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Possible Implications Of Fingerprinting Uber Drivers


This post will shed light on the implications of fingerprinting ridesharing drivers. In an interview reported by CNN’s Heather Kelly, Uber’s CEO – Kalanick, tried as much as possible to explain why fingerprinting would be an unfair burden on Uber drivers and the sign up process as a whole. Besides the cost implication of going through the finger printing checks, the time it takes to get through the process is also a big problem.

Before this interview, Kalanick had made it clear that fingerprinting Uber drivers makes it impossible for Uber to operate smoothly in any city. You recall that this was one of the major reasons why Uber pulled out of the city of Austin.


What Kalanick ThinksUber Drivers

Trying to explain further, Kalanick stated that the other reasons for not wanting to fingerprint Uber drivers also has a lot to do with getting justice for people who have been unfairly ensnared in the U.S. criminal justice system. By using fairer background check methods, Uber gives intending drivers who have been previously arrested the chance to work as independent contractors and earn as much as they are willing to work.

Quoting Kalanick, Heather wrote in her post: “Imagine a country where people might get arrested who shouldn’t get arrested. Imagine if that country were the U.S. We have systems in place where if you’re arrested, you literally can’t get work, even if you’re found to be innocent. And it’s unjust.”

Combining the time, cost and justice factor, you see that Uber is convinced that they have sufficient reasons to stand their ground against finger printing checks. It is possible that we may never see a situation where Uber will be willing to subject drivers to such stringent measures like finger printing. However, I hope that authorities in cities like Austin and many others where fingerprinting drivers is a point of debate will try to reach a reasonable compromise with Uber and join them in ensuring that all citizens have equal rights – at least the right to earn a living.



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