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Save Fuel: Cut Your Expenses As An Uber Driver


The goal is to earn money on your own schedule as an Uber driver. However, the road to success is marred by many expenses that comes with the job. In this post, our guest writer Caroline Bird shares creative tips to help Uber drivers save fuel and lower their expenses. Enjoy.


How much you earn as an Uber driver is entirely up to you. The hours you put in, money saving strategies, the city you are driving in and other factors determine how much you take home at the end of the day. Most drivers rarely make more than average wage. Surges are also quite difficult to come by because the roads are saturated with Ubers. It also does not help that tippers are as rare as hens’ teeth.


In this post, we will examine a few tips to help you save money by conserving fuel. Before we explore ways to save fuel, there are a couple of practices that you need to manage as an Uber driver.  With proper management, you can actually save more money.


Firstly, ration the amount of gums, water, candies, etc that you offer passengers. Do not leave the whole pack of candies out in the open. We understand that you need to keep up your ratings so you can earn those extra bonuses Uber offers top drivers. However, if you keep all the refreshments out in the open, passengers who don’t really need it will just grab it and stuff it in their bags. You can offer the passenger water during the trip. The offer might be turned down; this way, you actually give refreshments to people who actually need it.

Save Fuel

Secondly, you should download map data for offline use to save phone data. Remember, “a penny saved, is a penny earned.”


Now, here is our list of things that you can do or avoid to save fuel and lower your expenses as an Uber driver:


Service Regularly


A regularly serviced vehicle performs as well as the manufacturer intended. However, if you maintain your car poorly, you are likely to encounter problems such as clogged filters, defects in emission controls system, and poor oil performance. These factors will not only cost you money in repair fees but also cause an increase in fuel consumption.


Check Tire Pressure


Driving with under-inflated tires both endangers your life and increases the rolling resistance between the road and the tires. Consequentially, the engine works harder to overcome the extra drag. The extra pressure on the engine affects the fuel economy negatively.

Cut Down Your Drag


Fixings such as bike racks, roof rails, and roof boxes increase the aerodynamic draft by changing the airflow over the vehicle. Also, opening windows and sunroofs increase air drag. The resultant resistance means that the car needs extra force to cut through the air. Thus, the engine is more heavily taxed which affects its frugality levels.


Avoid Stop-Start Habits


Your driving tendencies also affect your car’s fuel consumption. Every time you slam on the brakes, energy is lost as heat. Therefore, the engine has to manufacture some more power to accelerate. You need to learn how to predict the road conditions to be able to slow down gently. Save fuel and provide a more enjoyable ride for your passengers.


Use High-Quality Fuels


Your engine will perform more efficiently when fed with high-quality fuel. The improved fuel combustion lowers emissions and harnesses fuel consumption. You can even achieve up to 15 miles more per tank if you consider ethanol-based alternatives.


Avoid Excessive Idling


It does not hurt to inquire how much time a client is likely to take. If you realize that you might have to wait for more than a couple of minutes, you are better off switching off your engine to save fuel.


Turn Off Your Air-conditioning When It Isn’t Necessary


If you don’t have any passenger riding with you, turn off the air-conditioning if it’s not too hot out to save fuel. Each time you use your air-conditioning unit, its compressor pump sucks from the engine’s energy. The additional work causes the engine to require more energy which results in more fuel consumption.


Change Down A Gear


Do not strain the engine when driving up a steep plane. Instead, you should keep the speed up and use a lower gear level.


Ease off the Accelerator


Steady acceleration reduces fuel consumption. It is recommended to change gear at 2500 rpm and 2000 rpm for petrol and diesel engines respectively.


Empty Your Trunk


Each requesting Uber rider needs to know that you do not carry beyond your car’s capacity. Also, do not leave home with unnecessary cargo in your trunk. The extra weight will cost you more in fuel.


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  1. Take off the cruise control. Cruise control actually uses more gas than you driving the car.

    No jack rabbit starts, burns extra gas.

    Don’t tailgate. Not only dangerous but also uses more gas unless you are so close you can draft, and even the professionals have trouble doing that with other professionals.

    Don’t drive too slow, but don’t speed. Most new cars get their best fuel mileage when on the highway between 57 and 63 mph. So when on the highway try to stay between those speeds.

    Down shift going up hill. Use your RPM’s to climb the hill instead of the gas pedal. https://www.tips4car.com/how-to-save-money-on-gas/

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