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Hype Transport: Grab’s Competition in Philippines


With Uber’s exit from south-east Asia, the market is ripe for new entrants. The rideshare behemoth announced its departure from the region and stated that it will be selling its stake to rival, Grab. Now, Hype transport, a Philippines based service has launched its rideshare service to compete with Singapore based service, Grab.


More About Hype Transport Hype Transport

The service launched in 2018 in the Philippines to provide passengers with an alternative rideshare service. Since the exit of Uber in the country, Grab has enjoyed monopoly of the market. In a bid to promote competition and fair prices, Philippines department of transportation (LTFRB) accredited the ride-hailing service Hype to give riders more options and eliminate market monopoly.

Hype transport allows its users request rides in-app and through traditional text messaging (SMS). Also, riders can see their fares upfront and there is no surge-pricing.


Hype Transport Services

To suit unique customer needs, Hype launched 5 different services. They include:

  • HYPE Taxi – Book a local taxi through Hype Taxi
  • HYPE Pool – Share rides with other riders headed in the
  • HYPE Sedan – A ride suitable for up to 4 riders
  • HYPE AUV – A bigger option for 6 people
  • HYPE SUV – This is a premium ride option.


To request a ride

Download the app on google play

  • Register your identity and login
  • Set pick-up and destinations
  • Select preferred service
  • Request ride


Minimum Vehicle Requirements

Please bear in mind that requirements vary by city

  • Registration Number ID
  • Image of Vehicle (Front, Rear, Left Side, Right Side, Dashboard, Back Seat)
  • Car Insurance


To drive/partner with Hype Transport

See below thee requirements needed to drive or partner with Hype:

As an operator: owns a number of cars on the Hype Service

  • Government ID
  • TIN ID
  • Scanned Copy of PA (Provisional Authority)/CPC (Certificate of Public Convenience)


As a driver:

  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Professional Driver’s License
  • Medical Certificate (for 60 years old and above)



Hype’s timely launch in Philippines couldn’t have come at a better time. Customers have complained of cancelled rides and high prices since Uber’s departure from the country. Other rideshare startups like Hirna and Owto are awaiting accreditation from the country’s transport department. Hopefully with more players in the industry, riders can enjoy better services.


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