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Entrepreneurs! Contract the Best Uber Partners and Drivers for Your Uber Fleet


As the owner of an Uber car fleet, your assets are used, managed, and maintained mostly by your Uber drivers (Uber Partners, if managing an UberX fleet). For that and other reasons, it is supremely important that you select only high quality individuals as your independent contractors! Only responsible Uber Drivers will ensure that your business has longevity, the ability to grow, and that your assets (most importantly your car) are well managed.

Trust us – this short article will potentially save you the cost of repairs, costly rehiring, and even the replacement value of your car. You want these savings! Also, these tested tips will guide you away from risks and normal pitfalls found within the rideshare and transportation industries. Your reputation, assets, investments, as well as the safety of your passengers are on the line.

Uber Partner and Drivers - Hiring

Before hiring the driver as your independent contractors, assess the state of your assets they will use. Once you’ve chosen a driver, you will present them with an “Equipment Sign out form” to track the depreciation of your assets. Now, you should prepare to find great drivers to match up with your fleet!

For people who have downloaded our kit(s), we provide a checklist and other assets to help ensure contract with only the best drivers. So before you reach out to your first driver sit down and write up a list of the necessary elements that you’d need to build your team one member at a time. Your list should include things like our suggestions below, the additional tips we share with in our kit, and also any other elements which you feel are important to your riders and growing your business. Got your list ready? Let’s build you the ideal driver profile!

You need to create an actual application for each contractor, so you can retain their personal information for your review, and also perform a full and legal process of vetting them to be a driver for your fleet. Check your local, state, and federal laws regarding hiring practices if you decide to create your own application form. We provide all the necessary general hiring documents for our members which can be quickly customized for your local market.

Become an Uber Driver

We have found that some owners who are in a hurry to launch will hire someone solely based on their personal and driving information – do NOT do this. Once you have advertized for your driver, and taken all of their information on your application, the next step is to meet them in person. Only when you meet someone in person can you get a true sense of their attitude and if they seem personable enough for a daily driver position.

At your meeting, request a copy of their driver license and (if applicable) their personal insurance information. If necessary take a clear and bright photo of each with your phone; you can then print it out at your leisure. Let them know that being part of an amazing team means a full background check of both their driving and public records.

After you’ve performed a full check of their personal and driving information up to the limits of the law in your jurisdiction, you can determine whether the results are consistent with your profile of an ideal driver. Have at least one more meeting before hiring them. Before allowing them unsupervised use of your Uber fleet car, have them take you for a drive in your local market. Choose areas of the city or times of day that might be challenging for a driver like getting to the airport during rush hour, or safely navigating winding residential areas after the dinner hour when they might be taking couples back to their homes. This last meeting, a live driving test, operates as an additional result to help you make a sound decision on hiring each new driver.

Follow this process, and repeat it periodically to ensure consistent quality of service for your rider and also use of your assets. We promise you will see an improvement in your quality of driver, and enjoy cost savings across all areas of your Uber business!



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    1. Hello Mukelani,

      You need to visit your local uber office in your city to request for a driver.

      Good Luck!

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  1. hi I’m sihle sihle dube from Durban, umlazii I’m an active uber driver. ready to start ASAP with sober habit. please call/WhatsApp 065 394 9059

    1. Hello Sihle,

      You should visit your local uber office to get a vehicle from an uber partner looking for a driver.

      Good Luck!

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

    1. Hello Odebunmi,

      You need to visit your local uber office to request for a car after your driver account has been approved.

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      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

    1. Hello Pieter,

      you need to visit your local uber office for them to pair you with an uber partner who needs a driver for his/her vehicle.

      Best Regards,

      Joseph for uberkit.net support.

  2. hi, and thanks for all the information that you share. I am thinking in starting a uber fleet. 3 cars and 3 drivers per car. by any chance do you guys have a contractor agreement draft that i could use to make my own agreement? thank you for sharing information.


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