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Dash Cams for Uber Drivers On Amazon


The flexibility that Uber affords drivers is probably the primary reason why it continues to attract new drivers daily. As an Uber driver, you are your own boss and get to keep all your earnings except the commission Uber requires for every completed ride. This also means you are responsible for yourself and your passengers; therefore, you have to do everything within your power to ensure your trips are hitch-free. In some instances when things are beyond your control, you can take precautions to ensure you have your back covered. Dash Cams

There are certain items every Uber driver needs. These items were designed to make driving easier and smoother. Also, they can help you get out of sticky situations when used properly. At the top of this list are dash cams. In situations where drivers are robbed, assaulted physically or involved in accidents, dash cams can help provide evidence to help you make your case with the police, Uber and your Insurance companies. In this post, we will review top dash cams for Uber drivers based on Amazon reviews.


WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS

One great thing about this cam is its 560×1080 / 2306x1296P super HD resolution which also provide a wide angle for your recordings. When you buy this dash cam, you get free 16GB microSD and it is GPS enabled. There is a time stamp and date on every recording and once the storage gets full, unprotected old videos are automatically deleted to make room for new ones. It is easy to setup and mount. With WDR/HDR technology, this camera can record at all times of the day and during any weather.

Get it now for just $124.99


Z-Edge Z3

This item boasts many features designed to record great videos while driving and even when parked. With its G sensor, the Z edge detects when the car has been hit and immediately protects your videos from damage while recording the incident as well. It comes with a 32 SD card to provide enough space for storage. The video resolution is also great at 1920 x1080p with wide angle coverage. Reviews have raved about the seller’s exceptional customer service as complaints have been resolved rapidly and faulty cams replaced with new ones. This dash cam is easy to install and each video comes with a time stamp and date.

Get this dash cam now for $99.99


Pyle Newest Technology HD 3 Camera Dash Cam 

This dash cam is pretty easy to install; just clip it on your rearview mirror and you’re good to go. It comes equipped with 3 cameras – 2 front cameras and one external camera for seeing the road ahead. This is great as you don’t have to buy multiple dash cams. Other features include HD 1080p Recording & Hi-Res Image Capture; Built-in Microphone for Audio Recording; 4 side tilting for recording best angles; time and date stamps. The reviews on this product are mostly positive with lots of recommendations.

Get this for $119.97


Hisili 3″ LCD Dash Cam

The Hisili 3 inch camera brings the phrase “big things come in small packages” to mind. It supports up to 32gb storage card; HD Video 1920*1080 resolution; loop recording that ensures old videos are automatically deleted to make room for new ones. Videos are also time stamped with dates and you have the option of removing the timestamp feature before recording.

Equipped with G sensor, this dash cam detects when the car has been hit and immediately protects your videos from damage while recording the incident as well. Users have also raved about stellar seller support so you don’t have much to worry about.

Get this dash cam for just $48



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