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What To Know About TARTA Park –N-Ride


Over the years, rideshare has taken on various forms but still with the same aim; to simplify transportation while reducing greenhouse emissions and traffic congestion in our cities. From carpooling to carshare, the solutions that rideshare proposes addresses issues that are both detrimental to the environment and also make commuting stress-full.

In this post, we will shed more light on Park-N-Ride service offered by TARTA.


What is TARTA?


Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority with the acronym TARTA, is a public transit agency tasked with transporting people in Toledo, Ohio. The transport agency transports over 3 million passengers annually while operating about 30 bus routes and servicing 9 communities. TARTA buses are equipped with bicycle racks and are all wheelchair accessible.

Now commuters/riders can access bus locations and ETAs in real time via the app and web service. The service has since grown to add 40 more buses to its fleet and plans to offer autonomous rides in 2019.


TARTA Services


To ensure that the needs of its riders are adequately met, TARTA offers various unique services and they include:

  • Call A Ride
  • UT Transit Services
  • Mobility Management
  • Muddy™ Shuttle
  • Park – N- Ride
  • Music Under the Stars
  • College & University
  • School Services


TARTA Park-N-Ride


Just like with other Park and Ride services, TARTA Park-N-Ride allows you to park your car at designated lots and join a carpooling service. “ It’s less expensive than driving your own car, and it will give you time to sit back and read the news, work on your laptop or catch up with fellow passengers” TARTA says on its website.

Parking in TARTA Park-N-Ride lots is totally free and you only pay for the ride.

Leave your cars behind and commute freely without the stress of driving.




It’s important for cities to decongest roads and embrace the use of High Occupancy Vehicles. Establishing efficient transit agencies that encourage carpooling and the use of bio-degradable fuels is an optimal way of saving the environment.



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