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7 Instances Where the Kommen App Can be A Lifesaver


In certain situations, booking uber rides with our Kommen app can be a lifesaver. Requesting an Uber on-demand is fine, but booking your rides ahead of time is even better. Certainly, there is no harm in trying to maximize your hours and this post will share 7 instances where our Kommen app can do this for you.


Business Meetings

Being tardy for an important meeting is never a good look. You cKommenan ensure your prompt arrival by simply booking your ride ahead probably with a 5 or 10 minutes allowance for any unplanned incidents.
If you have to book at the last minute, uncertainties are even more likely to occur and that might affect your travel time.



If you do not want to be late to pick up that important dinner date,  booking your ride ahead of time is one way to go. It frees you to enjoy the other activities involved in getting ready for the date and not having to worry about getting a cab or waiting for your driver.


Long/Very Busy Days

Having a busy day can make you forget you will need to get home at the end of the day. You have the option of pre-booking your ride with the Kommen app before the close of work.  Now, you can focus on the tasks at hand and then slip into a waiting ride at the end of the day with no hassles.


Tight Plan/Schedule

Having the kind of day when you have to be at several places at once? Then pre-booking your ride will not only save you time, it will also save you the stress of waiting in between trips or trying to find a cab.


Airport Rides

The ride to and from the airport just got easier with Kommen. Pre-booking your rides with Kommen helps to ensure that you plan your trip smartly. By doing so, you do not have to worry about keeping your eye on your luggage while trying to request or hail a ride.


Bad Network Coverage

While using the Uber app, it is important you have excellent network coverage. So, in a situation where you have to take an Uber and you do not have access to the internet or not enough to run the app – having a pre-booked Uber ride by using the Kommen app will ensure you do not panic or get stranded.


Low Power

Similar to the one above, you can’t always trust your battery power too. Especially towards the end of the day, there is always a possibility that your battery may have powered out. The way to proactively handle such a situation is by having your rides prebooked.



Kommen is an android app  that lets you schedule your Uber rides ahead of time for up to 30 days. This app was launched about 6 months ago and has since been used by thousands of Uber users who have expressed their satisfaction with what it offers and how it operates. The Kommen app complements the Uber app and they both work side by side to give you the ultimate ride experience. Have yourUber rides booked with Kommen and let it worry about getting you there .


To Download Kommen Click Here



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