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How Kommen Improves Uber’s Reliability


Everything is subject to change including the way we transport ourselves. Putting that in perspective, the on demand company, Uber, has not only changed the way we view mobility but has revolutionized the state of transportation in the world making it easier and more convenient to move from one place to another.  Our app, Kommen improves the convenience of Using Uber – Kommen  improves the reliability of Uber and makes using Uber more convenient for riders by allowing riders schedule a ride for later.



Uber is an on demand application, but there are downsides to it being on demand. Have you ever opened up the Uber app and seen that the wait time is fifteen minutes or maybe even more? Have you opened up the Uber app and got that annoying Surge notification when you try to book a ride? Have you got situations where a driver cancelled on you? Or maybe you have opened up the app and seen that “No drivers are available”. book an uber in advanceKommen helps overcome those inconvenient  scenarios and more. Our app can make you book an Uber in advance.  With Kommen, we call your Uber ride with enough time, so that your ride gets to your pickup location at your scheduled time.  With Kommen, we never book a ride that is surging: our algorithm waits till surges end, before booking a ride.  We also monitor the Uber network and book a ride as soon as a driver is available. If you stay in one of those locations where Uber driver availability is spotty – I am sure this is something that is useful.  If your driver also cancels on you before your scheduled time, we book another ride for you, if one is available.



Some of the evident benefits are listed below:



Do you like to knock things off your to do list? The Komen mobile app, allows users schedule uber rides up to 30 days in advance. It also allows its users schedule up to 5 rides in advance. You also get a buzz on your mobile device when we book your ride.

With Kommen, you finally get to work and rideshare smart. Never miss an appointment, meeting or run late for a date because “you got caught up”. Why don’t you let us bear all your dates and appointments in our digital mind and send you your Uber driver just when you need him/her? Kommen is the perfect upgrade to the way you Uber, just for you.



Another benefit is the simplicity of using the app. It is very easy and simple to use. 

In just 3 easy steps you can book an Uber in advance

  1. Log in with your Uber Passenger Account to Kommen

You only need to log in once. You also only need to provide us permissions to request Uber rides on your behalf (once), and that is it.

  1. Select your Pickup Date and Time

Let us know when you want your Uber, and we will request your Uber in enough time for you to make your trip on schedule.

  1. Select your Pickup Addressbook an Uber in advance

Let us know where you want your Uber to get you, and we will send your Uber there.

Wait for your Uber

We will notify you when your Uber is arriving.



Our app is available only on the Android platform for now, but soon our app will be available on the IOS and windows platform also. You can get notified when we will be on IOS here: www.trykommen.com/



If you are wondering about other instances where Kommen proves valuable, here is a list of some:

  •        If you use Kommen to book an Uber in advance, it doesn’t matter if you are caught without access to a phone network (For example if you are in the subway)
  •        If you are an Uber rider who flies regularly. Scheduling your Uber ride in advance takes one less off your to do list before your flight.
  •        If your pickup location has high wait times for Uber, well it doesn’t matter because we book your ride at the right moment – which ensures you get your ride at the right time.
  •        If you are an Uber rider who schedule rides for others, well why don’t you do that in advance and forget about it with Kommen?
  •        If you are an Uber rider who regularly run out of Battery power, why don’t you just schedule your ride before your phone dies?
  •        If you just have a weekly destination/appointment, just schedule a regular weekly ride with Kommen.


To download Kommen go here: www.trykommen.com



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