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Electron Automotive Review: Hybrid Battery Replacement



This post is a Review of Electron Automotive. Electron Automotive is a full service repair facility specializing in hybrid and electric vehicles. For the Uber driver or really anyone that is looking to buy or repair a hybrid battery I hope this post finds you some solace.

I spoke with Chris Nosalek (the Founder of Electron Automotive) about Electron Automotive, and got some helpful information about Hybrid Battery Replacements and repairs. I was also able to do some independent research on the company.

Service Availability
Electron Automotive services all 50 states (they sell and ship to any of the 50 states in the U.S). Electron Automotive also has a Full Service Auto Repair facility in Southern California.  For international customers, you are welcome to buy from Electron Automotive; however, you would have to handle any export outside of the U.S on your own.

Types of Cars or Batteries Serviced
According to Chris, Electron Automotive services all models of Hybrid and Full Electric Cars; however, “a large majority of their battery sales are for the Toyota brands (Prius, Prius V, Prius C, Highlander, Camry, etc.) and Hondas (Civic, Accord)”.

Difference from Competition

Per my research and discussion with Chris, this is what I can say about how they differ with their competitors.

  1. Quality: Electron Automotive has a patent pending process that allows for highly optimized battery testing equipment which returns precise and accurate measurements. This testing equipment allows Electron Automotive accurately predict life expectancies of their electric batteries, and set Warranty periods they are confidently able to stand by.
  2. DIY Support: Electron Automotive (see their website), offers a number of do it yourself videos for the more handy customers who don’t mind installing their batteries themselves.
  3. Service: Per their previous customers, they provide high quality service. They even offer complimentary inspections with photos and videos in their Southern California location.
  4. ASE Certified Technicians – Electron Automotive employs a team of ASE Certified Technicians – which means their technicians are qualified to work on every mechanical, electrical component and system in a vehicle. Chris the owner also once taught at a local college, and all of his technicians were once his students.

Shipping Time
For shipped batteries, shipping takes anywhere from 3 to 5 days; however, you can pay for expedited shipping and get your batteries in 1 to 2 days.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Replacement

Electron Automotive has a wide range of pricing options: They offer 1,2,3,4 & 5 Year Warranty batteries for most hybrid battery models which allows a customer to choose the best value based on their needs and budget.

Return Policy
Electron automotive allows returns for bad batteries, with warranties (they just need diagnostic confirmation that the issue is indeed a bad battery). Per Chris their battery failure rate is about 2.75% for the low end batteries, and for the higher end batteries, they have a near 100% success rate.

The most common batteries are $1,200 on the low end to $2,200 on the high end; however, they have some cheaper batteries depending on the specific car, and hybrid battery that is being serviced or replaced.  In addition to the afore-mentioned, Electron Automotive offers bulk or volume discounts to customers who buy in bulk. Just reach out to their customer service, and they should be able to offer you a deal.

What to Expect After Purchase
Per Chris, Electric batteries typically require no service per say. Some battery models require the battery cooling fans to be cleaned every few years, and that is about it.

Per Hybrid Battery Replacement Frequency, for the average driver (that drives 10,000 miles per year), a new high end hybrid battery has a life expectancy of about 10 years. For an Uber driver however, the replacement frequency is higher – you might need to replace your battery every 3 to 4 years.  Note- the low end batteries are expected to last 2 years, for the average hybrid battery.

Warning on Cell Swapping
Also, a final word of warning, if you are considering “Cell Swapping” as a cost saving measure as opposed to replacing your Hybrid Electric Battery:  When a hybrid battery initially fails, and the deficient cell is replaced; always remember that its sister cells are about the same age as the cell that failed. Battery cells in the same hybrid battery typically have the same life expectancy, and as such cell swapping often comes with a never-ending cycle of repairs.

My Opinion
Overall Electron Automotive , offers high quality hybrid battery replacement services to their customers, at competitive prices. They also offer warranties/return policies that are also competitive. I would just advise any full time Uber driver with a hybrid car (Prius etc.)  to go for their higher end batteries, so you don’t end up having to change your battery after just a couple of months. With their higher end battery you are at least unlikely to need a battery until after 4 years, if you are a full time Uber driver doing 40,000 or more miles per year.

Special Offer/ Readers Only Coupon
For Uberkit.net readers, we were able to get a special discount code for our readers. Use the discount code “UBERKIT” to get $50 off your purchase or service order at Electron Automotive when you speak with their customer service representatives.


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