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Pathao vs Uber: Rideshare In Bangladesh


Bangladesh is a densely populated country of over 160 million people making it the most densely populated large country in the world. It is safe to say that commuters will have a hard time in traffic and the country will benefit from rideshare. Rideshare companies aim to reduce the number of cars on the road especially in populous countries where traffic can be nightmarish. Therefore, the launch of rideshare companies like Uber and Pathao will go a long way in easing traffic congestion in Bangladesh.

Uber launched in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh on the 22nd of November, 2016. With presence in over 400 cities worldwide, the congested city of Bangladesh is the next city to experience the revolution that Uber introduces to the transport sector. Uber has teamed up with Bangladesh’s largest mobile operator, Grameenphone to reach Dhaka’s 18 million population.

Uber currently has 3 services operating in Dhaka. They include UberMOTO, UberX and UberPREMIER. UberMOTO is Uber’s motorbike service while UberX is the mid-tier cost affordable Uber service. Uber charges a Base Fare of 30 Tk for the UberMOTO service and a Base Fare of 40 Tk for the UberX service.  Pathao

Passengers can request car rides and get picked up from any location. UberPREMIER launched in 2017 to meet the needs of riders who want to ride in style and plush comfort. This service delivers service in superior quality sedans with professionally trained driver partners. Uber charges a Base Fare of 80 Tk for this service.


Pathao, on the other hand provides bike services to passengers in Bangladesh with promises to bring car services to the city of Dhaka soon. Pathao rides are currently available in only Dhaka and Chittagong with goals to expand to other major cities.

How To Use Pathao

  • Download the Pathao App from Google Playstore and iOS App Store
  • Sign up with your mobile number (The app is free to use)
  • Select your pick up location and destination
  • Request for a ride

Please Note

Unlike Uber that allows you cancel rides for free, Pathao will charge you the standard hiring cost of tk. 25


Passengers are charged tk. 25 for hiring plus tk. 12 per kilometer travelled plus 0.5 paisa per minute


Driver Requirements

It is important that all intending drivers have their own bikes.

First present the following documents:

  1. National ID/ Passport/ Driving license (Any one or all)
  2. Registration paper of the motorcycle

For car rides, Pathao will charge Tk 50 as the base fare and Tk 20 as the per kilometre fare. The per minute waiting charge would be Tk 2.5.


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