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Are you an Entrepreneur looking to get into the Uber craze? Let Us Teach You How to Start Your Uber Business

Thanks for visiting! We’re passionate about helping people take control of their lives, income, and working schedule by taking advantage of the exploding Uber Driver market!

In these blog posts, filled with our expertise and tips, we walk you through the sign up process, as well as the necessary preparation, and ongoing business management secrets to help you launch and sustain a profitable rideshare business.

Start your Uber Business

To begin, our goal is to teach you (the Uber Entrepreneur) how to start your uber business. Follow our tested methods and discover how to grow the number of UberX cars you own as an Uber Owner/Entrepreneur. This can quite literally mean extra income for you! For as many hours as you want to work, Uber can provide you access to clients from around the world!

As a world recognized powerhouse in the industry of transportation and ridesharing, Uber’s technology allows a client from any country in the world (using their app) to find your driver, and connect to local transportation offerings. The Uber app handles any needed currency conversion, and takes all the payments, simplifying your life by preventing the need for your driver to carry lots of cash, or make change for a rider (like taxis or other shared ride vans and services have to do several times throughout the day). They have designed a great service, and we’ll show you how to make it work even better for you!

When you recruit a driver to work for you, in order to approve the driver, Uber will need some basic information about them, and the car they plan to drive. This includes things like proof of your automobile insurance, car’s state registration, the driver’s licensing information, as well as some additional details.

Our UberX Driver’s Kit (which you can download instantly from the link to the left and use as a guide when completing the sign up process) saves you even more time, by providing-


       To you (the Uber Owner/Entrepreneur):

  • A validated and tested business model
  • Revenue, Profit and ROI (Return on investment) analysis
  • Entry and Exit information for the serious minded business owner
  • Estimates on the running costs of this business
  • Risks and Mitigation strategies for the vigilant business owner

To driver’s necessary information like:

  • Detailed registration steps,
  • Start-up checklists for owners and drivers,
  • Access to the lists of which cars Uber approves for various levels of service,
  • Researched list of approved automobile rideshare style insurance vendors,
  • Other businesses and agencies to contact to be sure you’re ready to accept your first ride!


Become an Uber Driver

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information, you will need Uber to complete the driver’s registration process.

Now you’re ready to sign up your driver! You can complete the registration process several ways. We recommend using the affiliate link found in our UberX Driver’s Kit. You can also have the driver(s) sign up from their smart phone, tablet, laptop, or any internet enabled device by visiting Uber’s website.

Check back here often for new tips posted every week! We also cover trending topics relevant to the success of your business as an UberX Owner/Entrepreneur, as well as cutting edge improvements on how to improve managing your business, like how to better control costs and increase your revenue. Thanks again for visiting! We look forward to hearing from you about your experience and being a part of your new growing business!



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36 thoughts on “Are you an Entrepreneur looking to get into the Uber craze? Let Us Teach You How to Start Your Uber Business”

    1. Great! Shoot us an email (inquiries@uberkit.net) if you have any specific questions that we can help with.

  1. I am wanting to build an uber business in Bairnsdale, east Gippsland ,
    Who can I speak with about the details and processes of doing so???
    My email is : tompeter*****@gmail.com

    I cannot register as a driver as my area is uncovered currently, and there are no contact numbers otherwise.

  2. hi i have been wanting to start a business ride share like Uber but have no idea what i must do to start this kind of
    company how can i learn step by step how to begin my future the right way and what is the requirement needed
    i live in San Francisco and right out my door warming up car Honda Civic or just sitting in it i have people asking me am i so and so
    here to pick them up when i say no sorry they say you should be a Uber driver, So i know its just telling to start doing what i been putting off .
    please help guide me in right direction

    thank you

  3. Dear Uber

    I sent you an Email inquiring about setting up Uber services in my country. Kindly revert soonest so we can get started.



    1. Hello Godsway
      We are uberkit.net (NOT Uber), a service for people trying to grow their uber business. we don’t offer financial assistance.

      Joseph for ubeerkit.net support.

    1. Hello Susanta,

      We have two info products that will guide you on your way to starting your Uber business as a vehicle owner.

      Uberkit.net Information products (How to grow your fleet of Uber Vehicles):
      For Entrepreneurs trying to start/grow their fleet of Uber cars we have analyzed both businesses (uberX and UberBlack), and provide information helpful, if you want start/grow your business.

      • Go here to download our kits

      o http://www.uberkit.net (uberX)
      o http://www.uberkit.net/me/uberblack.php (uber Black)

      • Then click the download button at the top right of the page, for each respective page.

      Just an FYI –

      The Uber Black service already incorporates direct management of drivers through the Uber platform. Having drivers through UberX however involves an indirect management model which we have validated at Uberkit.net.

      For other helpful & Free information on Uber, go here and visit our blog-


      Let us know if you need any more information from us, and we will be sure to provide whatever help we can.


      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

    1. Hello Nyinyioo,

      Can you please resend your question as per your comment.


      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  4. I am interested to start up my bakery business with ubereats and I am a home baker…. but don’t know the process or formalities. Plzz clear my doubts.

    1. Hello Preetilicious,

      We are uberkit.net (NOT Uber), a service for people trying to grow their uber business. You need to contact uber customer support directly for assistance, you can also visit your local uber office for more information as well.

      Uber support

      Uber global email support – help@uber.com

      Good Luck!

      Joseph for Uberkit.net Support.

    1. Hello Johnson,

      First you need to signup to became an uber drive follow this link to set up your account (www.uberkit.net/signup) after that send us an email for further assistance @inquiries@uberkit.net

      Best Regards,

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  5. Dear Uber

    Im a young lady who is interested on starting uber business in her country , i would like to inquire on how do i go about setting up Uber services in my country.
    Kindly respond soonest so we can get started.

    Kindly Regards


    1. Hello Thabile,

      I just sent you an email on how to get uber to your city.

      Best Regards,

      Joseph for uberkkit.net support.

    1. Hello Joan,

      I just sent you an email, i will be expecting your feedback.

      Best Regards,

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

    1. Hello Ramzi,

      I just sent you an email on steps to take to get uber to your country.

      Best Regards,

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  6. Hi I’m interested in uber making but in the other way round so if I don’t HV a car what should I do I HV a business proposal n I think its good

    1. Hello Itumeleng,

      I just sent you an email on how to get a car for your uber business.

      Good Luck!
      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

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