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Equipment Uber Drivers Need

 When you have a job as an Uber Driver where you actively relate with diverse people, you find that it takes more to please some people than others. For $115.40 or thereabout you can get your own car kitted up with the basic essentials for an Uber driver. Below are tools of the Uber driving trade:


The Equipment Uber Drivers Need To Optimize Their Rideshare Business


A Cell Phone Mount ($9.99)

Uber Cell Phone MountIf you don’t have this, then start thinking about getting one. Your smartphone is an important part of the job. Since it functions as  your GPS (navigation guide) and your means of accepting Uber ride requests. You need to make sure that it is positioned in an easy to reach place, so that you can free your hands for actual driving. You can get one at a cheap price here.


Car Chargers  ($8.99)

You need one for your phone since it is an important tool of the job. You have to make sure that it stays on while you are driving a passenger!Car Charger
You also need to ensure that you have a couple of car chargers for your passengers. In fact, it is advisable to have a charger for at least the most popular ones ( 
iPhone cableAndroid cable ) . There is a chance that a sizable minority of your riders would want to get their “bars up”! You don’t want to have to say NO to such requests. Also, just having this might actually help your Uber driver rating


Mileage Tracker

The most professional Uber drivers are prudent in handling their finances. Being prudent means that you have all expenses recorded. You will need this at tax time. Doing this lets you see exactly how much you are spending so you can accurately calculate your profits. It takes out all the guesstimates that you would otherwise make in coming up with your profit numbers. You’ll also have nice, neat numbers to use when itemizing deductions for taxes.  An example of an app you could use for this is Everlance. There are also apps that track your miles for you automatically, such as MileIQ  (which we have tried out and recommend).


AUX Cord  ($5.99)

It is certain that your Uber riders will not always appreciate your playlist. You will definitely make passengers have a better experience if you have an auxiliary cord to offer. Let them turn the ‘music wheel’ their preferred way. You can get one at a cheap price here .


Air Freshener  ($9.95)

Keep your car smelling fresh by investing in some sort of air freshening device. This is actually a very important one. You do not want to get dinged come rating time by a customer because the previous rider was a fisherman (See some interesting stories on uberpeople.net here).


Dash Cams  ($69.99)
Uber Dash CamThink about it: Installing a dash cam can prevent legal or deactivation issues caused by your passengers or other drivers. By recording the facts, you have an indisputable witness always with you.  However, check your specific state laws to determine its legality. You may also need to notify your passengers that recording devices are present in the vehicle even if that isn’t required by the state law.

To get An affordable Dash cam (Full HD), click here


Paper Towels/ Tissues

You are sure to find plenty of uses for a box of tissues. You never know what your passenger might need or what kind of spills your passengers might make. Either way it is good to have one.


E-Z Pass / Electronic Toll Transponder
e-z passAs an Uber driver, you can save time driving by getting the correct change for tolls or alternatively you can get an E-Z pass device. To purchase one, check with your state’s DMV (Department of motor vehicles).


Emesis bags / Vomit bags  ($10.49)

It is a proactive approach recommended for Uber drivers. keeping one of these in your vehicle can keep you from having to clean up after an unfortunate situation – especially if you plan on driving on Friday and Saturday nights . Click here to purchase on Amazon. They are pretty inexpensive.


High Quality Hybrid Batteries 

If you drive a hybrid vehicle (like the Prius) for “Ubering”, It is essential that you keep your batteries in tip top shape. This sometimes means repairing or replacing your hybrid batteries.  Consider using Electron automotive for your hybrid battery needs, if you need high quality service or high quality hybrid batteries.  Also, for our readers, we have partnered with Electron automotive to provide you a discount code of $50 off any hybrid battery purchase (use  the code “UBERKIT” when making your purchase).


In conclusion, a good driver will try not to be in control of anything else asides the wheel. It’s your car, but it’s the passengers’ ride. So try as much as possible to make sure that they enjoy it. It’s a good way to ensure that they have a good experience, and you get a  good stream of 5 star ratings.

Do you have any thoughts? We would appreciate them. Do Use the comment section.




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10 thoughts on “Equipment Uber Drivers Need”

  1. Savvy comments – I was enlightened by the analysis . Does someone know where my business could grab a fillable IRS 1099-MISC copy to fill out ?

    1. Check your Uber dashboard “https://partners.uber.com/” and click on the Tax information tab on the left, if you cant access it through there email your local Uber support.

  2. I find that it is fortunate that certain handicapped people can still drive if they have the right tools and equipment. I like the equipment mentioned on this site. The cell phone mount is a great idea.

  3. I’d recommend maybe keeping air fresheners for after a bad ride? Maybe check with passengers? Cancer + asthma + chemical fake non neutral odor = me in epic misery.

    1. I just had Uber ride and had to get out 3/4 of a mile before my destination due to the air freshener. I am still feeling sick. Yes EPIC misery

  4. I’m thinking about installing a dash cam. I have all the tools mentioned in this post except for a dash cam, guess it’s time to add one. May I also add to the list of tools/equipment a first-aid kit, sanitary wipes, gums or mints, water and an air freshener. I bet you’ll get your rating kicking 5-star if you will add all of these.

  5. My Uber /Go card Visa card is not working. I was able to send my earnings of $138.40 to card for fast cash. It said the money transfer was completed. Please help me with that.

    1. Hello Bronte,

      To Report An Issue

      Select ‘Help’ from your uber app menu and you can choose any of the options under ‘Report an Issue’, or you can go right to your ‘Last Trip’ to report an issue from your most recent trip.

      you should also send Uber support an email for assistance (help.uber.com) email link below;


      you can also visit your local uber office for assistance.


      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

    1. Hello Krisztina,

      All you need to is visit the link for the equipment you want and place your order it will be deliver to you.

      Best Regards,

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

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