Uber Car Requirements: 90 Uber SUV Vehicles Analyzed



Uber Car Requirements - Uber SUV

Thanks for reading! In response to a lot of emails we get, we wrote this blog post, and created the table below this post listing our analysis of 90 SUVs that we examined for the Uber SUV service. If you would prefer just to look at the list of “Uber SUV” vehicles we analyzed:   go here

As a potential Uber SUV Driver or Entrepreneur, you probably know that you can make money on the platform, but you also know that keeping your costs low can make all the difference between making a good profit and making very little money after costs. The largest cost you are in direct control of that impacts profits/ROI (return on investment) is the vehicle you use: Whether you are an Uber Driver or an Entrepreneur managing a fleet of drivers, the vehicle you select is of paramount importance.


Uber Car Requirements: What Uber SUV Should I Buy?

Below we list the cars we believe are the best for the Uber SUV service. We also explain the reasons for our decisions.

The two cars our team liked, in decreasing order of preference are:

Toyota Sequoia, 2006 Model

  • MSRP – $10,531
  • Estimated depreciation per year –13%
  • MPG – 15 Miles per gallon
  • Estimated cost of Gas per year – $7,467 (at $2.8 per Gallon)
  • Typical Mileage – 115,469 Miles
  • KBB (Kelly Blue Book) rating – N/A


Nissan Armada, 2006 Model

  • MSRP – $10,139
  • Estimated depreciation per year – 5%
  • MPG – 14 Miles per gallon
  • Estimated cost of Gas per year – $8,000 (at $2.8 per Gallon)
  • Typical Mileage – 121,469 Miles
  • KBB (Kelly Blue Book) rating – N/A

Note -The Loaded Cost  =[Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) + Estimated Gas Cost for a year  + Estimated depreciation after 1 year]


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We liked the Toyota Sequoia 2006 overall not because of any one thing in particular. Now you probably ask why we even picked a 2006 model vehicle especially since Uber typically doesn’t allow vehicles over 10 years on their platform (we are cutting it pretty close). SUVs as a rule of thumb are expensive (as you can see from the list at the bottom of this post), as such to keep the costs low, there are three primary things we looked at:

  1. The estimated depreciation – For example if you buy a brand new Cadillac Escalade, you can lose as much as 35% of its value in the first year.
  2. The dependability of the vehicle – As a rule of thumb, Toyotas are dependable vehicles and that is why we selected the Toyota Sequoia.
  3. When to plan to sell the vehicle – SUVs are so expensive that trying to get one under 65k miles at a reasonable cost that would make sense from a business perspective is next to impossible. Hence, we selected SUVs that were over 65k miles. Note- If you do get a vehicle that is over 65k miles, plan to sell after a year.

The Nissan Armada, 2006 was also a good pick for Uber SUV because of similar reasons as the Toyota Sequoia 2006; however its fuel efficiency is a little lower than the Toyota Sequoia (14MPG compared to the Sequoia’s 15MPG).  Note – if buying a vehicle over 65,000 miles, make sure that a thorough inspection of the vehicle is done. Also, request for proof of maintenance done over the years.

See the full table below to examine the 90 SUVs that were used in our analysis.


Uber ServiceVehicle MakeVehicle ModelModel YearEst. MSRPEst. DepreciationMPGCost of Gas per YrEst. Maintenance CostsLOADED Car CostTypical MileageKBB Ratings(/10)
UberSUVFordExpedition2006$5,159 34%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $18,327 121,469 MilesN/A
UberSUVChevroletTahoe2006$9,276 30%N/A$5,600 $3,080 $21,360 112,220 MilesN/A
UberSUVNissanArmada2006$10,139 5%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $22,383 121,469 MilesN/A
UberSUVLincolnNavigator2006$10,507 25%N/A$5,600 $3,080 $22,494 121,469 MilesN/A
UberSUVToyotaSequoia2006$10,531 13%15.00 MPG$7,467 $3,080 $22,788 115,469 MilesN/A
UberSUVNissanArmada2007$11,724 5%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $24,038 112,589 MilesN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon2006$9,754 37%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $24,122 112,220 MilesN/A
UberSUVToyotaSequoia2007$12,109 13%15.00 MPG$7,467 $3,080 $24,918 106,942 MilesN/A
UberSUVFordExpedition2007$10,337 34%15.00 MPG$7,467 $3,080 $25,148 112,589 MilesN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX2006$15,426 9%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $28,654 121,469 MilesN/A
UberSUVLincolnNavigator2007$14,366 25%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $29,812 112,589 MilesN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX2007$17,000 9%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $30,271 112,589 MilesN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade2006$13,763 35%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $30,352 112,220 MilesN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade_ESV2006$14,196 33%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $30,960 121,469 MilesN/A
UberSUVMercedes-BenzGL-Class2007$18,431 15%20.00 MPG$5,600 $3,080 $30,987 106,942 MilesN/A
UberSUVChevroletTahoe2007$16,015 30%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $31,810 104,001 MilesN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon2007$17,672 37%16.00 MPG$7,000 $3,080 $35,230 104,001 MilesN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade_ESV2007$22,862 33%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $42,665 112,589 MilesN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade2007$23,070 35%14.00 MPG$8,000 $3,080 $43,284 104,001 MilesN/A
UberSUVNissanArmada2015$32,824 5%14.00 MPG$8,000 $800$44,700 13,259 Miles6.5
UberSUVNissanArmada2014$34,198 5%15.00 MPG$7,467 $995$45,753 28,426 Miles6.6
UberSUVInfinitiQX602014$35,709 9%21.00 MPG$5,333 $800$47,270 21,991 Miles7.9
UberSUVFordExpedition2014$29,911 34%15.00 MPG$7,467 $995$50,594 28,426 MilesN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX602015$39,124 9%22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$50,529 11,346 Miles7.8
UberSUVGMCYukon2014$31,979 37%17.00 MPG$6,588 $862$53,137 26,096 MilesN/A
UberSUVChevroletTahoe2014$34,313 30%17.00 MPG$6,588 $862$54,510 26,096 Miles7.4
UberSUVToyotaSequoia2014$39,419 13%14.00 MPG$8,000 $864$55,411 26,116 MilesN/A
UberSUVFordExpedition2015$36,703 34%17.00 MPG$6,588 $800$59,022 13,259 MilesN/A
UberSUVChevroletSuburban2015$43,279 N/A18.00 MPG$6,222 $800$61,240 13,259 MilesN/A
UberSUVChevroletTahoe2015$41,585 30%18.00 MPG$6,222 $800$63,895 12,056 MilesN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon_XL2015$45,859 N/A18.00 MPG$6,222 $800$64,639 13,259 MilesN/A
UberSUVChevroletTahoe2016$48,195 14%18.00 MPG$6,222 $800$65,103 0 MilesN/A
UberSUVLincolnNavigator2014$43,206 25%15.00 MPG$7,467 $995$65,220 28,426 Miles7
UberSUVGMCYukon2015$44,962 37%16.00 MPG$7,000 $800$72,206 12,056 MilesN/A
UberSUVMercedes-BenzGL-Class2014$55,940 15%22.00 MPG$5,091 $864$72,993 26,116 Miles7.2
UberSUVMercedes-BenzGL-Class2016$64,525 -2%22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$73,327 0 Miles7
UberSUVInfinitiQX802014$55,746 14%16.00 MPG$7,000 $864$74,919 26,116 Miles7.2
UberSUVCadillacEscalade2014$49,575 35%15.00 MPG$7,467 $862$79,300 26,096 Miles6.4
UberSUVLincolnNavigator2015$56,540 25%17.00 MPG$6,588 $800$81,146 13,259 Miles6.9
UberSUVCadillacEscalade_ESV2014$53,159 33%14.00 MPG$8,000 $995$82,670 28,426 Miles6.4
UberSUVLincolnNavigator2016$64,285 12%18.00 MPG$6,222 $800$83,207 0 Miles6.8
UberSUVInfinitiQX802015$64,553 14%16.00 MPG$7,000 $800$85,644 11,550 Miles7.1
UberSUVFordExpedition2016$56,000 34%18.00 MPG$6,222 $800$85,709 0 MilesN/A
UberSUVMercedes-BenzGL-Class2015$66,113 15%22.00 MPG$5,091 $800$85,626 11,550 Miles7.1
UberSUVCadillacEscalade2015$70,478 35%17.00 MPG$6,588 $800$106,830 12,056 MilesN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade_ESV2015$74,662 33%16.00 MPG$7,000 $800$111,483 13,259 MilesN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade_ESV2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVCadillacEscalade_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVChevroletSuburban2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVChevroletSuburban2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVChevroletSuburban2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVChevroletSuburban2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVChevroletTahoe_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVChevroletTahoe_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVChevroletTahoe_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVChevroletTahoe_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVChevroletTahoe_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon_Hybrid2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon_Hybrid2015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon_Hybrid2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon_Hybrid2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon_Hybrid2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon_XL2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon_XL2014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon_XL2007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVGMCYukon_XL2006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX2015N/A9%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX2014N/A9%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX562016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX562015N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX562014N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX562007N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX562006N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX602016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX602007N/A9%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX602006N/A9%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX802016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX802007N/A14%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVInfinitiQX802006N/A14%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVMercedes-BenzGL-Class2006N/A15%N/A$5,600 $3,080 N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVNissanArmada2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVToyotaSequoia2016N/AN/AN/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A
UberSUVToyotaSequoia2015N/A13%N/A$5,600 $800N/AN/AN/A


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Note -For Uber Drivers and Entrepreneurs who have not downloaded our kit(s), we provide a vast amount of professionally vetted information and business analysis that will help you run a successful uber business.


Disclaimer-The vehicles listed above should be good for most cities; however, before purchasing any vehicle, it is paramount that you verify it is approved for the Uber program in your city. We have put a lot of research into this; however you as the business owner are ultimately responsible for the decision you make for your Uber Business.



Entrepreneurs! Contract the Best Uber Partners and Drivers for Your Uber Fleet


As the owner of an Uber car fleet, your assets are used, managed, and maintained mostly by your Uber drivers (Uber Partners, if managing an UberX fleet). For that and other reasons, it is supremely important that you select only high quality individuals as your independent contractors! Only responsible Uber Drivers will ensure that your business has longevity, the ability to grow, and that your assets (most importantly your car) are well managed.

Trust us – this short article will potentially save you the cost of repairs, costly rehiring, and even the replacement value of your car. You want these savings! Also, these tested tips will guide you away from risks and normal pitfalls found within the rideshare and transportation industries. Your reputation, assets, investments, as well as the safety of your passengers are on the line.

Uber Partner and Drivers - Hiring

Before hiring the driver as your independent contractors, assess the state of your assets they will use. Once you’ve chosen a driver, you will present them with an “Equipment Sign out form” to track the depreciation of your assets. Now, you should prepare to find great drivers to match up with your fleet!

For people who have downloaded our kit(s), we provide a checklist and other assets to help ensure contract with only the best drivers. So before you reach out to your first driver sit down and write up a list of the necessary elements that you’d need to build your team one member at a time. Your list should include things like our suggestions below, the additional tips we share with in our kit, and also any other elements which you feel are important to your riders and growing your business. Got your list ready? Let’s build you the ideal driver profile!

You need to create an actual application for each contractor, so you can retain their personal information for your review, and also perform a full and legal process of vetting them to be a driver for your fleet. Check your local, state, and federal laws regarding hiring practices if you decide to create your own application form. We provide all the necessary general hiring documents for our members which can be quickly customized for your local market.

Become an Uber Driver

We have found that some owners who are in a hurry to launch will hire someone solely based on their personal and driving information – do NOT do this. Once you have advertized for your driver, and taken all of their information on your application, the next step is to meet them in person. Only when you meet someone in person can you get a true sense of their attitude and if they seem personable enough for a daily driver position.

At your meeting, request a copy of their driver license and (if applicable) their personal insurance information. If necessary take a clear and bright photo of each with your phone; you can then print it out at your leisure. Let them know that being part of an amazing team means a full background check of both their driving and public records.

After you’ve performed a full check of their personal and driving information up to the limits of the law in your jurisdiction, you can determine whether the results are consistent with your profile of an ideal driver. Have at least one more meeting before hiring them. Before allowing them unsupervised use of your Uber fleet car, have them take you for a drive in your local market. Choose areas of the city or times of day that might be challenging for a driver like getting to the airport during rush hour, or safely navigating winding residential areas after the dinner hour when they might be taking couples back to their homes. This last meeting, a live driving test, operates as an additional result to help you make a sound decision on hiring each new driver.

Follow this process, and repeat it periodically to ensure consistent quality of service for your rider and also use of your assets. We promise you will see an improvement in your quality of driver, and enjoy cost savings across all areas of your Uber business!



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How to Become an Uber Driver


 Are you wondering what the requirements are to become an uber driver?


Thanks for reading! In response to a lot of emails we get, I wrote this blog post, and created the more detailed infographic to go with it.

If you are reading this blog post, you want a little more information on how to become an Uber Driver: Something more than just an application form without any guide information.

Note-this guide is applicable to most countries, and is NOT JUST for the U.S (United States). If you would rather go straight to the sign up form and immediately become an uber driver, use this link to get extra cash credit once you sign up

If you need a little more details on the requirements to become an Uber Driver, please look at the infographic below.


How to become an Uber Driver



Become an Uber Driver

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The Uber Business Model – How to Verify Your Uber Revenue


As the owner of an Uber business, or fleet, you set the tone and are the authority over your drivers particularly in the areas of earnings and quality of service! You are the person in control of operations at every level of your business and are ultimately responsible for making the success of the uber business model as it relates to your business.

There are many factors that determine if your business will be profitable. You need to be aware and in control of all aspects of your business to ensure profits, which is the growth engine of this business.Uber Business Model

Believe it or not, revenue is not the only driving factor, though it is a major one. Be sure to also educate yourself by reading our other material on how to control costs and manage other aspects of your business that may negatively impact your revenue. While it’s true that you will make more money as an Uber Black fleet owner as compared to an UberX fleet owner, these suggestions apply to any kind of Uber business, as well as other rideshare and transportation services. We hope you enjoy these tips and the savings right away!

Your revenue is earned by transporting Uber’s worldwide network of riders in your fleet of cars and also referral revenue for new drivers you have added to the Uber network.

Your revenue, as you know, is calculated using the distance driven and the time spent waiting, or actively transporting the customer (such as waiting in traffic). Although Uber does report these earnings to you, it is the responsibility of every owner to confirm the miles drives and time spent on a ride. Would you pay a service person who worked on your home without knowing the work they did? No, you wouldn’t. Well, the same goes for your business. For this same reason you must track, for every car and driver, their mileage, fueling, time waiting and time performing rides.

There are several tools to help make this process easy and verifiable. Have a high quality GPS tracker installed on your car that tracks time, routes, and enough distance to include your entire transportation service area. In addition to using a GPS tracker, also verify the information yourself by reading the odometer (checked-in and checked-out miles) with your own eyes. There can never be enough checks and balances to be sure you are being paid accurately for the work of your cars and drivers!

Become an Uber Driver

We recommend reviewing the data from each car’s dash panel (2ce a month) to check on the car’s health, and also the mileage since your last check. After getting your revenue summary from Uber, use the dash panel information to provide your first revenue validation (a comparison of miles driven vs. miles billed)

Next, verify those first two data points (checked-in and checked-out miles) against the data provided by the GPS tracker installed on your car. Now you have more information further verifying the accuracy of your data.

In our uberkit(s) we provide you with tracking options for the driver and suggest you use both a physically written method, as well as any number of downloadable driver assistant apps that track time, location and distance of a given shift. Now you have the information you need to analyze your revenue, and contact the company or your drivers to settle any discrepancies.

Ensure you have revenue goals (per mile) for your car(s) so that this data has meaning. This will help determine how you are progressing toward your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual profit/ROI (return on investment) goals!



Sign up to have our blog posts (catering to Uber Partners and Drivers) delivered to your email every week!  In exchange for signing up we will give you our highly rated report with suggestions to help you increase your Uber Revenue. We cover trending topics relevant to the success of your business as an Uber car owner or driver, as well as cutting edge improvements on how to improve the management of your business: like how to better control costs and increase your revenue. Thanks again for visiting! We look forward to hearing from you about your experience and being a part of your new growing business!


Owners (or Uber Partner), If You Only Do One Thing – Perform a Background Check First, So You Don’t Hire An Ex-Murderer!


If you are an Uber driver that is wondering how long the uber background process takes look at this article here to get information on the full Uber partner application process. If you are a business owner with a driver or multiple drivers working for you, keep reading.

We’re not kidding. It has been well reported that in the past people who have lengthy and disturbing wrap sheets, and sometimes even serious convictions, have made it through the Uber hiring and background check process. As an owner of an Uber fleet (or Uber Partner), you have the opportunity and responsibility to act as an added layer of security – both for the safety of your passengers, and also the safest use of your assets and business investment that is your Uber business.

If you have downloaded the uberkit, then you know that hiring the right driver for your fleet is a multistep process. Possibly the most urgent and important of those steps is verifying their identity, via their complete background information. Depending on the laws in your state and country, you may be able to get a rather full sense of the potential reliability, responsibility, and personality of each driver.Uber Partner

To perform the most useful, robust, and efficient research you need to combine two elements. You must have the right basic information, and also look for the results in the right places. Contact the authority in your local market in charge of licensing and violations to verify basic identity. These agencies will also provide you with valuable information on state and federal hiring rules when those rules cover transportation services. You (the Uber Partner or car owner) should also become familiar with commercial and group transportation laws in your area, like those for school bus drivers, or local taxi, and bus services (if for instance you are interested in the uber black service).

You should embed in the potential driver’s application for employment-

  1. a) Verification of their ability to legally drive
  2. b) Verification of any other certificates, like driving restrictions ( type or size of transportation they can drive –i.e. a car versus motorcycle).

If this is your first time contacting your local transportation agency, ask for the Motor Vehicle Records (or Reports) or MVR for your applicant. You can use this as the first report to even validate if doing further background checks is worthwhile.

Note- in Texas, I use – to get my driving history reports, and they charge about $12 for Licensee driver records. It is going to be different for each city, state and country; however, this should give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay.

Become an Uber Driver

If the driving authority reports that they have any accidents, parking, DUIs (driving under the influence), or other driving violations, this should weigh heavily on your decision. We’re not saying all of them should be ruled out as driving for you, but this means you definitely need to have a direct conversation with an applicant with a poor driving record. There is no room in a profit positive business model for tickets, speeding fines, or any other types of behavior that may cost you the ability to maintain a 5-star rating.

Other types of information should either be gathered by you directly or by professionals who perform background checks on contracted professionals. For background tests I personally like  starpoint which is a service landlords also use (I know their name is a little misleading, but I have found their service to be affordable and fairly easy to use).

Again, depending on what is legal for your area a full background check would include asking your driver to provide a list of personal and professionals with references. Things you might allow a background checking service or agency to report to you would be criminal history (nationwide and state). I know Uber does this already (as part of their application process); however I can’t verify how rigorous their testing is- it doesn’t hurt to do this on your own.

Other things to find out or conduct as part of your background search of the driver are –

  1. Asking about previous defensive driver training/ safety training (to get auto insurance discounts from safe driver classes)
  2. Alcohol abuse tests
  3. General Drug tests

Note -You absolutely must get this information from reliable and verified sources before letting any person behind the wheel of your car! Uber is a big company with lots of hands overseeing each step of the process, do not leave the control of your business and safety of your passengers up to anyone you don’t know personally – if you want to be successful, it’s just good business sense.



Sign up to have our blog posts (catering to Uber Partners and Uber Drivers) delivered to your email every week!  In exchange for signing up we will give you our highly rated report with suggestions to help you increase your Uber Revenue.




Are you an Uber Partner? Are you Getting Too Many Uber Emails, Notifications, or Text Messages?


Learn How To Quickly Streamline and Control Your Uber Communication Traffic


Become an Uber Driver

Welcome back! If you’re like us, you want to spend most of your time making money, not sorting through endless emails, or wasting time deleting tons of text messages from Uber. We understand, we don’t like it either.

The fortunate part of this is that it’s easy to fix forever! Understanding each part of the Uber partner app will help you improve the efficiency of your business, and our whole purpose is to make sure you earn as much money as possible, and save on time and costs wherever you responsibly can!

When it comes to operating a business in this era of technology, that can sometimes mean an abundance of messages from clients and vendors, taking up text message space on your phone, and clogging your email.

We know from experience that running an efficient business in the area of communication is important. Focusing on revenue creation is quickly improved when time spent on reviewing repeat communications like some notices from Uber, is decreased. While it is true that some Uber notices are required and important, you certainly shouldn’t be spending more than a quarter of an hour each day dealing with them for you (and your whole team, if you manage multiple drivers).

Note -Drivers do report finding the regular receipt of some Uber documents helpful, and use them as a reminder for performing other managerial aspects of the business, such as updating their cost and revenue analysis for their next pay period.


To disable Email Notifications:

  1. Look for an email you recently received from Uber
  2. Click on Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email Uber Partner Email Unsubscribe Image
  3. Complete the Unsubscribe workflow

You should now be unsubscribed from receiving email messages from UBER.


To disable SMS (Text Message) Notifications:

  1. Look for a text you recently received from Uber
  2. Reply with “STOP” Uber Partner SMS Unsubscribe Image

You should now be unsubscribed from receiving text messages from UBER.

  1. Note – to re-subscribe to receiving these text messages, just send “START

Uber Partner SMS Subscribe Image


Change each setting to reflect which notification you would like to receive. For some drivers and car owners that may mean that they prefer to receive no notifications at all and only want to log in to learn updated statistics (besides those that Uber is legally required to send for as long as you are actively using their services as a contracted rideshare provider). It’s as simple as that, and any time you need to update those settings just revisit this article and let us remind you of the important details surrounding Uber’s notifications!

Check back here often for new tips posted every week! We also cover trending topics relevant to the success of your business as an UberX entrepreneur, as well as cutting edge improvements on how to improve managing your business, like how to better control costs, and increase your revenue. Thanks again for visiting! We look forward to hearing from you about your experience and being a part of your new growing UberX business!




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Uber Partners and Drivers: Keep your 5-Star Rating!


Use These Tips – On Every Ride and Your Riders Will Reward You


When your driver signed up, Uber gave them some good beginner tips about how to launch a successful business. Through our experience networking with drivers worldwide, we learned industry secrets that explain how the Uber driver scores work and how to ensure their ratings remains high (getting the driver more opportunities for rides and putting more money in your pocket!)

Uber Partners and Drivers

Though star ratings, in theory, go from 1 star to 5 stars, you’ll never hear of uber riders getting picked up from 1, 2, or 3 star drivers. That’s because Uber controls rider traffic, and if an uber driver’s score is too low, Uber won’t allow the driver access to riders. This is how Uber ensures riders are more likely to have an amazing experience – so let’s be sure your driver(s) are in that group of well rated drivers!

Here’s the summary of our favorite tips to share with your drivers– and again, yes, they really need to do all of these everyday!

Before Your drivers being their Shift

  1. Dress for Success – We don’t mean uber drivers need to wear a suit, but they need to be sure they don’t look too casual. Tell your drivers to find comfortable, professional looking khakis, slacks, or even Dickie’s utility pants. For ladies, skirts and dresses are appropriate, if not too provocative or uncomfortable. Any of these are preferable to jeans or shorts. When the rider sees the driver, they instantly make a mental note of their professionalism that lasts throughout the ride.
  1. Clean Your Car Inside and Out – Yes, we’re serious. The highest rated uber drivers own an inexpensive hand held vacuum so dirt and other debris are not visible to riders.
  1. Consider Amenities for Your Rider – Pretty much everyone is dehydrated, so encouraging your driver to offer water to riders is a refreshing gesture to the riders. Similarly, gum or mints also make them feel more welcome and comfortable in your car. This small expense directly translates to higher profits and ratings for you and well worth the minimal cost. Visit bargain stores for great prices!

Become an Uber Driver

When Your driver accepts a Rider

  1. Courtesy Call Before Arriving – The driver needs to remember that the text may not be heard, and time is money for you. As the driver makes the last turn arriving to collect the rider, ensure they call them. Have the driver also confirm the color of the car, and that they’re arriving now.
  2. Make a Great Impression – When the driver sees the uber rider, have the driver greet them warmly and in a welcoming way.
  1. Door-to Door Service – As the rider approaches, ensure the driver exits the car safely, and opens the door for the rider(s). If the rider has luggage, ensure the driver offer’s to stow it or ask if they want it with them.
  1. Make Polite Conversation – Ensure the driver lets his/her passenger know how interesting it is to meet interesting people from all over the city and ask questions about what they like about Uber services (if they desire). Note – the caveat for this one recommendation is have your drivers make polite conversation ,only if desired by the rider, else this could backfire in the form of negative ratings for your driver. Some riders want peace and quiet!

As The Ride Ends

  1. Help Them Exit – At the destination point, ensure your uber driver reminds the rider(s) he/she will end the ride before getting their luggage, giving them more time to exit. Riders are eager to reach their destination, and so this gesture won’t actually cost the driver time – it actually saves time! 
  1. Thank Them for Riding – The uber driver’s last opportunity to earn 5 stars is to close out the ride with a lasting good impression. Have the driver wish them well on their day, and ask if they have all their belongings. Also have the driver(s) reiterate that they appreciate the opportunity to provide the rider(s) with safe and efficient transportation!

Teaching these tricks to your driver(s) and ensuring they use it for every ride guarantees you’re providing excellent and consistent service! Combining these tips with the other cost saving aspects of the UberXKit enables you to maximize revenue and control your costs.

Check back here often, or sign up to get new tips posted every week! We also cover trending topics relevant to the success of your business as an UberX entrepreneur, as well as cutting edge improvements on how to improve managing your business, like how to better control costs, and increase your revenue. Thanks again for visiting! We look forward to hearing from you about your experience and being a part of your new growing UberX business!


Uber Promo Code – How to get Uber Group Discounts


In response to questions our customer support received, we decided to write this blog post.  For people who have groups of over 30 people and are looking to use Uber to get transported, we describe how to get a significant discount.

Uber Promo Code

STEP 1 –Estimate the Number Of Uber SUVs You Need

If you estimate you need over 30 people picked up, that would mean that you will need   5 or more Uber SUVs  for your pickup (6 people per suv).

STEP 2 -Register For Multiple Uber accounts & Get Your Free Rides

Find one person in each planned pickup vehicle (Uber SUV) that does not have an Uber account and have that person  register for an Uber account using this link Have them use the uber promo code uberKITue  (U – umbrella, B – ball, E – egg,  R – rat,  K – kite, I – ice, T – tom, U- umbrella, E -egg ), when they sign up, and each registered account should be credited with 1 free ride, up to about $20 each.


Remember Uber is an on demand service, so you will need to request for the SUVs at the time you need them from each individual account (via the rider app). As at 08/25, there is no scheduling via the Uber passenger app.




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How to Find the Highest UberX Fares

Discover Tested Secrets and Proven Industry Methods to Boost Your UberX Income!

One of the many great things about being an UberX driver is that your business, the rideshare transportation industry, has recognizable patterns. No matter where you are operating in the world, your understanding of these patterns can help you maximize opportunities for revenue!

How to Find the Highest UberX Fares

Below, you will learn some of the known patterns identified by drivers that can be used for UberX and other rideshare businesses, and we’ll be highlighting the experience for UberX drivers.

Many methods are available on how to find the highest UberX fares and also increase your revenue. Each one has a different focus, though they are all intertwined. Sticking to these suggestions consistently will be your key to success. These techniques are related to your level of service, awareness of your local market and seasonal changes, and most importantly the ability to connect with the customer.

Let us begin by reiterating what you learned from the Uber training, longevity of sales through outstanding service. Offering 5-star service by opening doors, giving a courtesy call as you arrive, having water and mints in the car for passengers, and similar amenities will help keep your driver rating high, and thus allow you to earn money from the Uber app. If your rating dips, you’ll get fewer rides and may be removed from the uber system, so understand that your riders seek a pleasant, safe, efficient and professional travel experience.

Next, you need to know your local market hot spots. Is there an airport in your town? A college? A local bar, train station, or bowling alley? Be sure to frequent high traffic areas where someone might need transportation. Also be sure to check laws in these high traffic areas as your town may have restrictions like official taxi lines or other regulations you must be aware of to take advantage of that niche of the rideshare market. Typically, airports offer the longer and more profitable rides. Hand out your UberX driver discount cards at these locations to every passenger who rides in your car.

If you’re in a big city, or even a small town that just has several public or private schools the next recognizable pattern for increased success is traffic. Have you ever noticed that during the summer months, the morning and afternoon commute traffic is a little bit lighter? During summer months families have different obligations, and kids of all ages from grade school through to university aren’t in class or are on a greatly reduced schedule.

Become an Uber Driver

Noticing that seasonal change, as well as similar reoccurring schedules, like sports seasons and the traffic patterns that surround big stadiums will help you know where the hot spots are, and when road closures could delay your picking up a passenger.

Lastly, a suggestion for those outgoing drivers who can safely chat with customers and use their networking skills to sell beyond the length of the ride. Finding out if the rider needs regular transportation and if you could meet them at their point of origin at a certain time and date, is a great way to network future driving opportunities!

When you combine these many methods, as well as those from our other posts, and keep an eye out within the Uber driver community for developments in the industry, you are sure to increase your revenue and accept the best rides!

Check back here often, or sign up to get new tips posted every week! We also cover trending topics relevant to the success of your business as an UberX entrepreneur, as well as cutting edge improvements on how to improve managing your business, like how to better control costs, and increase your revenue. Thanks again for visiting! We look forward to hearing from you about your experience and being a part of your new growing UberX business!

Are you an Entrepreneur looking to get into the Uber craze? Let Us Teach You How to Start Your Uber Business

Thanks for visiting! We’re passionate about helping people take control of their lives, income, and working schedule by taking advantage of the exploding Uber Driver market!

In these blog posts, filled with our expertise and tips, we walk you through the sign up process, as well as the necessary preparation, and ongoing business management secrets to help you launch and sustain a profitable rideshare business.

Start your Uber Business

To begin, our goal is to teach you (the Uber Entrepreneur) how to start your uber business. Follow our tested methods and discover how to grow the number of UberX cars you own as an Uber Owner/Entrepreneur. This can quite literally mean extra income for you! For as many hours as you want to work, Uber can provide you access to clients from around the world!

As a world recognized powerhouse in the industry of transportation and ridesharing, Uber’s technology allows a client from any country in the world (using their app) to find your driver, and connect to local transportation offerings. The Uber app handles any needed currency conversion, and takes all the payments, simplifying your life by preventing the need for your driver to carry lots of cash, or make change for a rider (like taxis or other shared ride vans and services have to do several times throughout the day). They have designed a great service, and we’ll show you how to make it work even better for you!

When you recruit a driver to work for you, in order to approve the driver, Uber will need some basic information about them, and the car they plan to drive. This includes things like proof of your automobile insurance, car’s state registration, the driver’s licensing information, as well as some additional details.

Our UberX Driver’s Kit (which you can download instantly from the link to the left and use as a guide when completing the sign up process) saves you even more time, by providing-


       To you (the Uber Owner/Entrepreneur):

  • A validated and tested business model
  • Revenue, Profit and ROI (Return on investment) analysis
  • Entry and Exit information for the serious minded business owner
  • Estimates on the running costs of this business
  • Risks and Mitigation strategies for the vigilant business owner

To driver’s necessary information like:

  • Detailed registration steps,
  • Start-up checklists for owners and drivers,
  • Access to the lists of which cars Uber approves for various levels of service,
  • Researched list of approved automobile rideshare style insurance vendors,
  • Other businesses and agencies to contact to be sure you’re ready to accept your first ride!


Become an Uber Driver

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information, you will need Uber to complete the driver’s registration process.

Now you’re ready to sign up your driver! You can complete the registration process several ways. We recommend using the affiliate link found in our UberX Driver’s Kit. You can also have the driver(s) sign up from their smart phone, tablet, laptop, or any internet enabled device by visiting Uber’s website.

Check back here often for new tips posted every week! We also cover trending topics relevant to the success of your business as an UberX Owner/Entrepreneur, as well as cutting edge improvements on how to improve managing your business, like how to better control costs and increase your revenue. Thanks again for visiting! We look forward to hearing from you about your experience and being a part of your new growing business!



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