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What To Know About ORide Rideshare


Rideshare is becoming more popular globally and is fast becoming the preferred way to ride. The Uber business model has been adopted by various business and we have seen interesting variants of the rideshare business. Interestingly, new entrants into the industry have tried to take on Uber in various cities but Uber has proven itself to be a tough competitor to beat.

Uber has come under fire in the past for its perceived relaxed method of registering drivers. Other times, governments in various cities have expressed concerns about passenger data collected by Uber and other similar companies by citing privacy issues. Rideshare companies have opined that data collection and storage is instrumental to running a seamless online-based transport service.

Now, an Ottawa based startup called ORide has stated that it is possible to run a rideshare business and limit the amount of data collected by the rideshare company. By using a technology called “Oblivious Ride”, user travel details are encrypted and hidden from even the app developers. Only the chosen driver is privy to the rider’s travel data.


More About ORide ORide

A group of scientists from the Polytechnic Institute in Lausanne and Lausanne University came together to develop the Oride application.

With the aim of protecting user privacy, ORide launched in August 2016 and now has hundreds of registered drivers. Now, the company is seeking to expand into Thunder Bay, Sudbury.


How It Works for Riders

  • Register on the website or download the app
  • Your phone number will be requested and verified
  • Enter pickup location and destination
  • Enter credit card details
  • Then book your ride. User will be matched to the nearest driver.


Become an ORide Driver

Driver Requirements

  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Have a 4-door vehicle, SUV, Mini-Van, and others
  • Vehicle must be 2006 or newer.
  • Have a valid G driver’s license
  • Have vehicle insurance.
  • No prior criminal record.
  • Vehicle Safety Standard Certificate


To sign up visit the website here and enter the following details:

  • Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Vehicle registration
  • Your photograph
  • Void cheque to provide bank information for Direct Deposit
  • Upload photo


Please note that ORide deducts a commission of 15% on every ride. Drivers are paid every Friday weekly via direct deposit into the driver’s bank account.

To learn more, visit the website here.



It is important to protect user details from unscrupulous data harvesters and hackers. Rideshare companies can do well to ensure user data are not used for selfish gains. ORide seems to be customer-centric and we hope to see this move emulated by other rideshare companies.


Photo credit: http://www.oridetechnologies.com/


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