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Ride With Revel Transit Electric Moped Service


We have seen the launch of various rideshare services all over the world. Now bike share seems to be all the rave. Locate a bike close to you, unlock and hop on; It’s that easy. In Germany alone, the country is already saturated with electric bike share services like Nextbike, Mobike, ofo and now Jump. Jump’s red bikes are a popular fixture in cities like Washington and San Francisco. They can also be found in campuses and corporations.

Now Revel Transit, a bikeshare service is set to take on the industry with its all-electric moped service. The service launched in Brooklyn, U.S.A on the 30th of July, 2018 as the first electric moped service in the city. revel transit


More about Revel Transit Electric Moped Service


Revel Transit was founded by Paul Suhey, and Frank Reig to give New Yorkers an efficient way to ride.

This pilot program will launch in Bushwick, Greenpoint, and Williamsburg with 68 electric mopeds. The service is a novel concept in New York’s transport system and will be a great way to beat the city’s notorious traffic.

Revel Transit Mopeds are classified as Class B low powered motorcycles and are not allowed to go over 30 mph. They are not expected to be ridden on bridges and highways. The service is touted as affordable, emissions free, easy to use, and fun.


Minimum Requirement for riders:

Riders must be 21 years and above and have the following:

  • US driver’s license
  • Credit card
  • Safe driving record

Registration is quick and easy. If you’re inexperienced, sign up for a free lesson after registering


To Ride:

  • Download the Revel Transit Moped app from either the App store or Google Play
  • Register and input payment details
  • Request a moped via the app by locating the Revel closest to you
  • Reserve a Revel up to 15 mins in advance
  • Unlock the Moped’s helmet and start the Moped in-app
  • You can also end or pause your ride in-app
  • Return the Moped within the operating areas.

Please note that riders must follow traffic laws and road signs, and never ride in bike lanes, pedestrian walkways or highways. Each moped carry just one rider who must wear a helmet.



To begin, intending riders must pay a one-time fee of $25 to cover a driver’s license check. You will then be required to pay just $4 for the first 20 minutes and an additional 25 cents after every minute.

Revel Moped rides can be paused while in transit for $.05/per minute, or $3 per hour.


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