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXPontiacG62016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXPontiacG62015N/A9%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXPontiacG62014N/A9%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXPontiacVibe2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXPontiacVibe2015N/A10%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXPontiacVibe2014N/A10%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSaab418872016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSaab418872015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSaab418872014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSaab418872007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXSaab418872006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXSaab9-4X2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSaab9-4X2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSaab9-4X2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSaab9-4X2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXSaab9-4X2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXSubaruWRX2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSubaruWRX2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXSubaruWRX2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXSuzukiGrand_Vitara2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSuzukiGrand_Vitara2015N/A16%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSuzukiGrand_Vitara2014N/A16%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSuzukiKizashi2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSuzukiKizashi2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSuzukiKizashi2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXSuzukiKizashi2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXSuzukiKizashi2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaAvalon2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaAvalon_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaAvalon_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaAvalon_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaAvalon_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaAvalon_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaCamry_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaCamry_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaCamry_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaCamry_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaCamry_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaPrius2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaPrius_Plug-in2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaPrius_Plug-in2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaPrius_Plug-in2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaPrius_Plug-in2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaPrius_v2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaPrius_v2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaPrius_v2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaPrius_v2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaRAV42016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaRAV4_EV2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaRAV4_EV2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaRAV4_EV2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaRAV4_EV2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaRAV4_EV2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaVenza2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaVenza2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXToyotaVenza2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXToyotaVenza2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenCC2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenCC2007N/A9%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenCC2006N/A9%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenJetta2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenJetta_GLI2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenJetta_GLI2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenJetta_GLI2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenJetta_GLI2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenJetta_GLI2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenJetta_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenJetta_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenJetta_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenJetta_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenJetta_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenPassat2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenTiguan2007N/A15%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenTiguan2006N/A15%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenTouareg2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXVolkswagenTouareg2015N/A18%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/A
uberXVolvoXC602007N/A7%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A
uberXVolvoXC602006N/A7%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/A


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