All About UberEATS Kenya, Africa


In our previous posts, we have discussed how Uber moved from just providing ride requests to offering food delivery services. This foray into the gig industry provides Uber drivers with the opportunity to earn more while already on the road. UberEATS is also open to non-Uber drivers. The service started up in several areas in the U.S including San Francisco, Washington, L.A, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta. The service has since spread all the over the country and even outside the U.S to other continents like UberEATS in Tokyo, SA, London and now UberEATS Kenya.


UberEATS Kenya, Africa


Alon Lits- General Manager of Uber in Sub-Saharan Africa shared the goals behind the company’s expansion in Africa. He revealed that Uber is not only committed to providing alternative means of transport for Africans but also empowering willing drivers. It is equally important to note that unemployment is a big problem in most African countries.

In September 2016, UberEATS, launched in Johannesburg South-Africa. The service has since spread to Capetown, Bedfordview and Jozi CBD, Pretoria in South Africa. UberEATS South Africa users get to request their favorite meals from local restaurants that have partnered with the food delivery service.

Now, Uber has finally launched UberEATS Kenya. Kenya is the 2nd African country where Uber is operating and the 4th city in Africa. Just like in South Africa, users in Kenya can request meals from UberEATS’ restaurant partners. The meal will be delivered immediately or at a requested time. Users will also select in-app whether they want the meal delivered to a particular location or if they will meet the driver at the car.

To find the over 100 participating restaurants in the UberEATS app, navigate to the tab that says “popular near you” and select your preferred restaurant.  Users will be charged a Sh150 delivery fee.


Deliver for UberEATS Kenya

See below the requirements for delivering with UberEATS Kenya.


For existing Uber drivers

If you are already an Uber driver or partner, visit the accounts section of the Uber driver app and accept the delivery terms. This will allow you start accepting delivery requests for UberEATS.

For new drivers

According to UberEATS Kenya, see below the requirements for delivering with the service:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Any make or model motorbike
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Valid National ID
  • Vehicle Registration (Log Book) or “Permission to Use” document
  • Third Party / Comprehensive Insurance must be valid

After submitting the required documents, you will have to go through a screening before you can start driving.



Uber has spread to other cities like London and Tokyo. The ride-share company initiated a gradual rollout across Japan—a country where its main ride-hailing business is barred. Uber’s inability to keep up with local laws mandating that Uber drivers have taxi licenses prompted a ban on Uber’s services in Tokyo. It is great to see how the UberEATS service is empowering willing drivers and also providing existing drivers with new means of earning while on the go.


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Our Favorite Uber App Features


By placing ride requests via an app, travel has never been more convenient. Rideshare apps like Uber are focused on simplifying how people ride. Uber remains at the forefront of rideshare with the largest global presence, dirt cheap prices and a plethora of services available to users. Whenever riders and drivers demand more functionality from the Uber app, Uber is always quick to respond by introducing innovative features to the app.

The Uber app comes pre-equipped with so many features designed to create the ultimate riding experience for passengers. In this post, we will review our top Uber app features. Uber App Features


Favorite Uber App Features


Schedule a Ride

Now, Uber riders in certain cities can schedule Uber ahead. This Uber advance booking option brought tremendous improvements to the Uber app. Now, you can schedule a ride up to 30 days ahead. At the start of the week or month, you can schedule all your rides ahead on your Uber app.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available in every city Uber operates in. However, with the Kommen app, you can schedule Uber in every city Uber operates in. The Kommen app is designed for busy people and does this by scheduling Uber rides ahead. Kommen will let app users schedule Uber 15minutes to 30 days in advance. You can cancel your scheduled ride up to 5 minutes after the ride is on the way to pick you up without attracting any cancellation fee.


Split the fare

This is one of our new favorite Uber app features. Now, you can split fares seamlessly from the Uber app when you are riding with friends or family. Split fares easily with up to 3 people before, during or after the trip. Swipe up after requesting a ride, tap on split fare and select the contacts from your phone book or manually enter their phone number. They will receive a receipt with their share of the fare plus a fee of 30 cents.


Save Places

Now, besides saving your home and work address saved within the Uber app, you can now save other locations like your your best friend’s place. Called “saved places” by Uber, these saved addresses can be assigned names for easy identification. To access this feature while requesting a ride, simply tap the “where to” option and then select saved places.


Add multiple drop-off locations

This feature makes it possible to in-put more than one destination while you place a ride request. This is great if you are riding with friends. The driver can pick up and drop off multiple people. You can add up to 2 extra stops as you place your ride request or during the trip. Just add a stop and save.



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Uber Markets: Tips for Driving in a Mid-size Market


Driving with Uber is a great way to make flexible income. You dictate your own hours, choose the Uber service that bests suits you, and earn money on the go. In whatever Uber city you choose to operate in, you can be successful. Many argue that driving in a small – midsize market is not profitable for many reasons that range from stiff competition with other Uber drivers to less ride requests. You should know that these challenges are not peculiar to small or mid-size markets. Large Uber markets also face these challenges.

As an Uber driver, driving in mid-sized Uber markets come with their own share of challenges but this doesn’t mean you can’t be successful. In this post, we will review tips to help you be successful in a midsize market.


Tips for driving in mid-sized Uber Markets


Take on other driving gigs

This tip is crucial. During lulls while working, you can switch to doing fast deliveries for restaurants or even delivery companies. Ubereats is a great example. You can also sign up to deliver for Amazon Flex, Postmate and Grubhub. These are great avenues to also earn money on the go. Uber Markets


Learn about your city and routes

It is expected that as an Uber driver, you should have great knowledge of the routes in your city without relying a great deal on maps. This knowledge is a must-have for every Uber driver. This way, you do not spend valuable time in traffic when you should be accepting and undertaking other ride requests. Take the time to learn about alleyways and shortcuts around busy areas. This way, even if you get into traffic, you know how to get out of it fast.


Research big events dates

You do not want to miss out on these events as they are prime money making days. Learn the dates for big concerts and events at the stadiums, huge conferences and sync your calendar with these dates. During these events, you can make multiple drop offs and earn good money. Church days are also great days for making money. Find the big churches in your city and always position yourself to pick up congregants at the end of the church service. Universities and business districts are also prime spots to find passengers who require your service.


Be strategic about your hours

It will be unwise to spend all your time on the road even during slow days. You will end up burning your fuel and putting your vehicle through stress. This will only help you incur unwanted expenses. If driving for Uber is a part time gig for you, then you should maximize your hours. Learn the best days to earn money. For some cities it could be the weekend; while for some others it could be the morning or evening of weekdays. Find out the best days to earn money and stick to it.


Above all, keep track of your earnings and expenses

As an Uber driver, you will have to bear the cost of car related expenses like fuel, car maintenance, insurance costs, car depreciation, and other maintenance related expenses. This is why you have to track your earnings and expenses. This way, you get to know if your daily hours are worth it compared to your expenses. You will also have to decide if to work more hours or not. Learn how to cut your expenses as well so you don’t spend all your earnings on driving related expenses.



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What To Know About Curb Rideshare


Driving, especially in busy cities can take a toll as you have to deal with traffic and impatient drivers. Rideshare services are becoming the preferred way to travel. The rideshare industry is growing with an influx of new entrants offering services that aim to simplify traveling and also provide drivers with diversified means of earning. One major aspect of ridesharing is its impact on the lives of people. Rideshare is fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and also improving quality of living.

Now, the rideshare model is being channeled into the local taxi industry to help people request for local taxis via an app. Curb rideshare, a mobile app connects users directly to thousands of taxis in over 60 cities in the U.S including New York, Chicago, and Miami. Previously known as Taxi Magic, Curb is an on-demand service that allows you hail existing licensed traditional taxi via the Curb app. Users can also hail professional car hire services via the Curb app.  Taxi fleet owners are supplied with data detailing the whereabouts of their fleet and how many trips their taxis have undertaken. Curb Rideshare

This is a welcome development as local taxi drivers believe that rideshare services like Uber enjoy unfair advantages in various markets. Services like Uber and Lyft do not go through the regulations that local taxis undergo. Also, rideshare services are mobile app based allowing for easy hailing and convenience.


How Does Curb Rideshare work?

According to the Curb website, “local partners (taxi companies and private for hire cars) set the fares, so prices will vary depending on location. Curb does add a $2 fee to each ride for using their app.” Users will have to download the app to request local taxis. If you hail cabs physically, you will have to download the app inside the cab and input the code on the backseat screen of the taxi to pay for the ride electronically. Users can pay for rides using either cash or credit cards. Just like Uber, users can also book a ride in advance. However, Curb implements a “no surge pricing policy”.

Founded in 2007, the Curb app boasts over 50,000 taxis with 90 fleets and millions of users all over America.


Different Curb Rideshare Services

Professional Car Hire services


This service offers rides in a standard car that can seat up to 4 people. Riders should expect to be picked up in vehicles like W Passat, Nissan Teena, Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord


6 Passenger Van

This is a great for group travel to convey a party 6 people. Riders should expect to be picked up in vehicles like a Buick GL8.



This is a luxury option that offers rides in high-end sedans like an Audi A6L, BMW 5-series, or a Mercedes-benz E class. Premium fares are slightly higher than other services.



This is the cheapest option and only available in few cities


Local Taxis

Users can request local yellow taxis in their city via the Curb app.

Curb Share

This allows you share rides with other people. It is just like the Uberpool service.



The goal is to provide affordable and convenient transport solutions to riders all over the world. With the influx of new rideshare services, riders enjoy the merits of fair competition in the market place; lower fares and many options to choose from. Curb  is providing local yellow taxis a fair chance in the transport industry. Now, they can be hailed in-app as well as physically.


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All You Need To Know About Summon Rideshare


Uber is facing stiff competition from numerous rideshare start-ups hoping to become the next Uber. Uber disrupted the transportation industry bringing with it a more convenient way to ride that is both affordable and seamless to use. The Uber business model for operating a rideshare business has been copied by many other budding companies. The model seems to work as evidenced by the company’s growth over the years. Uber offers both on-demand and scheduled ride services to Uber users.

Now, a  service called Summon rideshare is offering scheduled rides using personal cars or local taxis to its passengers. Summon Rideshare


What Is Summon Rideshare?

Like most TNCs (Transportation Network Company), Summon allows users request scheduled rides online or via their mobile devices. To use Summon, you have to download the app on your smart phone and register or register online via the company website. Previously named Instant cab, the company was founded in 2012 by Aarjav Trivedi after he missed an international flight while waiting for reliable transportation to take him to the airport. With headquarters in San Francisco, California, U.S, the company also operates in Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Redwood City, Foster City and San Mateo.


How to use Summon Rideshare


For Riders

It’s quite simple. On your mobile phone, download the app and register. You will be asked for your details and registration is instant. Once approved, sign-in and request either a private ride or a local taxi. With a flat fore of $12.50 for 20 minutes, fares are in no danger of surging. The company has a policy of no surge pricing.

You can cancel your requested ride for free up to 30 minutes before pick-up. You can also use Summon for your airport pick-ups and drop-offs.


For Drivers

Personal drivers

You stand the chance of earning up to $35p/h. You also get a no show payment (when a rider cancels) of $5 for making an attempt. To sign up as a Summon personal driver, visit this page and follow the instructions. You will be asked for some personal details like your phone number and driver license details. Once it’s completed, you will be contacted for a follow-up session and training.


For Taxi Drivers

The process is almost the same and you will be asked to submit your taxi permit number and driver license number. You will still need to undergo some training before you can use the service. Drivers are paid via bank deposits every 24 hours.



Just like most rideshare start-ups, it is apparent that Summon is not seeking to engage in fierce rivalry with rideshare giant, Uber. The market is big enough for everyone and one company can’t service everyone. Also, the entrant of new players into the industry is great for all players. Riders get to enjoy fair rates induced by competition; while healthy rivalry is great for service providers as it keeps them on their toes.



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Electron Automotive Review: Hybrid Battery Replacement



This post is a Review of Electron Automotive. Electron Automotive is a full service repair facility specializing in hybrid and electric vehicles. For the Uber driver or really anyone that is looking to buy or repair a hybrid battery I hope this post finds you some solace.

I spoke with Chris Nosalek (the Founder of Electron Automotive) about Electron Automotive, and got some helpful information about Hybrid Battery Replacements and repairs. I was also able to do some independent research on the company.

Service Availability
Electron Automotive services all 50 states (they sell and ship to any of the 50 states in the U.S). Electron Automotive also has a Full Service Auto Repair facility in Southern California.  For international customers, you are welcome to buy from Electron Automotive; however, you would have to handle any export outside of the U.S on your own.

Types of Cars or Batteries Serviced
According to Chris, Electron Automotive services all models of Hybrid and Full Electric Cars; however, “a large majority of their battery sales are for the Toyota brands (Prius, Prius V, Prius C, Highlander, Camry, etc.) and Hondas (Civic, Accord)”.

Difference from Competition

Per my research and discussion with Chris, this is what I can say about how they differ with their competitors.

  1. Quality: Electron Automotive has a patent pending process that allows for highly optimized battery testing equipment which returns precise and accurate measurements. This testing equipment allows Electron Automotive accurately predict life expectancies of their electric batteries, and set Warranty periods they are confidently able to stand by.
  2. DIY Support: Electron Automotive (see their website), offers a number of do it yourself videos for the more handy customers who don’t mind installing their batteries themselves.
  3. Service: Per their previous customers, they provide high quality service. They even offer complimentary inspections with photos and videos in their Southern California location.
  4. ASE Certified Technicians – Electron Automotive employs a team of ASE Certified Technicians – which means their technicians are qualified to work on every mechanical, electrical component and system in a vehicle. Chris the owner also once taught at a local college, and all of his technicians were once his students.

Shipping Time
For shipped batteries, shipping takes anywhere from 3 to 5 days; however, you can pay for expedited shipping and get your batteries in 1 to 2 days.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Replacement

Electron Automotive has a wide range of pricing options: They offer 1,2,3,4 & 5 Year Warranty batteries for most hybrid battery models which allows a customer to choose the best value based on their needs and budget.

Return Policy
Electron automotive allows returns for bad batteries, with warranties (they just need diagnostic confirmation that the issue is indeed a bad battery). Per Chris their battery failure rate is about 2.75% for the low end batteries, and for the higher end batteries, they have a near 100% success rate.

The most common batteries are $1,200 on the low end to $2,200 on the high end; however, they have some cheaper batteries depending on the specific car, and hybrid battery that is being serviced or replaced.  In addition to the afore-mentioned, Electron Automotive offers bulk or volume discounts to customers who buy in bulk. Just reach out to their customer service, and they should be able to offer you a deal.

What to Expect After Purchase
Per Chris, Electric batteries typically require no service per say. Some battery models require the battery cooling fans to be cleaned every few years, and that is about it.

Per Hybrid Battery Replacement Frequency, for the average driver (that drives 10,000 miles per year), a new high end hybrid battery has a life expectancy of about 10 years. For an Uber driver however, the replacement frequency is higher – you might need to replace your battery every 3 to 4 years.  Note- the low end batteries are expected to last 2 years, for the average hybrid battery.

Warning on Cell Swapping
Also, a final word of warning, if you are considering “Cell Swapping” as a cost saving measure as opposed to replacing your Hybrid Electric Battery:  When a hybrid battery initially fails, and the deficient cell is replaced; always remember that its sister cells are about the same age as the cell that failed. Battery cells in the same hybrid battery typically have the same life expectancy, and as such cell swapping often comes with a never-ending cycle of repairs.

My Opinion
Overall Electron Automotive , offers high quality hybrid battery replacement services to their customers, at competitive prices. They also offer warranties/return policies that are also competitive. I would just advise any full time Uber driver with a hybrid car (Prius etc.)  to go for their higher end batteries, so you don’t end up having to change your battery after just a couple of months. With their higher end battery you are at least unlikely to need a battery until after 4 years, if you are a full time Uber driver doing 40,000 or more miles per year.

Special Offer/ Readers Only Coupon
For readers, we were able to get a special discount code for our readers. Use the discount code “UBERKIT” to get $50 off your purchase or service order at Electron Automotive when you speak with their customer service representatives.


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Our Favorite Uber Driver App Features


Uber hasn’t always enjoyed a great relationship with its drivers in the past. Drivers have staged protests in various cities, protesting perceived injustices like rate cuts. In the last few years, Uber has been rocked with various scandals that saw the resignation of its previous CEO, Travis Kalanick. In a stunning about face, the company changed its focus to its drivers. To help improve driver experience, Uber introduced the Uber 180 Days of Change program in 2017. The rideshare giant introduced many new Uber driver app features including friendlier acceptance rate policy, setting arrival times, 6 driver destination filters per day, phone support and many more. Uber Driver App

In this post, we will review our favorite Uber driver app features


Our Favorite Uber Driver App Features


The Driver Profile

I love this feature because it allows riders learn more about their drivers. This feature will allow Uber drivers build a profile that will publicly display personal details about themselves in-app for riders to see. These details include previous compliments given to you by riders, your hobbies, how long you have been on the platform, how many trips you have taken and so many more.


Real Time Earnings Tracker

Track your earnings in real time right from the app with this feature. Once you sign into the Uber driver app, the real time earnings tracker sits at the top of the screen of the Uber driver app. See how much you have earned at a glance as the feature gets updated after every trip.


Uber Long Trip Notification Feature

Now with the Long trip notification feature, Uber will provide a notification on the driver’s accept screen any time there is a long trip. Although long trips are a plus for drivers since it means more money, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, drivers do not want to take long trips either because they are rounding off for the day or simply not in the mood. When you receive a new trip request, your Uber Driver app will notify you if the estimated trip duration is a long one, so you have the flexibility of planning your time in advance.

Just below the estimated time to arrive at the rider’s pick-up location, you will see a [Long Trip] notification if the estimated trip duration is going to be a long one. Uber will indicate the estimated minutes or hours it will take to complete the trip. If the trip will last about an hour, the Uber app will display 40 minutes – 1 hour. This will help the driver know if to accept the request or decline.

Please note that rejecting a long trip will not attract any penalties.


Uber Phone Support

Now, Uber drivers can contact Uber by phone whenever they need help or have a question about driving with Uber. According to Uber, “We’ve heard from driver-partners everywhere that you’d like the option of contacting us by phone… We want to be there for you—whether you’re on the road or off. So thanks to your feedback, we’re introducing 24/7 phone support” the company stated on its website.

The 24/7 phone support is available within the Uber Driver app. It connects drivers with a live support agent within minutes and issues are quickly resolved.

How It Works

  • Open your Uber Driver app
  • Tap Help
  • Tap the blue phone icon
  • Tap Call Support



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Uber In Saudi Arabia Receives $3.5b From PIF


As part of a 2016 financing undertaken by Uber, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund invested $3.5 billion in the rideshare behemoth. In exchange, Uber in Saudi Arabia will be parting with a 5% stake in the company in favor of the PIF.


More about the $3.5 billion investment

Uber in Saudi Arabia was described as “extraordinary” and the company’s contribution to the global transport sector is said to have “improved urban mobility around the world”. This deal is most likely the biggest contribution Uber has ever received from a single investor. Al Rumayyan, managing director of the Public Investment Fund complimented Uber’s achievements over the years and stated that Saudi Arabia is “looking forward to being part of that progress.”


Uber in Saudi Arabia

Uber has been operating in Saudi Arabia since 2014 and currently serves the following cities: Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina and the Eastern Province. Uber in saudi Arabia stated that 80% of its customers in the country are women. This is plausible since just until recently, women in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to drive. Saudi Arabia’s 2030 vision is aiming to reduce the country’s dependence on oil and hoping to embrace a more diversified economy. Uber In Saudi Arabia


Uber in the Middle East

Uber has stated that it has about 400,000 drivers in the Middle-East and growing. The company is facing stiff competition in the region from other rideshare companies like Careem. Careem, a transport company based in Dubai is giving Uber a run for its money in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. With presence in 13 countries and over 90 cities, Careem is offering a service that seems to be driver-focused.

In a bid to endear itself to Uber drivers, Uber recently concluded its 180 days of change to improve driver experience. Uber added more features to its driver app to benefit its drivers. It introduced friendlier acceptance rate policies, ability to set arrival times, 6 driver destination filters per day and many more.



The funds Uber raised during this round of Series G funding will not affect the company’s $62.5 billion valuation. Uber is every investor’s dream. The company has experienced rapid growth since its inception and spread to over 70 countries. Now, the company can bring its plethora of services to Saudi Arabia while helping the country in its shift towards a more knowledge based economy.



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All About Uber Health


Uber is on a path to revolutionize transportation worldwide. As a pioneer in rideshare, the company has endured its fair of challenges and obstacles and is now on the mend. By making strategic partnerships with regulatory bodies, the government and undertaking profitable mergers, Uber is determined to change the face of transportation in every field.

Now, Uber is launching a new product that is focused on the health sector called Uber Health.


What is Uber Health

According to Uber, “Uber Health is a HIPAA-compliant technology solution for healthcare organizations that leverages the ride hailing power of the Uber platform. The web-based dashboard allows hospitals and other healthcare professionals to request, manage, and pay for rides for others, at scale.” In simpler terms, Uber Health is Uber tailored for medical institutions. From a dashboard, medical practitioners like Hospitals, rehab centers, clinics and others can schedule and request rides for their clients and patients. uber health


Why Uber Health?

Uber is focused on changing the face of transportation in every sector. Statistics have shown that about 3.6 million Americans miss their doctor’s appointments due to transportation concerns and other health related factors. By partnering with organizations that provide healthcare, patients can be picked up from their homes for scheduled doctor’s appointments. The Uber Health API is designed to integrate with the organization’s existing products.


How Will It Work?

There is no service fee for signing up to use the service and riders do not need to have an Uber Health account. In easy steps, see how healthcare organizations can sign up to use Uber Health:

  • Create an Uber Health account via the Self-Service portal
  • Provide a valid email address and a password
  • Enter Company name
  • Fill out your payment profile.
  • Agree to terms and conditions and our privacy statement.
  • Then wait for Uber Health team to review your details and contact you.


To use the service, your company representative books ride in advance or immediately for patients that need it via the Uber Health dashboard. Your patients do not need to have a smart phone as they will be texted their trip details or called. The driver arrives, picks them up and drops them off as scheduled, seamlessly.



Uber Health is a cost effective way of transporting patients. The Uber Health dashboard helps pool all your logs in one place thereby making it easy to coordinate and schedule trips. Company reps can monitor trip details, see trip status and so much more. The costs of rides are based on standard Uber rates at the time and the Health care provider is presented with a monthly bill. This is really a simpler way to take care of your patients’ transportation needs.


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All About Arro Rideshare


It is without doubt that Uber is a giant in rideshare. The company provides a plethora of services tailored to suit different budgets and styles. In some cities where Uber launched, the service has met with opposition from local taxi drivers who feel that the ridesharing service enjoys unfair advantages in various markets. Uber apparently did this by introducing dirt cheap rates in these cities to the chagrin of local taxi operators. Arro

This development has met with different forms of protests. In France for example, local taxi drivers took to the streets in an anti-uber protest that quickly escalated into guerrilla warfare. Local taxi drivers in America as well have protested the unfair advantage Uber has over them as Uber drivers don’t have to pay license fees to operate and rides could be requested right from a mobile phone.


All About Arro Rideshare

Arro, a ride hailing app is partnering with CMT technologies to give local taxi drivers a fair chance at competing with Uber. Creative Mobile Technologies is a technology company that created the technology and media systems you find in some local taxis in America. Local taxi drivers who have the CMT technology installed in their cabs can be hailed by Arro users.


What This Means

Local yellow taxis will now be hailed on the streets as well as via the Arro app. Arro is an online based rideshare service that allows its users hail local taxis on-demand. The company operates in over 5 cities in the U.S including New York, Chicago, Houston, Boston and San Francisco. This is great for those who prefer to ride exclusively with yellow cabs. Now, you can request a cab right from the comfort of your home.


Not exactly a novel development

In a bid to assuage irate local taxi drivers in select cities, Uber also designed an API that allows its users request local yellow taxis. Arro has argued that its direct integration with local taxis makes it more convenient for both riders and drivers to request and accept rides respectively.


Features of Arro Rideshare

  1. No surge pricing
  2. Easy payments with in-app payment systems
  3. Local taxi drivers are said to be safer than other drivers due to licensing
  4. Hail taxis offline and online and still pay with app
  5. Faster arrival times


What we think

Arro still has a long way to go if it has its sights on toppling Uber in the cities it operates in. Not all local taxis are equipped with CMT technology and cabs that don’t have this technology installed can’t be hailed by Arro users. What this means is that there will be less local taxis available to Arro users and slower arrival times for drivers. It is been reported that Arro is in talks to partner with technology giant, Verifone in New York City. If this partnership is successful, there will be more local taxis operating on the Arro platform and then maybe Arro will stand a chance.



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