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Our Favorite Uber App Features


By placing ride requests via an app, travel has never been more convenient. Rideshare apps like Uber are focused on simplifying how people ride. Uber remains at the forefront of rideshare with the largest global presence, dirt cheap prices and a plethora of services available to users. Whenever riders and drivers demand more functionality from the Uber app, Uber is always quick to respond by introducing innovative features to the app.

The Uber app comes pre-equipped with so many features designed to create the ultimate riding experience for passengers. In this post, we will review our top Uber app features. Uber App Features


Favorite Uber App Features


Schedule a Ride

Now, Uber riders in certain cities can schedule Uber ahead. This Uber advance booking option brought tremendous improvements to the Uber app. Now, you can schedule a ride up to 30 days ahead. At the start of the week or month, you can schedule all your rides ahead on your Uber app.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available in every city Uber operates in. However, with the Kommen app, you can schedule Uber in every city Uber operates in. The Kommen app is designed for busy people and does this by scheduling Uber rides ahead. Kommen will let app users schedule Uber 15minutes to 30 days in advance. You can cancel your scheduled ride up to 5 minutes after the ride is on the way to pick you up without attracting any cancellation fee.


Split the fare

This is one of our new favorite Uber app features. Now, you can split fares seamlessly from the Uber app when you are riding with friends or family. Split fares easily with up to 3 people before, during or after the trip. Swipe up after requesting a ride, tap on split fare and select the contacts from your phone book or manually enter their phone number. They will receive a receipt with their share of the fare plus a fee of 30 cents.


Save Places

Now, besides saving your home and work address saved within the Uber app, you can now save other locations like your your best friend’s place. Called “saved places” by Uber, these saved addresses can be assigned names for easy identification. To access this feature while requesting a ride, simply tap the “where to” option and then select saved places.


Add multiple drop-off locations

This feature makes it possible to in-put more than one destination while you place a ride request. This is great if you are riding with friends. The driver can pick up and drop off multiple people. You can add up to 2 extra stops as you place your ride request or during the trip. Just add a stop and save.



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