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How to Get Free Uber Rides

How to Get Free Uber Rides:  An in-depth discussion with steps, and widgets



Do you want to get a stream of free Uber rides? This blog post walks through the procedure on how to get free rides from Uber.

To get free rides from Uber, what you need to do is simple: Share your Uber referral link with friends and strangers alike. When you get a signup through that custom link, you automatically get credited with a free ride in your account, up to $15 (for US Uber customers). To Share your Uber referral link, you need to know “how to generate the referral link” and “how to put your link promotion efforts on autopilot”. We discuss the two below.

How to Generate your Uber Referral Link:

To generate your Uber referral link follow the steps below-

  1. Log in to your Uber rider account herehttps://login.uber.com/login
  2. Click “Free Rides at the left corner of your screen” :

Uber Free Rides step 1

  1. Click “Get your invite Link” below the Send Your Promo Code

Uber Free Rides step 2

  1. Now, just copy your invite link

Uber Free Rides step 3

  1. Email your invite links to your friends and post your invite link on Facebook, Twitter and other personal social media accounts.


Note – Uber does not take kindly to using Search Engine Marketing (i.e Google Adwords, or Bing advertising) for promoting your referral link. In the next section we discuss how to put your link promotion strategy in autopilot.



How To Put Your Uber Link Promotion on Autopilot

To auto-pilot your link promotion, you can embed an easy to use Uber Badge Widget in your website, blog or forum posts and profile.

By posting a small snippet of modifiable code on your forum profile (for instance) or your own blog (if you have one already) you automatically exponentially increase the exposure of your referral link”

Every time your website or unique profile is linked to, or quoted, you dramatically increase the odds of getting a free ride because people love to click images!

Now you might ask, where do I get this “Uber Badge Widget”? Fortunately for you, we have created one which we are proud of below to help with your “Uber Free Ride” promotion efforts. See the next section below.



Free Ride Referral Uber Badge

In just 2 steps, you can have a badge like the one you see above displayed in a blog, forum, or website! The steps you need to follow are listed below:


1)   Just copy the snippet of code below into any forum profile, blog or website you have access to or own and you are almost done

2)   Replace the text “YAM” with your unique Uber referral code. In our case, ours is “m3okv”

And you are done! See our sample modification below

Uber Free Rides Widget Snippet


Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions.





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