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More About DriveHer Rideshare For Women


Rideshare is a male-dominated industry with mostly male drivers. This is posing a concern to female riders who may not feel safe driving with a male for long hours or at night. The fact that major rideshare companies have been slammed with lawsuits due to driver misconduct is not helping matters. Companies like Uber, Lyft and many others have endured unflattering media attention shedding light on various cases where rideshare drivers have sexually harassed female riders.

In the bid to make women feel safer, companies like  are launching female-based rideshare services. These services have solely female drivers that cater to women alone. In some cases, these rideshare companies actually pick up men under certain conditions. Australia based Shebah rideshare will only pick up boys from 18years and below; while Canada’s Driveher will only pickup men who are accompanied by women. DriveHer

In this post, we will shed more light on Canada based rideshare service, DriveHer.


What to know about DriveHer


The service was founded by Aisha Addo after an uncomfortable experience with a male taxi driver. She had to place a phone call to a friend who stayed on the line with her until she arrived home. That unpleasant experience stayed with her and led to the launch of the female only rideshare service in March, 2018. DriveHer launched in Toronto and focuses on driving only women and people who identify as women.


How DriveHer works for drivers



  • Click the register button on the website
  • All drivers must be female
  • Aged 25 years and above
  • 3 years driving experience
  • Not more than 3 minor convictions and NO major convictions
  • No more than 1 AF claim in three years
  • No more than 3 claims in 6 years


To drive

  • Download the driver’s app
  • Register and upload required documents (Identification besides your license, safety certificate, insurance, proof of car ownership and others)
  • Go through a background check
  • Update your DriveHer profile

Please note that drivers keep 80% of every fare and payments are processed biweekly on Fridays.


How DriveHer works for Riders
  • Download the DriveHer app
  • Signup
  • Request a ride
  • Wait for your driver
  • Pay via your credit/debit card in-app



Update: In April 2018, DriveHer in Canada suspended its services after a data breach. The company stated that it was conducting a “maintenance check” and that it is “fixing things up”. Before this mishap, the service already had over a thousand downloads. Major companies like Facebook and Uber have had to deal with data breaches and have recovered from it. The good thing is that this vulnerability was discovered early and the company can work on improving software security.

We hope to see DriveHer bounce back soon.


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