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All You Need To Know About Summon Rideshare


Uber is facing stiff competition from numerous rideshare start-ups hoping to become the next Uber. Uber disrupted the transportation industry bringing with it a more convenient way to ride that is both affordable and seamless to use. The Uber business model for operating a rideshare business has been copied by many other budding companies. The model seems to work as evidenced by the company’s growth over the years. Uber offers both on-demand and scheduled ride services to Uber users.

Now, a  service called Summon rideshare is offering scheduled rides using personal cars or local taxis to its passengers. Summon Rideshare


What Is Summon Rideshare?

Like most TNCs (Transportation Network Company), Summon allows users request scheduled rides online or via their mobile devices. To use Summon, you have to download the app on your smart phone and register or register online via the company website. Previously named Instant cab, the company was founded in 2012 by Aarjav Trivedi after he missed an international flight while waiting for reliable transportation to take him to the airport. With headquarters in San Francisco, California, U.S, the company also operates in Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Redwood City, Foster City and San Mateo.


How to use Summon Rideshare


For Riders

It’s quite simple. On your mobile phone, download the app and register. You will be asked for your details and registration is instant. Once approved, sign-in and request either a private ride or a local taxi. With a flat fore of $12.50 for 20 minutes, fares are in no danger of surging. The company has a policy of no surge pricing.

You can cancel your requested ride for free up to 30 minutes before pick-up. You can also use Summon for your airport pick-ups and drop-offs.


For Drivers

Personal drivers

You stand the chance of earning up to $35p/h. You also get a no show payment (when a rider cancels) of $5 for making an attempt. To sign up as a Summon personal driver, visit this page and follow the instructions. You will be asked for some personal details like your phone number and driver license details. Once it’s completed, you will be contacted for a follow-up session and training.


For Taxi Drivers

The process is almost the same and you will be asked to submit your taxi permit number and driver license number. You will still need to undergo some training before you can use the service. Drivers are paid via bank deposits every 24 hours.



Just like most rideshare start-ups, it is apparent that Summon is not seeking to engage in fierce rivalry with rideshare giant, Uber. The market is big enough for everyone and one company can’t service everyone. Also, the entrant of new players into the industry is great for all players. Riders get to enjoy fair rates induced by competition; while healthy rivalry is great for service providers as it keeps them on their toes.



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