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What to Know About Bykea On-demand Service


Ridesharing is gaining strides globally and not only with cars. To ensure seamless transportation, bikes, trucks, and even rickshaws are being used to simplify commute, decongest roads and reduce carbon footprints. Living in large cities usually means encountering heavy traffic and spending hours commuting.

What if there are simpler way to commute without the hassles of spending hours in traffic? What if you could zip through traffic and arrive at your destination in no time? This is the world that bikeshare services like Bykea is looking to promote.


More About Bykea Bykea

With headquarters in Pakistan, Bykea is an on-demand service that offers transportation and delivery services. The aim is to move people and parcels around target cities effectively. Bykea targets cities where bikes are more obtainable than cars. The service is the first app based service in Pakistan and users can requests bikes via the app and also have their parcels moved around.


How It Works

  • Download the app here
  • Register your identity and login (You can register with only a mobile number)
  • Set pick-up and destinations
  • Select preferred service (rideshare or parcel delivery)
  • The app connects you to a nearby rider, who picks you up from your desired location.
  • Available partners will be displayed on the map near the place
  • Request ride
  • You will receive instant confirmation with Bykea partner details.



  • Base fare – Rs.30
  • Per kilometer – Rs.4
  • Per minute – Rs.1


Become a partner with Bykea

Download the app and signify interest. Bykea will send you minimum requirements you must meet.

Bykea offers training sessions daily from 8 am to 11 am. Partners get the opportunity to earn Rs.1500 per day.



Bykea is facing stiff competition from other ridehailing services like Uber and Careem. To stand out, the company is offering other diversified services like payment, and an opportunity to list products and services on the company app.


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