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More Details About UberTAXI


Uber as a ridesharing platform allows registered drivers on the platform connect with riders in a seamless on-demand fashion. Riders place ride requests via the Uber mobile app and are then connected with nearby Uber drivers. As a company, Uber is valued at $80b and remains an unrivaled player in the ridesharing industry by strategically dethroning traditional methods of transportation such as Taxis. With its already exisiting plethora of services, Uber continues to develop innovative products like the UberTAXI, designed to satisfy various customer needs.


What Is UberTAXI?ubertaxi

UberTaxi lets riders request for licensed taxi cabs (i.e., regular taxi cabs; yellow cabs; and black cabs) via the Uber mobile app. Riders are picked up by regular metered taxis instead of private cars. However, this service is entirely cashless and customers book for rides and pay for same rides directly through Uber’s smartphone app.

UberTaxi drivers drive regular metered cabs. However, they must be registered on Uber’s system.

UberTAXI is available in Boston, Honolulu, New York City, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. This service is now spreading to other cities outside the U.S like London and Berlin.

With UberTAXI, you pay a $1–$2 booking fee, the standard taxi rate, and a 20% gratuity. You pay for your ride with the Uber app, so you won’t have to hand cash or a credit card to your taxi driver.


How The Service Works

  • You can hail a licensed taxicab in the same way that you would request an Uber
  • You pay a $1–$2 booking fee
  • You pay the normal metered taxicab rate
  • You pay a 20% gratuity
  • All payments are handled by the Uber app


Differences Between UberX, UberBLACK and UberTAXI

In most cities, an UberX, XL, or Black car is cheaper, more convenient, and an overall better experience than any city cab. ubertaxiBut there are a few situations when UberTAXI is the smarter choice, or the only other choice if you want to use Uber.

  • Rides to and from the airport: Most airports heavily restrict the UberX service but the UberTaxi provides you with licensed Taxis that are allowed almost anywhere.
  • Rides in a city that limits or prohibits UberX: Some cities limit the number of UberX cars on the road or outrightly ban the service, while still allowing UberTaxi which favors .
  • During Surge Pricing: This is a great advantage. During peak hours, Uber users can exempt themselves from the gouging prices by hailing an UberTAXI instead of other Uber services


UberX is the most basic private car service that Uber has to offer, and it’s also Uber’s lowest-cost option. Uber X is very affordable, and is generally much cheaper than a traditional yellow cab.

A regular UberBLACK or a “Black Car” is Uber’s most luxurious service, driven by professional drivers. Typical cars in this service include Lincoln, Cadillac or Mercedes town car that seats up to five passengers.

In contrast, UberTAXI is exactly what it sounds like: real, live, licensed taxi cabs. The problem here is that in most jurisdictions including NYC, taxis are subject to very strict licensing, operating, franchise and fare regulations that are quite different from For-Hire Vehicles. This is structurally the antithesis of the Uber post-modern philosophy of a free-wheeling, free-market, tech- and algorithm-based society. However, if the need arises, users can opt for the UberTAXI.



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