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What to Know About Yukon Rideshare


The rideshare industry is growing with an influx of new entrants offering services that aim to simplify traveling and also provide drivers with diversified means of earning. One major aspect of ridesharing is its impact on the lives of people. Rideshare is fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and also improving quality of living. Driving, especially in busy cities can take a toll as you have to deal with traffic and impatient drivers.

Uber, the rideshare behemoth is a pioneer in the industry and its business model has been emulated by many startup companies. Now, the Government of Yukon has partnered with the City of Whitehorse to launch “a new ride-sharing program that improves access to commuting options for city residents” called Yukon RideshareYukon Rideshare


More about Yukon Rideshare

The goal is to provide affordable and convenient transport solutions to riders all over the world. Also, Yukon is committed to introducing more environment-friendly modes of commuting and meeting its greenhouse gas emission targets,” said the Yukon’s Minister of Environment Wade Istchenko. The service was established in 2016 as a carpool platform that connects members of a community, allowing them to commute together. Users who share the same schedules are matched with each other using their departure and destination locations.


How to use Yukon Rideshare

All users must be resident in Yukon and aged 19 years and above. The Yukon Carpool website is free to use and all users must register before they are allowed to use the service.  You can also download the service apps on Google play and on the App store. Vehicle owners must have insurance coverage that covers liability up to the tune of $2,000,000.

To register, navigate to the top of the Yukon carpool website page and click on “Register” – Join now – enter email address and a password (it is recommended you use a work email so that your colleagues can easily match with you) – read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy. Once done, you will receive a confirmation email; confirm your email and you are ready to begin.


To find a ride

  • Login and create a trip: you will have to name your trip
  • Enter your location and destination.
  • Select who can see your trip
  • Schedule your trip
  • Decide your mode of travel


It is great to see city government officials, introducing simpler means of commuting which will allow for more transportation options. Are you in Yukon and looking for friendlier ways to commute, try Yukon Rideshare.


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