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Pune based SRide is the new way to carpool


In a country like India, the teeming populace has necessitated the need for a large network of both public and private transportation. Despite the ever-increasing number of its population, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Commuting in the country is facilitated by various means of getting around. The different systems of transportation in India include trains, metro, bus, and even tuk tuks.

Some cities offer taxi services where people can call for a taxi by phone. Even rideshare services like Uber have found India to be a profitable market. With its large population, India is big enough to accommodate many players in the rideshare industry. Riders can even carpool as a means of daily commute. In this post, we will shed more light on the upsides of carpooling by exploring the carpooling app, SRide.


More About SRide SRide

Based in Pune India, SRide aims to simplify daily commute for professionals by making the process simple. The app connects car owners with riders who are looking to save money, reduce their daily commute, and make new friends. Users can pay for rides through cashless transactions. To make cashless payments, users can pay through SRide credits recharged via payTM, a mobile payment service in India.

SRide is also ideal for running errands and short distance travel. With presence in over 4 cities in India, SRide carpool was founded in 2015 and boasts over 25,000 users. Every completed ride is reviewed and users can read these reviews when they match with a car owner.


How to use SRide

  • You must be 18 years old or older
  • Download the app
  • verify your identity with your phone number
  • post a ride

Please note that you don’t have to own a car to use the app. All users are verified through their phone and work email.



The benefits of carpooling are enormous for both car owners and riders. Car owners can earn money on the go, reduce carbon footprint in the environment, make new friends and grow their network. For riders, you get to save gas, save money as carpooling is known to be cheaper than regular transportation and make new friends.


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