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Other Ways to Make Money as an Uber Driver




An Uber driver has one of two primary motivations: Make money, or meet people. Uber drivers have an average per-trip rate that ranges anywhere from about $10-$15 depending on where you drive. One problem driver’s have (depending on your market) is the lack of a constant stream of rides (passengers). This blog post will provide you examples of ways to earn extra money as an Uber driver.



1: Lease Out Your Car

For Uber drivers who have a day job or have free blocks of time, you should consider leasing/renting your car out. Renting your car out when you are not using it is another way to make extra money. For example, FlightCar.com lets you park at the airport for free,
and rents your car out to people arriving at the airport. Turo is also a good option. With Turo you can meet your renter at your place, the airport or another mutually agreed place. Turo’s fare estimator predicts that you’d earn $3,466 for renting out a $14,000 car for 10 days in a month.


2: Have Your Car Featured in a Movie

It might seem like a funny thing to suggest, when you are talking about making money. You still don’t think I am serious? Someone got paid $1,000 just to park a Ferrari on set. Do I have your attention now? Good.  An example of such a firm to contact is Movie
Time Cars
for those in New Jersey or movievehicles.com in Southern California. This option might be better for those with high-end vehicles since the amount you make depends on the value of your car.


3: You Might Want to Try In-car Advertising

Don’t say I told you so, but you might get to make a lot from rideshare advertising. Uber has come out to say that they will NOT ADVISE drivers to do this but they also added that there won’t be any deactivation on that ground. There are options like Vugo.  



4: Become a ‘looker’

I know the title is confusing, so I will explain it. There is a company called Wegolook. What they do is hire independent contractors, mainly Uber and other rideshare drivers to become inspectors who help their customers conduct 3rd party inspections or meetings with their customers .  (We are currently doing a case study with them, and hopefully we have some results to share with you soon!)

Tell us what you think, and your experience with the various alternative ways to supplement your independent contractor rideshare driver income! We would love to hear from you.


Become an Uber Driver

5: Uber Driver Referral

Through Uber Driver Referral’s you can make sometimes up to $300 for referring new drivers to the Uber platform. “But how do you get people to sign up?” you may ask. There are ways to maximize the Uber Driver referral opportunity and we will be taking you through a few:


Start a Small Blog of Your Own: Many drivers have created blogs and simply upload stories revolving around their daily experiences as an Uber driver. A few of them have used this to create a community of readers and converted a good proportion of these readers into Uber drivers who use their referral code to sign up. Also, WinWar allows you to build a custom Uber ‘signup’ button on your site (this is an easy an interesting way to get even more Uber Driver signup conversions, that will lead to more referrals). Note -In addition to the Uber affiliate program, a number of other affiliate programs also exist online which you can sign up for. See below for a list of affiliate marketplaces to search:

  1. bestaffiliateprogramreviews.com/
  2. becomeanaffiliate.com


One-on-One Conversations: What better way to refer people than by telling them how much you make, and how easy it is to become an uber driver. Consider printing out business cards with a custom signup link that you can share, if your prospect looks interested in becoming an Uber driver.


-by Ola John.


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  1. Thanks so much for this opportunity. Please i don’t want to be a driver but, i want to make money from it by bringing drivers into it.

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