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Mobile Travel Apps For World Travelers


Travelling the world is not an easy feat. The process requires months of preparation and even research. There are a ton of factors to take into consideration when embarking on a trip around the world. The best time to travel is one of these factors as it will influence a host of other decisions. Figuring out your budget is also critical to taking a trip around the world.

You will also need to find the best deals, secure accommodation, book tours and events and perhaps also book trains and buses to connecting cities. You need as much help as you can get to help you accomplish this feat. With a mobile phone at your finger tips, you can have access to various sources of help in form of Mobile travel apps at little or no cost. Mobile Travel Apps

With each passing day, a new app is developed and introduced. There is literally an app for everything- food delivery apps, transport apps, call apps and travel apps. Mobile travel apps can help world travelers navigate through different cities by providing real time information on weather, accommodation costs, flight tickets and so much more.

In this post, we will review top mobile travel apps for world travelers.


Mobile Travel Apps For World Travelers


  1. TripIt


This is the ultimate mobile travel app that pools your travel itinerary in one spot.  Download the app then proceed to forward all your travel confirmations, receipts, hotel bookings and details to TripIt for record keeping. You can also grant the app access to your emails and let it do the rest.

To download TripIt, go here.




  1. Kommen


The Kommen app is an android based app that also helps you request Uber rides without logging into the Uber app. This app acts a reliable companion in cities where the Schedule Uber function is not operational. Also, you can pre-schedule Uber rides with Kommen for up to 30 days ahead. This way, you can keep up with your travel itinerary. Also with this app, you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your luggage once you land in the airport as your pre-scheduled Uber ride will be waiting for you before you land at the airport.


  1. Google Flights


This app is a must have for travelers. It provides you with the best airfare compared across different airlines. You can also book flights from over 300 airlines all from one app. You can also use the app to track cheap rates; it allows you to know when tickets prices are cheap.



  1. WeatherPRO


This weather app is available on both Android and iOS. The WeatherPRO app is very detailed and provides thorough weather information like beach weather, water temperatures and even UV index. Get WeatherPRO here.



  1. Google Translate


Feel less isolated with Google translate. It is a practical app that helps you translate words to help you get by daily in a new city. You can either type in the word; use the speaking option; or you can hold your camera up to a text and Google will translate it for you immediately.



  1. Airbnb


Looking for a home away from home and a convenient accommodation? This app will help you get situated if you do not like hotels. You can book rooms or an entire apartment through the Airbnb app and also verify your choice by reading up on customer reviews.


  1. Guides by Lonely planet


Sometimes, you want to read reviews and tips from someone who has definitely been to the city you want to visit. Helpful tips to guide you navigate a city is what lonely planet offers. Get lonely planet digital guides before you begin your trip around the world.


  1. Google Maps


The voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS navigation feature is just one of the reasons why Google maps is a recommended app for travelers. Navigating unfamiliar terrains can be stressful so be sure to use Google maps while exploring the city. You can even save maps for offline use to help you save data.



  1. Kindle


If reading is your favorite past time then you should get a kindle. Hauling around hard covers can be quite a load so why not get an app that can grant you access to quite a number of reading materials to keep you occupied for your entire trip. Get your kindle app here.


  1. Hopper


Get amazing deals using Hooper. With Hooper, you can save tons on your flight ticket. If you book your flight on time, you enjoy amazing discounts.





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