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All About Enterprise Vanpool Program


It is such a pleasurable experience when you share your ride with others. This is the kind of experience that carpool services like Enterprise Vanpool seek to provide. Since you are headed in the same direction, you can feel safe sharing a ride with coworkers. Commuters also stand to save money and time by commuting to work together every day.

Enterprise vanpool is a vanpooling service designed to cater to workers who live close to one another. Enterprise Vanpool


How does it work?

According to the website, the Enterprise Vanpool program allows a group of 4-15 coworkers who live near one another to form a vanpool. They meet at a central location every morning and board a Van or SUV provided by the Enterprise Vanpool program. The van or SUV is rented from Enterprise and commuters split the monthly rental costs between themselves.
To save commuting time, renters use the HOV lane to get to work; hence save a minute per mile.
At the close of work, they board the vehicle to their meeting point and either leave the car there or the driver takes it home. They also rotate the driving responsibilities so no one feels the strain of driving daily.

The Vanpool program has various services tailored to meet the needs of corporate organizations, Federal employers and even Transit Agencies.


Types of vehicles offered in the Enterprise Vanpool Program

All vehicles are newer models with low-mileage. They come equipped with Wi-Fi, reclining captain’s chairs, leather seating, Satellite Radio, HD radio, and GPS. Expect mini-vans, Chevy Express standard passenger vans, Ford transit vans, upgraded mini-vans, GMC Acadia Cross Over vans and many more.

Maintenance is handled by Enterprise who covers both minor and major repairs, as well as servicing.

To drive

To drive, 2 – 4 people are designated as drivers and they have to pass through a screening test after applying. According to website, all drivers must be 25 years or older (18 years or older in Michigan or New York)


To get started

Please call 800 VAN-4-WORK for specific pricing in your area. The service is available in over 45 states and 12,300 vanpools in various communities.


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