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Uber Freight: How It Works


The trucking industry in America is valued at a whooping $700 billion-a-year. As the face of the auto industry is changing, the trucking industry is experiencing a revamp of its own. The rideshare model and the autonomous driving technology are being introduced into trucking. The aim is to simplify the process of engaging trucks and also reduce the stress on truck drivers and owners. Already at the forefront of rideshare and web based transportation services, Uber is taking on freight as well with Uber Freight. uber freight

With the aim of eliminating the middleman, Uber freight links carriers with shippers. Through an app, carriers book the load they want to transport and they can see immediately how much they will be paid. To make things easier, the app is free to use. All carriers are paid within 7 days.



Who is Eligible to register on Uber Freight?

  • Only carriers with authorized carriers with MC or DOT numbers are eligible
  • Sign up on the Uber freight website and select if you are a carrier or shipper
  • Expect to be contacted by company representatives
  • You will be asked to submit a few documents to confirm that you are an authorized carrier
  • Have No Conditional or Unsatisfactory Safety Rating



You must submit the following as well:

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Bank Account Information to make your payments through direct deposits


How does it work?

  • First download the app on iphone or android then register/signup
  • Select the load you are interested in carrying
  • Book it and the app will confirm it
  • The type of freight currently available is 53’ dry van and reefer.
  • Carriers are paid within 7 days of receiving an accepted proof of delivery
  • Uber freight also pays for accessorials for loads booked via the app.



Typically, shipping companies get matched with carriers through brokerage firms and the broker takes a commission. With Uber freight, carriers have the luxury of deciding which load they want to carry at their convenience. Uber believes by eliminating the middle man, the entire matching process is cost effective for all parties involved.


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