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What To Know About Flywheel Rideshare


The Uber business model for operating a ridesharing business has been copied by many other budding companies. The model seems to work as evidenced by the company’s growth over the years. As much as ridesharing is convenient and affordable, local taxi companies feel like rideshare companies enjoy an unfair advantage as they are not as regulated as the traditional taxi industry.

Now, this model is being used to meet the needs of local taxi companies. Flywheel rideshare service is pooling local taxis in one place via the Flywheel app to help riders request taxis conveniently.


More About Flywheel rideshare


Based in the Bay Area, the e-hailing app is designed to cater to both riders and drivers. Riders will download the app to be able to request rides. For registered local taxi drivers, the smartphone based service will act as an operating system to help get more rides and provide a smart metering service.

Flywheel currently operates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Diego, Sacramento, and Portland. The service just launched operations in New York and will be servicing the city’s yellow taxis and giving them the opportunity to compete with the likes of Uber.


How Flywheel rideshare works for riders


To begin, follow the steps below:

  • Download the app
  • Create an account
  • Enter payment method
  • Then, request rides
  • The apps will match you with local cabs around you

The service allows you track your driver’s arrival via the app and you can check your driver’s ETA.


For Drivers


Registering with Flywheel will give drivers more riders as the app will help pool riders located around you. Drivers will also be paid quickly via Flywheel’s DirectPay system. Drive when you want and on your own schedule.


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