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Maximum Ridesharing Profits Review: Rideshare Max Gold Course


This blog post is a review of the Rideshare Max Gold course provided on the maximum ridesharing profits website (See our review of the standard courses here). This course builds on the rideshare max standard course by detailing even more useful tips for excelling as a rideshare drivers and earning more money on your schedule


The Courses

The courses provided on the website are divided into the following:

  1. Gold Courses (5 courses of about 15 – 20 minutes each)
  2. Standard courses (6 courses of about 20 minutes each)


About the Instructors

Harry Campbell: He is the owner of the popular rideshare website- Therideshareguy.com Rideshare Max and a rideshare industry expert.  He also has a hands-on experience as an Uber and Lyft driver in Southern California

Brian Cole: He is a top Cincinnati Uber and Lyft partner and the owner of one of the largest rideshare YouTube channels on the web.

Note -To the right (or below) on your browser is the picture of Harry Campbell.



Gold Course Review

Lesson 1: Where to Find More Pickups

Tutor:       Brian Cole


The tutor begins by giving a quick rundown of tips given in the standard course and then goes on to build on it. By highlighting certain issues discussed in the standard course, he delves deeper and gives real life situations and examples to help drivers relate to rideshare driversthe topic. This lesson takes on a wider and more global perspective that appeals to different rideshare markets. Drivers all over the world can take advantage of the strategies illustrated in this lesson.  The tutor discusses great tips for getting more rides so you can increase your earnings.

Note -To the right (or below) on your browser is the picture of Brian Cole.


The lesson takes on a more in-depth and practical approach, giving drivers an opportunity to practice even while learning.


This lesson is not entirely original as tips from the standard course were reiterated here. However, the tutor took pains to explore these tips and gave a deeper analysis.



Lesson 2: Surge Pricing Strategies

Tutor:       Brian Cole


This lesson describes surge pricing and how it works with Uber and Lyft. You will learn how to maximize surges and increase earnings. The tutor attempts to describe surge zones, when to take advantage of the surge and when not to. Surge pricing is an important element of ridesharing and this lesson is essential for all intending and exisrideshare driversting rideshare drivers.


The tips and strategies discussed are quite practical and useful. This lesson is a must-know for all rideshare drivers.


When discussing certain issues, it would have been nice if Brian had used scenarios that are applicable to a more global audience: Universal examples will go a long way to ensure the lesson benefits everyone. It was hard to follow the tutor when he was discussing surge zones. The tutor should try to explain concepts so that beginners will find it easier to understand the topic being discussed.


Lesson 3: Advanced Strategies

Tutor:      Harry Campbell


This course reveals tips on how rideshare drivers can make more money by taking advantage of other opportunities offered by rideshare companies. This lesson takes on a wider approach and appeals to drivers in different markets. The tutor compares different rideshare companies and their offerings as well. These tips are discussed in detail with real life examples. Also, in this lesson, common inconveniences that occur in ridesharing like traffic and trying to find your passenger are discussed. Drivers are then taught how to still earn money inspite of these daily inconveniences.


These tips will be really beneficial for beginners who are still unfamiliar with ridesharing basics. The tips shared here might be known by more experienced drivers.


There is some repetition as well in this lesson as some of the tips have somewhat been discussed previously. Also, the strategies discussed will not be new to an experienced driver


Lesson 4: Answering the Tough Questions

Tutor:       Brian Cole


As an aspiring or beginner rideshare driver, this lesson is for you. The tutor answers those questions that are important in making certain key decisions in your rideshare journey. If you wished for a genie to answer all those nagging questions you might have about rideshare, this lesson is for you.


The tutor is quite detailed as he provides answers to frequently asked questions. He draws on current happenings to back up his answers.


The lesson is quite short and answers just a few questions. For a lesson that is supposed to address frequently asked questions, it would have been nice if this tutorial had answered more questions.


Lesson 5: Tax Advice to Maximize Profits

Tutor:       Brian Cole


Taxex! Taxes! Taxes. As  a 1099 employee, find out how to pay taxes without spending all your earnings. This lesson makes no assumption that rideshare drivers have a fair knowledge of paying taxes. Key attention to details is applied in this lesson so that drivers do not get into trouble for not paying taxes. The lesson also covers estimated tax payments, deductions and keeping proper documentation to help file those taxes correctly.



The course is quite detailed and appeals to laymen and experts. Although it is a serious topic, the tutor makes the lesson simple and easy to follow


If the tutor took a more practical approach in addressing this topic, it would have simplified things a great deal. By showing examples of relevant forms and records to fill, drivers can emulate such examples while filing their own taxes.


Case Studies Section of the Gold Course

This section addresses questions raised by members of the Maximum Ridesharing Profit community. Three case studies are addressed and they involve the tutor and the drivers who have questions or want to share their experiences. Through video conferencing and phone calls, the rideshare drivers speak with the tutor and they both have a type of Q&A session. The drivers also share tips and experiences they have gathered from driving. These case studies seem to be the most interesting and enlightening part of the Gold course. We will go on to summarize the case studies below:


Case study 1: Getting Familiar with a Brand New Market

This study seems to summarize a large portion of the Gold course. The driver who is based outside the U.S asks certain pertinent questions surrounding issues that are universal to all ridesharing markets. With this case study, drivers in different markets can apply the lessons learnt in their own cities and make things easier for them.


Case study 2: Networking and Building a Business while You Drive

In this study, you will learn how to grow earnings through networking while driving. Some Uber drivers are taking advantage of the platform to grow their other businesses. Unlike the previous case study, this Q&A mainly focused on learning how the driver carried out his other business while driving for Uber without offending passengers. The discussion is refreshing and shows a whole new perspective that can be explored as a rideshare driver. Be prepared for an interesting lesson with this case study.


Case study 3: Maximizing your Ratings

This study is not a typical Q&A session, as the driver instead relates his experiences as a rideshare driver and how he maximizes earnings while driving for Uber and Lyft. The driver takes us through his routine and how he handles different passengers in different situations. The tips and strategies discussed are sure to help any driver keep or increase their top ratings.


I think signing up for the gold course is a great idea. I would give it an 8 out of 10 because rideshare drivers actually have a lot to gain when they emulate the strategies highlighted. If you want to learn more about how to increase your rideshare earnings or how to  or Lyft driver, I would recommend you sign up to take the gold courses provided on the maximum ridesharing profits website.


If you would like to purchase Harry and Brian’s course, please use our link here:  http://maximumridesharingprofits.com/dap/a/?a=990.

FULL DISCLOSUE – We are a registered affiliate of Harry and Brian, and this review in no way compromises the integrity of our reviewer (Nkiru Enemchukwu) nor the quality of her review of the Maximum Rideshare Profits course.


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